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627 Shows

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Jae Song

Loop d Loop

do you remember.... ?

Linda Kamille Schmidt

Linda Kamille Schmidt, paintings

Hector Antonio Rodriguez

I like to paint images base on human emotions and some of my work reflects political and religious messages. Sculpture, Tattoo & Airbrush.

Ain't No Basel

Allison Sommers, Jon Burgerman, Skewville, Vahge, Tim Kent, QRST, Sasha Braginsky, Lev Sloujitel, Alden Stover, Peter Striffolino, Daria Ska, Donald Ducote, Herm, Alex Feld, Luciano Crossa, Ali Moore, Phyllis Ma, Caroline Harrison, Brittany McCombs, Steve, The Bushwick Dream

Come one, come all to our massive artists-for-artists group show; filling a 4 story building from top to bottom for your ocular pleasure.

Momenta Art

Chloe Bass

CHLOE BASS, The Bureau of Self-Recognition A performance and installation project.

Daniel Rossi

Daniel Rossi, Daniel Rossi

My paintings are sculptural and I make use of Mixed Media. I explore the boundaries between traditional flat illusory space and real space.

Alexandra Rubinstein

Come for the drinks, stay for the work! also, enjoy nice cool a/c...

Amery Kessler, Mary Jane Ward

Learn about the project DRUM CASKET USA, participate in actions with Amery Kessler, & see selected drawings & paintings by Mary Jane Ward.

Bushwick AR Intervention 2013 & Mark Pieterson @ the thin air gallery

Patrick Lichty, Jack Toolin, Tom Burtonwood, Jeremy Hight, Joseph Delappe, Warren Armstrong, Lily & Honglei, Nathan Shafer, Geoffrey Alan Rhodes, Mark Pieterson, Wafa Bourkhis, Lalie S. Pascual, Roya Zaghden, Susanne Berkenheger, Damon Baker, Margaret, thin air gallery

"The Bushwick AR Intervention" takes over the 2013 Bushwick Open Studios with augmented reality art works from around the world.

Danny Balgley

Recent paintings and works on paper will be on display in my studio.

Jeremy Haik, Charlie Rubin, Sylvia Hardy, Dominica Paige, Jose Soto, Andrew Piccone

Some Cousins Studio

Some Cousins Studio features 6 artists working in and around photography and photo-based installation.

Trish Tillman

Sculpture and drawings

Jessica Bottalico

Open Studio

Open studio with a reception on Sat June 1, from 5-7 pm with wine and snacks. Cute dog will be in attendance!

"Pioneers of Bushwick" photography & text exhibition

Daryl-Ann Saunders, Bushwick Community Darkroom

A selection of photographs and text of residents who have lived in Bushwick for 25+ years by local artist/ photographer Daryl-Ann Saunders.

Justin Wood

The New Space

New works from Justin Wood that merge new technologies with traditional art practices blurring the line between the physical and digital.

Maro Hagopian, Deryck Todd, Jenn Silva & Camila Pombo

Photography by Maro Hagopian. Designer Hats & Graphical T-Shirts by Deryck Todd. Paintings & Works of Art by Jenn Silva & Camila Pombo.

Lawrence F Mesich

Lawrence Mesich will show recent video and installation work about bodies, behaviors, and built environments in his studio

Esther Ruiz, Mike Schreiber, Ben Butler

Two sculptors and a painter.

Pine Box Rock Shop

Joe Cocozzello, Pine Box Rock Shop Comedy Hour

Start the first evening of Bushwick Open Studios off right with HAPPY HOUR at the Pine Box Rock Shop Comedy Hour

Hiba Schahbaz, Cindie Kehlet, Peter Calvin

220 - Peter, Cindie, Hiba

Cindie Kehlet is a scientist and artist. Hiba Schahbaz is trained in the art of miniature painting. Peter Calvin is an artist/filmmaker.

Helen Dennis - artist, with poets; Jason Baker, Alan Felsenthal, Elsbeth Pancrazi and Monica Wendel

Helen Dennis - Studio

Large-scale architectural drawings created with alternative photographic processes reimagine urban forms. With poems of the city Sat @ 4 pm.

Cair Crawford

Pelts: mise-en-scene

Luhring Augustine Bushwick

Book Sale!

Come beef up your library at our special sale of books & posters! We also invite you to see our exhibition: Atlas, Kahrs, Mucha, Whiteread.

