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Aka Jewellery [Ausra Bankauskaite/Mante Maskoliunaite], Laura Zaveckaite, Asta Jonytyte

Group show by Aka Jewellery, Laura Zaveckaite, Asta Jonytyte

“Aka Jewellery” is a creative cooperation between two Lithuanian born artists Ausra Bankauskaite and Mante Maskoliunaite. Using techniques of metal-smithing craft we transform what once was known as symbol of wealth into modern jewelry art work, showcasing fine line between contemporary art and jewelry. We analyze metal and construction relation with body, and body’s movement. Incorporating different materials from medical glass tubes to diodes with our work, we bring antique Jewelry craft to present and sometimes even the future, where idea and innovation plays the main role. Our pieces serve to improve and in some cases function as extensions of human bodies. We view the body as canvas and metal as our medium, because for us jewelry is not only an accessory, but is a conceptual piece of art.

Asta Jonytyte, originally from Lithuania, resides in New York City. Her artistic practice is focused on the everyday. She is drawn to the street and finds beauty in flaws and imperfection and that is what she documents. Asta is using a film camera and, while developing negatives, likes to experiment with alternative processing methods.

Laura Zaveckaite, Lithuanian born artist showcasing slip casted porcelain. One part represents home accessories and jewelry, Part 2 is a project dedicated to NYC called “Inhabitants ” – 20 slip casted porcelain squirrels – a replica of russian vintage rubber toy. The excitement for me in replicating ready made object is that you can recreate/reenact it’s value of it becoming a new idea in this case a sentimental value using same multiplied body (original) in new materials.