SITE Fest Needs

SITE Fest ’11 seeks volunteers at all levels! To volunteer, please email our Volunteer Coordinator, Blake Morris. If you are interested in volunteering but have a different contribution idea than the jobs listed below, just let us know.


SITE Fest ’11 seeks dedicated space and tech managers for our hubs: 3rd Ward, Chez Bushwick, the Bushwick Starr, and Grace Exhibition Space.
Space managers are like stage managers: the space manager will be responsible for being in touch with all of the artists assigned to a particular hub, making sure that artists know their rehearsal and performance schedule, and running all space needs during SITE weekend.
Tech managers are like technical directors: the tech manager will be responsible for coordinating equipment, managing equipment set-up and transition for and between each act, and running all tech during SITE weekend.
Space and tech managers MUST be available to work all of SITE weekend (March 5 + 6, 2011), as well as during brief rehearsal periods during the week leading up to SITE.
Please contact to apply, or with any further questions.

SITE Fest NEEDS: Photographers and Videographers

SITE Fest ’11 seeks dedicated photographers and videographers to document our festival. Photographers and videographers will be assigned to hub spaces (or to do a general Satellite Space tour) during SITE Fest weekend (March 5 + 6, 2011). If interested, please

SITE Fest NEEDS: Ticket Takers, Merch People, + Volunteer Greeters

SITE Fest ’11 seeks friendly people to help us with information-sharing, crowd control, and show/day/weekend pass sales (and merch management) for SITE Fest. Greeters will be based near the subway stations closest to our hubs; ticket takers/merch folks will be based at the hubs themselves. All of these positions run in half shifts: you will be responsible for working approximately 4 – 5 hours on either March 5, or March 6. If interested, please email