Robert Henry Contemporary

Phillip Buntin, On Not Knowing

Phillip Buntin’s paintings in acrylic on canvas and enamel on Plexiglas are visual explorations of complexity, ambiguity and understanding

Seeking Space

Curated by Jillian Salik & Julia Sinelnikova, Arts in Bushwick

30+ Artists, curated by Jillian Salik and Julia Sinelnikova.

Anti Fascist Poster Art: Spanish Civil War to Present

Anti Fascist Movement Posters from the Spanish Civil war through the Present. 100% of Art Purchases will go to support Activist Legal Fees.

Allison Evans, James Weingrod

Artist Studios: Painting and Sculpture

Tamara Kostianovsky

Open Studio- New Works

New works in fabric by Tamara Kostianovsky

Are You OK?

Emmanuel Germond, Psychological Dangers Observatory

Through campaigns and a mathematical science, the Observatory attempts to beat a devastating plague: the Exposure to Psychological Dangers.

Paperhaus, Electric People

The Paper Box

DC's Paperhaus bring their unique Dream Pop to town, joined by noise-pop Brooklynites Electric People; at The Paper Box.

Microscope Gallery

DataSpaceTime, James Fotopoulos, M. Henry Jones, Anton Perich, Overt & Covert: technology & portraiture

Group show featuring new and recent paintings, photographic prints, 3-D and interactive works.

Christina J. Wang

bushwick based artist obsessed with painting all things decadent and pleasurable.

Cat Glennon


Collages along with graphite and mixed media drawings based on collage and it's compositional sensibilities.

Christina Justiz

Christina is a Visual Artist. She incorporates fashion, pattern & design into elaborate, whimsical works of art.

Annesta Le, Dave Klein

Neon Works & Paintings

Open studio will feature neon works and paintings from Annesta Le along with recent works by Dave Klein.

Eric Shows

Photo-based paintings and painting-oriented photographs. Also, recent experiments in light and sound.

Hawkeye Crates: Daniel Bainbridge, Erin Lee Jones, Adrian Tone, Weston Ulfig, others

Hawkeye Crates

Art crating and art fabrication studio will feature the artwork of Daniel Bainbridge, Erin Lee Jones, Adrian Tone, Weston Ulfig among others

Noel Hennelly

Noel Hennelly at Tamara Gonzales Studio

Noel Hennelly will exhibit a series of large scale paintings that cross the line between image and abstraction precision and high energy.

Beau Rhee

Atelier de Geste , ATELIER DE GESTE OPEN STUDIO | Hosted by studio director Beau Rhee

ATELIER DE GESTE, or Gesture studio, produces work at the boundaries of art-theatre-design. Based in NY, exhibits & performances worldwide.

Trina Ong

Carefully rendered objects that are close to Trina’s heart; objects that are ubiquitous but resound as moments of identity assured.

Ashley Zelinskie

The Active Space

This art discribes the process of translating our vast artistic and social history, in familiar language and appropriate media, to machines.

Shinji Murakami

Hi I am Shinji, Japanese artist. I will show my new paintings, pictures, and sculptures and some selected works from the past.

Suzanne Kelser

Suzanne Kelser

Works on paper based on technology.

Ben Boothby

Paintings that combine gestural abstraction with elements of Op-art and architectural renderings.


MILES is a neighborhood cocktail bar offering premium spirits, craft beer, wine and eats.

Björn Meyer-Ebrecht

Sculpture, painting, collage, drawing

Blythe Cain, Miriam Nouri, Lena Hawkins

Blythe Cain, Miriam Nouri, + Lena Hawkins, "Something to Hold On To"

The work of Blythe Cain, Miriam Nouri, +Lena Hawkins explore the concept of that which we hold on to:into, out of and against one another.

Don Gochenour

I'll be sharing current work in progress, including photography, text-based work on paper, and prints.

Seungmo Park

This is Seungmo Park's second time of joining Bushwick Open Studios. He will present a different range of sculpture works this time.

a+s works, Bunna Cafe, Morgan O'Kane, and Dun-well Doughnuts

Sarah Capua, Audrey Ellis, The Farmraiser

Vegan Ethiopian food+exciting live music and dance+you = raising money for a+s works on the farm, a community dance festival. $20adv/$25dr.



