BOS talks to Ruth Kahn from Outpost

Ruth Kahn was here before you. Her 20 year lease on North 11th street ended in 2009, and her first foray into the digital world was a Commodore 64.

But that’s all in the past. Today, she is the captain steering a beautiful, spacious vessel called Outpost, at the very edge of civilization (aka: the Bushwick / Ridgewood border).

Outpost was born in 1991 and became a non-profit in 2003. It offers residencies to sound and video artists. Along with state of the art video and audio editing studios, they also offer physical computing for artists whose work requires custom programming. This could be along the lines of programming a light show to sync with a piece of music, or rotoscoping. Currently, Outpost hosts gallery shows along with their video and art series. Among them are the See Through series which pair video art and experimental music. They also host a monthly classical music series along with video art screenings.


When asked why Outpost chose to work with AIB, Ruth’s response was a positively candid “Because they’re neighbors!”

As a Brooklyn trailblazer, she is keenly aware of the changes that have occurred through out the past two decades. She loves Bushwick’s constant expansion, which she feels differs from Williamsburg, primarily due to 56 Bogart which functions as an epicenter.

Among her favorite neighbors are Famous Accountants, and her preferred hangouts are Brooklyn Fireproof, Tandem and Wykoff Star.