BOS Hub: Spotlight on Miles Bar

Miles Bar, located on Wilson Avenue in Bushwick (between Troutman and Starr) is offering their new space as a hub for BOS this year.  I walked on a Tuesday evening to meet with the owners, have a little chat with them and take some photos. Miles is a neighbrhood bar and very new to Bushwick — they just opened in January 2012. Interesting fact: Miles is named after the owners adorable dog, which is also the main image for their business card. I am excited about this place and it will likely become my neighborhood bar for a glass of wine or pint of beer. They have a good selection of wine, beer and food on their menu. And their bartenders will offer you a taste before pouring you a glass. Later I emailed Daniel, one of the owners, and he promptly replied to some of my questions. Below are the questions and answers.

What inspired you to open your own space?

It has been a longtime goal of mine to open my own business. I
have a Master of Architecture degree and worked in that field for 10
years. But, I grew tired of it and decided it was time to pursue what
would become Miles. I grew up in the restaurant industry at my
parents’ business so it was all very familiar. It was also the right
time as I finally found myself being part of a neighborhood and
community. We opened up on Wilson Avenue because we saw that there
was a need for more businesses on this side of Bushwick.

What does your business offer the community?

We like to think that we’ve brought some new life to the block and
the community that surrounds us. Our neighbors agree as they have all
been very supportive of our business. In addition, we are always
happy to support community and arts organizations because Bushwick is
our home and we’re extremely proud of it!

What we tried to do for the drinking and dining community is create a
casual and comfortable environment to drink good wine and beer, eat
good food, and have conversation. Our wine list features many
organic, biodynamic, and sustainable wines offering our customers
something unique. We are very proud of our wine and beer selections
and consider them to be among the best in the neighborhood. In
addition to our menu of cheese, charcuterie, and small plates, we
offer daily slow-cooked specials on our menu board.

What’s your favorite thing about Bushwick?

My partner, Travis, and I moved to Bushwick for varying reasons,
one of them being the artist community. There is an energy here that
we just didn’t find in any other neighborhood in Brooklyn. In
addition, we have met many wonderful people here that have become like
family. Our favorite thing about Bushwick is that, put simply, it is

What motivated you to be involved in Arts in Bushwick?

I first attended Bushwick Open Studios in 2007. It was immediately
evident what was going on in this neighborhood and Arts in Bushwick
was really putting it out there. Over the years, the organization has
been able to engage more than just the artists that live here but the
residents as well. Additionally, Travis and I have showed work during
the BOS festival in the past.

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