Tom Ferris

As an artist I enjoy using non conventional, found materials and everyday objects that I'm able to transform in to emotional and personal o

Ginny Casey

Open Studio

thin wash, round shape, fiber, bristle, cream-cheese texture

Leonard Codex

Deborah Chaney, Federico Massa, Carlos Pez, Carlos Rodal, Armando Croda, Lindsey Cordero, Stefano Ortega, Daniela Croci, Emiliano Rubinacci, La Ceiba Grafica, Rodrigo Gonzalez, James Reed, Stefano Lemon, Adam Dare, Federico Unia, Fernando Ruiz, Bishop, Fr, Sabor 2

International group exhibition including artists from US, Italy, Mexico, and Argentina. Also, demonstrations in Stone Lithography.

Tim Kent

Paintings and drawings of architectural interiors.

The AD Reading Series - BOS Edition

Mike Berger, Ben Beutel-Gunn, Michael Fentin, Jacob Flaitz, Coriel Gaffney, Grant Gordon, Duncan Horst, Diane Keeney, Tyler Rubenfeld, Jordan Schauer, Leonard Schramm, Ben Townsend, Mike Varley, AD Productions

Join us Saturday night for the BOS edition of The AD Reading Series, featuring 10 poetry and prose performers with mixed media on display.

Paul Damian Hogan

The Patio

'The Patio' is an ambient musical composition of variable length by Paul Damian Hogan. A seven-hour version will be performed live outdoor


Andrew Seto, "Lazy Reader"

Theodore:Art is pleased to present “Lazy Reader”, an exhibition of paintings and drawings by Andrew Seto.

Johannah Herr

New works on paper and photography + preview of new book project on Kazakh craft!

Humbled Humanity

Lauraberth Lima, Jeli Daniel, Alexis Sueme Mena, Ishmail Thoth Ra, Lucia Rollow

A selection of work by five Brooklyn artists relating to what has become and will be.

Michael Adams


Born in California, raised on New York. Several works by a confessed eccentric.

Catalin Moldoveanu



Melissa S Armstrong, Renee Delosh, Corey Durbin, Charlotte Evans, George Ferrandi, Angela Gilland, Hannah Guerrero, Craig Hein, Tom Keating, David (scout) McQueen, Anne Marie O'Neill, Pate, Jillian Rose, Jasmina Tomic, Stephen C Williams

Wayfarers is home to 15 distinct artists, and is proud to present their studios alongside a curated group exhibition of recent work.

Michael Serafino

Exo-planet landscapes, Space exploration tableaus and more! Plus Beer!

Moore Street Retail Market

Miriam Castillo, Moore Street Farm Mural Project

Exterior Mural Installation at Moore Street Farm



Come visit the Gelloquixo workshop. Where the industrial landscape of Bushwick collides with the imagined world of Jealocheeo.

Nung-Hsin Hu

"Taste" is a giant chopsticks see-saw like interactive installation combing with sound and LED lights.

Robert Cicetti

"Things you wouldn't understand. Things you couldn't understand. Things you shouldn't understand." P.W. Herman

Ivy Castellanos

The work displayed will be sculptural objects in addition to documentation from live performances.

The Schoolhouse

Chris Chludenski, Gaspar Dietrich, Elliot Kurtz, Pasqualo, Mariette Papic, Justin Orvis Steimer, Princess Ortega, Cassidy Mosher, Loc Dogg, Augustin Doublet, Yuan Liu, Craig Rempfer, Duane Littles, Delaney Schenker, Calamity at The Schoolhouse!!!!!!

a true bushwick landmark not to missed. the three story 19th century red brick school house has been a home to artists for over two decades.

Carl Ferrero, Melissa Lockwood, Yinka Oyewole

Open studios of Carl Ferrero, Melissa Lockwood, and Yinka Oyewole

Nothing Space

Crichton Atkinson, Cristin Hughes, Charlotte Hendrickson, Ian Gallagher, Shelby Jackson, Jacky Connolly, Joel Clark

Nothing Space is a studio/presentation hub dedicated to ambitious, transgressive, original ideas presented in an intimate & sincere setting.

Brooklyn Wildlife

Chris Carr, The Wildlife Nude Weekend

The NUDE WEEKEND... Friday, Saturday and Sunday - a celebration of the human form and an exploration of social norms.

Nesta Mayo


Also in the the building: James Reeder, Rahul Alexander, Nesta Mayo, Cat Glennon, and Ken Madore, Matt Brownell

The Active Space

Yasue Maetake, Julian Lorber, David Kramer, Studio Select 2013

Exhibition featuring work by Yasue Maetake , Julian Lorber, and David Kramer.

