Volunteer Profile: Marco Antonini of NURTUREart

Marco Antonini is the Gallery Director of NURTUREart, which is located at 910 Grand St. and a hub for this year’s BOS. What would AIB do without the support of community members like Marco? We don’t want to know.

So Marco…

What most inspires your work?
I think it’s the energy and enthusiasm of emerging artists and curators. I feel we’re operating at a crucial point in their careers, facilitating their ideas and projects and allowing them to focus their vision and find their voice. Generally, I always liked makingthings happen. Throughout my life, I was always the one who founded a club, started a fanzine, formed a band etc. etc.

Who’s your favorite Bushwick artist?
Such a tricky question. I’m not a person who can easily single out “favorite” things. Jules De Balincourt (who recently joined our Board) is an inspiration, both as an artist and for his role as an early mover/shaker in the neighborhood.

What changes have you noticed in the time you’ve spent in Bushwick?
The first time I heard the word “Bushwick” was more than seven years ago, from artist Reed Anderson. He was looking for a studio there and I was an intern at Pierogi. I bikedaround the neighborhood and I remember burnt cars, broken tires, glass shards and trash, trash, trash everywhere… It felt like the end of the world (at least to me). Now I could barely afford to rent an apartment here on my own.

Why do you support the Bushwick arts community?
Bushwick is a fantastic and unique neighborhood and it’s a privilege to work here. The international, transient and diverse arts community shares very little common ground with the “native” community, but we see more and more projects trying to bridge this gap – including our own Education Program. To me, supporting the arts community means creating more opportunities and promoting what already exists outside the neighborhood limits, working together to create a larger web of connections.

What motivated you to be involved in AIB?
Although our goals are not necessarily the same, we like AIB and deeply respect the organization’s work. It’s as simple as that.

To learn more about NURTUREart, please visit http://nurtureart.org/.

Photo of Marco by Alexa Hoyer