And We’re Off: BOS Prep Under Way!

Chatting about BOS 2012 at Bodega Bar
Chatting about BOS 2012 at Bodega Bar. Photograph by Scott Nyerges

The Bushwick Open Studios Blog has been officially resuscitated for 2012! It is intended as an open online forum and platform for exchanging information about BOS-related activities. This year, in addition to event coverage and community profiles of Bushwick artists and businesses, the blog will also document the behind-the scenes organization process that goes into producing BOS 2012. As an entirely volunteer-run group, the hope is to reveal what each collaborative team accomplishes and how they do it, from the press crew to the poster and web designers to the dedicated volunteers who hand out fliers or work the tables at our registration meetups.  On that note, if you are interested in helping out with the blog or another area of BOS, get in touch with our volunteer coordinator, Hanley Ma at

Last night, Bodega Bar hosted the inaugural meetup of 2012.  From now until June 1, there will be two meetups each week, where anyone can register to participate in BOS.  For more information regarding registration, go here.  Scott Nyerges, a Brooklyn-based photographer and filmmaker, captured an auspicious shot of the reportedly jam-packed bar, which shows folks who came out socializing and discussing plans.

Stay tuned to the main website page or our Facebook page for upcoming announcements about the next meetup and other opportunities to engage in BOS 2012.