Leah Yerpe, Jonathan Auch

Figurative drawings on paper by Leah Yerpe and street photography by Jonathan Auch.

Let Go : Moment in Movement

James Starkman, LightSpace Studios

Photographs of Parkour performers in Brooklyn @ NYC by James Starkman (Other artists TBA)

Arts And Rhymes presents: Dash To Dine

WaAakstf, vatobrown, and Monel, Arts And Rhymes

Friday -Arts & Rhymes: Dash To Dine Art Show Saturday -Poetry reading by Tamara G. Saliva Sunday - "Letter Science" Children Art Worksho

Melissa Murray

Causey Contemporary and A.I.R. Gallery artist Melissa Murray welcomes you to her open studio! Music by

We Are Another Country

Christopher Saunders, Jack Ritchey, Cole Hannan, Gabriel Frye-Behar, Bornila Chatterjee

Abandoned homes, Midwestern youth, Bushwick nightlife, faces, places and monsters.

Lauren Collings

Paintings, drawings, works on paper

Sessa Englund

Open Studio, Let's Hang Out, BOYB And Keep Me Company

Weird stuff, ambitious mediums. Digital print, installation, collage, and other works in progress.

Polluted Eyeball (screenprint studio)

Let The Squeege Hit 'Em

Stop by our studio during BOS '13 and get a feel of pulling ink through through a screen using a squeegee.

Myles Bennett

"Sexy figurative paintings, and then put, you know uh uh, clothes with the crotch cut out, you know, an abhorrention, the shroud of turin,

Liz Ainslie, Desiree Leary

Abstract oil paintings, photographs, postcards, puzzles, buttons and gouache drawings on paper.

Christian Ruiz Berman

Christian Ruiz Berman studio. Painting and mixed media works.

Suite 311 Artists studios

Mark Sengbusch, Paul Gagner, Joel Dugan, Hayal Pozanti, Iris Jaffe.

Painting, Sculpture, Installation Art. Established and emerging artists active locally and internationally

Sonomi Kobayashi, Tim Anderson

Showing abstract oil paintings, work on paper, and prints by Sonomi Kobayashi, and sculptures by Tim Anderson

Gocha Tsinadze

Gochatsinadze studio, Open Studio

Open Studio for Gocha Tsinadze. See recent works in interactive sound installation, drawing, sight specific painting and sculpture.

Alessandro Berni Gallery presents, Benjamin Jay Shand, party hosted by Jetlag

FINE & RAW chocolate Factory , 'The Beginning of a New Era' and 'form follows'

Alessandro Berni Gallery presents international panel-selected artists of all media. Benjamin Jay Shand exhibits photographic ode to design


Aelfie Oudghiri

AELFIE is a design studio and vintage rug showroom.

Matt Miller

The Active Space, Open Studio

Paintings and Sculpture in Paint and Melted Polystyrene

Aka Jewellery [Ausra Bankauskaite/Mante Maskoliunaite], Laura Zaveckaite, Asta Jonytyte

Group show by Aka Jewellery, Laura Zaveckaite, Asta Jonytyte

Aka Jewellery - Contemporary jewelry Laura Zaveckaite - Porcelain Asta Jonytyte - B&W film photography

Macrae Semans

Presentation of new mixed-media sculpture the artist's Bushwick studio.

Ana Garces Kiley, Michelle Mayer

Shoreless Ocean

A two person show exploring transience through media, materials and light.

Bushwick's Finest

Various Artists, Yours Truly Brand & Boutique

Storefront and backyard space w/ live art & graffiti, art on display, and 3 DJs spinning music; art, clothing and accessories for sale.


の-- BiZZiD --ロボット

Official Launch Party

Bushwick Open Studios

A taste of the weekend. Performances by The Beets, Darlings, Lodro, Eula, DJ Mr. Ad Hoc. Sponsored by Nooklyn, Brooklyn Brewery, & The Bosco

Magali Duzant

My work investigates notions of transcendence and the language of the unknown via personal experiences made collective.

Rob Weingart

Recent works by Brooklyn based artist Rob Weingart on view at Bushwick Open Studios 2013, Saturday June 1st and Sunday June 2nd.


Projekt722, Open Studios at Projekt722!

Open Studios and Group Show of work by Projekt722 Residents.

