Hub Profile: Airplane Gallery

The next time you want to do a gallery crawl on a lazy Bushwick Sunday, start at Airplane Gallery.

Located at 70 Jefferson Street, Airplane was created by natives of the Bushwick arts scene. Airplane is 1000sq. ft. of underground turns, angles and nooks. A basement gallery whose light at the end of the tunnel is a doorway into a lush green back yard. This is integral to Airplane’s second love (after art): food. One of the principals, Lars Kremenr, is an avid cook and they integrate his passion with their aesthetic offerings.

Co-founder Kevin Curran was the owner of Laundromat Gallery, and worked with Lars and Liz Atzberger to open Airplane in the Fall of 2011.

Airplane’s offerings are eclectic and each show is defined by a set theme. This can range from dealing with the physical landscape of the gallery, to physical challenges like creating an installation in 36 hours.

In person, Lars and Kevin betray no pretension and are loathe to name drop or put emphasis on “CV Bullshit.” Their attitude is laid back, and they’re committed to the neighborhood’s growth. They’ve worked with AIB through the years in various incarnations, be it as artists themselves or now as gallery owners themselves.

Look for them to pop up in conversation, because they’re quietly working in Bushwick, all the time.