Mike Estabrook, Jamie Isenstein, Vandana Jain, Richard Jochum, Athena Kokoronis, Michael Merck, Kristyna and Marek Milde, Jan Pfeiffer, Natalia Porter, Danielle Pottberg, Meenakshi Thirukoda, Petra Valentova, Jan and Nicole Zahour

We Eat, We Are

An edible and participatory exhibition examining the concepts and the culture of eating, cooking and food production. Party at 7 PM, BYOB

Sergio Verdeza, John Peet, Paintings from the film 'Rock and a hard place' by Sergio Verdeza, Large scale photography from Tibet by John Peet

Photography and Portrait studio Paintings from the film 'Rock and a hard place' by Sergio Verdeza Large photographs from Tibet by John P

Cinema Sunday / Closing Party

Arts in Bushwick

CinemaSunday is the AIB official film event, showcasing the best video work from Bushwick based filmmakers and video artists.

Green Eye-d, The SHOW, DJ Barons of the Sea

Green Eye-d: Ashley Mathus, Jessica DiBattista; The SHOW: Krystal Something Something, DiBa, Charmin Ultra, Mary Jo Camel Toe, Danny, Whiskey Dixie, and Duchess Tickles; DJ Barons of the Sea, Pine Box Rock Shop presents: Green Eye-d, The SHOW, and DJ Barons of the Sea

Green Eye-d: dancevideocostumesjealousy The SHOW: members of Backspace (if u don't know, u should) DJ Barons of the Sea: Panties Drop

Joey Parlett

Ink, graphite & charcoal drawings on paper of landscapes, portraits and plant life. $2 zines & a drawing machine. Free popcorn and beer.

DMZL Glyph Carnival

Jade Fusco, the DMZL

Jade Fusco aka DMZL performs in the streets with her Glyphs. Painting, ranting, masquerading! @thedmzl for times and places!


iz,factory, open studio

YSK is inspired by nature and his experiences--including a near death experience at a snow mountain--to expand his critical perspectives.

John Murray, Samantha French, Jeremy Jams

Pushing Paint, Pushing Paint

Three artists exhibiting oils, metals and silk-screens.

Libby Landauer

Collages of geometric landscapes combining urban environments, the cosmos, and nature.

Chizuco Sophia Yw

Abstract and Landscape abstract paintings by oil, acrylic, watercolor/Glass pen drawings/Eggshell lamps/Yellow Door Projects on Street Art.

Stephen Faillace

Set optical paintings that focus on color, illusion and hidden objects. Each are inspired by graffiti and everyday urban life.

Alex Chowaniec

Alex Chowaniec, Alex Chowaniec Open Studio

Large-scale oil paintings and drawings by Alex Chowaniec.

Olivié Ponce

Olivié Ponce - Taller, Extra-Estética

Olivie’s paintings investigates connections with ordinary feelings, ordinary senses. He creates this connection using classic old frames.

Olivia Barr

mmm muse me.

Etchings of my most cherished sext messages on glass paired with laser etchings of my grandmother's love letters on silk handkerchiefs.

Justin M. Brown

RIP Idea

Mixed Media works ... Paintings, large and small, large pastel drawings, paper cut outs, stencils, and found trash made into art.


A mixed collaboration between Bushwick and Tokyo artists, Transmissions

Two galleries, AIRPLANE in Bushwick and a gallery in Tokyo (TBD) will host the exhibition, which will unfold and develop over three days.


Rick Silva, 'En Plein Air' featuring #ArtsTech Cocktails + Kebabs Happy Hour

Our current exhibition 'En Plein Air' by Rick Silva features 5,000 poster-sized takeaway prints FREE for collection::: http://enpleinair.o

Anna Mikhailovskaia

Open Studio

paintings, sculptures, drawings, video


Rachel Walters, Undecillion Pop-Up Boutique

Undecillion, an independent clothing line by Rachel Walters will be hosting our first-ever pop-up boutique, showing recent collections!

Carol Huebner Venezia

Huebner Venezia, Photographer

Large color, digital photographic prints. Portraits and large composites of bodies of water around the world.


Rachel Walker, Raymond Noelle, Pia Coronel, Nick Stolle, Mary Robnett, Mitch Patrick, Raphael Griswold

Rachel Walker and Raymond Noelle collaborate on an installation at the intersection of art and design. Additional curated video screening.

Alessandra DeLaCruz

DeLaCruz Studio INC, Open Studio

Alessandra creates large-scale textural abstract oil paintings.

Lucas Lasky

1535 Decatur St., Open Studio

Lucas Lasky works primarily in sculpture and installation, taking influence from figurative works, abstraction, and geometry.

Sun Volume, The Poetry Society of New York, The Cannery Theatre, The Revolutionary Theatre Forum,

Nicholas Adamski, Matt Burns, Hazam Shammas, Dan Spielman, Yael Stone, Rebecca Thom

Ongoing series of performances, readings, discussions and fine art.

Bobby Hill

Hills Paradise Inc

Bobby Hill is the NYC artist whose career started as an illustrator. His recent work combines elements of abstract, pop and graffiti.

Ellen O'Sullivan



Andrea Millen, Rachel Morgan

"Threshold" is an eclectic multimedia display of painting on human forms mixed with photography, live instillation, film, and nudity.

Cameron McCool

Cameron McCool is an expressive figurative painter, working mainly large-scale from models, imagination, and emotion.

226 Troutman


Curb Your Litter

Visually-arresting, artistic trash cans are placed on streets where there are none or are not enough. Please put your trash in these cans.

Serge Limontas-Salisbury, Michelle Torino Hower, Paulina Garcia and the students of PS 123

Arts & Literacy Program, CHFS, Arts and Literacy Garden Gallery

Come visit our garden! Teaching artists collaborate with PS 123 students to create original artwork & cultivate healthy foods and minds!

Introducing the Society for the Prevention of Creative Obsolescence

Paul McLean Studio, Shane Kennedy (N1 Program Manager), Art for Humans

Inspired by Charles Sirato's Dimensionist Manifesto, Shane Kennedy will curate a sequence of 4D interventions in Paul McLean's studio.

"Don't Box Me In" - Outdoor Performances

Spread Art X Playground Detroit

14 innovative performances presented in and around a box truck. Performance art, theater, dance and music. Performances begin on the hour.

Becky Kinder

Large scale oil paintings based on studies of real life couples, the emotion within bodies and psychological space.

Vera Tse

Art which examines the relationship between architecture, sculpture, and jewelry and paintings that question the hybrid of Mosaicism.

LOLLIPOP - a play in a loft

Paula Sundberg, Jose Miguel Dao, Rachael Yoder, Michael Herman, Audrey Ross, Michael Sheenan , In association with The Outer Loop Experience

LOLLIPOP is a theatre play and a performance about families, identification and how life is for a bored, transvestite librarian.

Olivia Swider

1535 Decatur Street, Open Studio

Olivia Swider works with photography and found objects drawing from her dreams and enemies.

Naruki Kukita, Ryosuke Kumakura

two painters in da house

Rebecca Litt

New paintings and drawings.

Jake Becker, Kenzo Niwa

Impartial Light

A multimedia installation exploring the human compulsion to invent formal, narrative, and harmonic coherence in random information.

Henry G. Sanchez

"Bushwick Laundry"

Two video monitors display videos about the uses and presence of water and the residents of the neighborhood of Bushwick.

Travis Poston

Psychedelic pieces consisting of acrylic paint, oil based paint pens, and ink, create richly textured collages on plywood and canvas.


Bennet Schlesinger

Signal celebrates its one year anniversary with an exhibition of new work by Bennet Schlesinger.

Kevin Gerien

Photography , sculpture and wood work

Molasses Books

Alex DeCarli, Kricket Lane, Joshua Graver, Dmitri Hertz, Adrienne Garbini, Jesse Harding, Tommy Coleman, Nick Parker

FRI 7:00: A friend-sourced tape collage jam session through spacetime by Joshua Graver. SAT 7:00, "I Get By": Small objects and sculptures

Noah Whalen Workman

Larger format photographic assemblages proving the sum of experience seems to be much greater than any single point of view.

Hannah Coal

Intricate and whimsical works on paper in watercolor, graphite and ink, miniature prints and found-object sculptures.

Jeffersonian 2013

Jonathan Phelps, Sherry Aliberti, Lorraine D. Glover, Jill D'Oronzo, Jennifer Nieves, Jimi Pantalon, Shir Lieberman, William Sorvillo, Patricio Jijon, Stephanie Garcia, Juanma F. Pozzo, Irma Sierra, Cordell Murray, Sylvana Tapia and Erin Lonergan

Explore rooftop installations, projections, multimedia sculptures & live performances; interacting with NYC's skyline & neighborhood.

Russell Webner, Jonathan Donaldson

Space Camp

Space Camp

Truck Yeah

Liz Dimmitt & Hannah Flegelman, Truck Yeah

A street festival featuring all varieties of mobile culture - art, design, fashion, theater, music, and of course, food trucks

Alexis Pace

Alexis Pace Art & Design

Working Studio: Join me as I prepare for my next outdoor installation; a roving sculpture for this year’s Figment NYC, on Gov. Island.

Tri Way Studios

Glenn Wonsettler, Jeff Schwarz, Todd Kelly, Paul Wackers, Anna Beeke, Lisa Fairstein, Raul Gomez-Valverde, Shahrzad Kamel, Brian Sharrockand others

Tri Way Studios is a space of individual/shared artist's studios.

Mike Rader

A 30 foot painting wrapping around the gallery walls and floor.

Pidgin: Modern Porcelain Fashion Dolls

Joshua David McKenney

Pidgin is a line of porcelain fashion art-dolls by artist Joshua David McKenney. They are completely made by hand here in Bushwick.


Myron Christian Macauley, Richard Rose, Danny Bunyavong, Edward Ubeira, Federico Massa, CoverLoverRemix

CoverLoverRemix-An group exhibition that will feature artist’s reinterpretations of their favorite or iconic album covers

Andy Lifschutz Jewelry

Andy Lifschutz, The design and Creation of Jewelry

Andy Lifschutz resides in the balance between old and new. Come explore his varied works of adornment at the art space, Amazing Articulation

Ray Ferrer

Emotion on Canvas. Come see Internationally recognized artist Ray Ferrer and his work as he stops in Brooklyn during his nationwide tour.

Christopher Thomas D'Acunto

I Spraypaint in My House...Is that Bad??

Paint the vibe not the object. Use yourself as a filter for your surroundings. Have no idea what the end result will be.

Darren Goins

I make things

Melanie Jolanta Moczarski

Paintings, sculpture and installation informed by impressions of the natural world.

Bike Tour of Bushwick Agriculture!!

Chrissy, Chrissy's Cooking Club

Visit Bushwick agriculture on guided bike tour of farms, gardens, hydroponics. Pit stop: MoMo Sushi brown bag snack. Dinner & drinks after!

Sonya Berry, Amela Parcic

Sonya's large-scale paintings of up-close stills of human forms. Amela's work chronicles a fictional character's travel through the Balka

"Halcyon & Surrounding Areas"

Steve Five, Travis Tonn, Cory Race, The Library is On Fire

Join The Library is On Fire as they mix their new album "Halcyon & Surrounding Areas" and open studio for original cover art by the band.

Fort Useless

Spit Take Friday comedy. Live music all day Saturday. Songwriters Salon on Sunday. Photos up all wkend by Brendon Stuart, Toby Tenenbaum

Zoo Time

Kae Burke, Mae B. and Jamie Neumann, Zoo Time

Zoo Time is an art fantasy world with live music and djs, film projection , interactive day long dance pieces and glitter animals.

Clawhammer Studios

Clawhammer Studios is a collaborative screen printing, design and art production studio.

Patrick Berran

Paintings and works on paper

Alyssa Gorelick

Alyssa Gorelick combines natural elements with the mass-produced forming a subtle vocabulary informed by ancient and contemporary rituals.


Dan Nation

Extra-ordinary textiles + accessories for Designers & Fashion & Home . Specializing in goods that are singular and yet particularly useful.

Leveled Land

MACR Amos, Anton Chavez, Vincent Fink, Linda Paula Marcos, Sara Marie Miller, Shawna Mouser, Joey Parlett, Gian Palacios, Jessica Marliese Planter, Julia Sinelnikova, The Coin Locker

Leveled Land features emerging talent from Bushwick and urban Texas, engaging in a dialogue about the new urbanization.

David Howe

A recently completed project entitled PRODUCT PLACEMENT will be on view, as well as other work, both completed and in progress.

Ordervision Studios

An international multi purpose studio. All walks of life are welcome. Our vision is forward, our movement is collective.

Mary Younkin, Lisa Gutting

Post Dauphin Studios

Visit our shared studio space featuring recent works by Brooklyn artists Lisa M. Gutting and Mary Younkin.

1828 Troutman Studios

Visit the studios of artists Jeff DeGolier, Dave Hardy, Robin Kang, Lauren Portada, John Silvis, Siebren Versteeg and Max Warsh

Hood Gandhy

Tom Koehler


Dennis McNett

Wolfbat Studios, Wolfbat Intergalactic

Sculptures, Masks, Prints, and other creations by Dennis McNett.

Video Installation by Jason Tschantre, Photography by Timothy Murray

Jason Tschantre, Timothy Murray, Timothy Murray Studios

Video Installation by Jason Tschantre and Photography by Timothy Murray

Storefront Bushwick

Patrick Berran, Jack Henry, Josh Blackwell, Antonia Perez, Katherine Powers, Randy Wray, In the front gallery, Patrick Berran and Jack Henry. In the project space, "Schmatte"

Front gallery: Patrick Berran and Jack Henry. Project space, "Schmatte:" Josh Blackwell, Antonia Perez, Katherine Powers and Randy Wray

Luis Rosenfeld

Graffiti Warehouse, Street Photography and Polypasting

Both shocking and inviting, Luis Rosenfeld's polypasting blends the sophistication of photography with the grittiness of street art.

Sebastian Gladstone

New Paintings: 2013

I will be presenting 2 new series I am working on at BOS; one of acrylic works on paper, the other of large abstract oils on canvas.

Andrew Martin, Billy Stewart

New Work Debut

Conceptual lighting and Multiple exposure illustrations. Rooftop Party on Saturday night, 7pm-2pm. Everyone Gets Laid!

MAKE FRIENDS @ Bushwick Open Studios

Local bands, open BBQ. Grill starts at 3 pm, music starts at 4 pm. BYOB, BYOMeat. Come make some friends! (Check Facebook for line-up info.)

Norte Maar

Fern Dog

Portraits of Fern: Bushwick artists represent Fern Dog, the noted neighborhood pet.

"Fountainheads" Person Who Originates...

Carolanne Leslie, Juxtaposed, Niger Miles, Brooke Churchill, Armando Canedo, Lindley Gray, Aushra Bankauskait

"Fountainheads" A Spring from which a Stream Flows... A Loft Party Group Show, Food, Drinks, Music, Art!

Catherine Lepp

Paintings & drawings of wrestlers

Rachel Borenstein, Peter Clough, Samuel Consiglio, Jonathon deSimone, Jennifer Gustavson, Jason Leinwand, Eric Mavko, Jeremy Olson, Bob Szantyr

Recent works by 9 artists working among many formats and media will be on view at studio #315.

Theresa Michele Daddezio

A few new works


Kim Stahl, Jewelry Artist: Open Studio

kimstahldesign is a jewelry designer and blacksmith specializing in crafting one of kind fine jewelry sculptures.

Maggie Bennett (Performance 3pm Saturday), Megan Byrne (Performance 3pm Sunday), Karl Scholz, Alli Miller & Trey Burns, Ethan Knechel

Our studio houses artists of a diverse range of disciplines. We will feature art, dance, software, and sculpture from resident artists.

Celeste Wilson

Celeste Wilson is a glass artist who also plays with other materials, making small sculptures, functional objects and wearable costumes.

Rafael Fuchs at Fuchs Projects

Fuchs Projects , Photography show

A special private collection of over 100 photographs by Rafael Fuchs, many of them rare, including vintage prints that weren't shown before

Meg Lipke

A BOS-specific installation: one painting wraps continuously around the studio's architecture; inspired by the historic Bayeux Tapestry.

Garry Nichols

Tasmanian Devil Visits Bushwick Open Studios

I am showing small mixed media work on board. They are are inspired by Tasmania, and the content of scrounged books.

Ricardo Tarrega-Shayegan

Life size paintings of metal gates and doors from photos that I took during my visits to Tehran, Iran. The technique is acrylic on canvas.

Lauren Baker, Fred Attenborough

Nati to BK Photographers

Lauren Baker and Fred Attenborough are both photographers from Cincinnati. There work is a combination of fashion, portraits, & lifestyle.

BABE (Brooklyn's All-Bush Ensemble)

The Debutante Ball

BABE invites you to our entrance into impolite society, complete with girl power, banged-up ballgowns and all-original performances!

Emily Tepper

Bushwick Pilates, Custom designed rituals

30 second custom designed rituals that get you whatever you want in your life. Be prepared to have your fire lit and your flames fanned.

Vacancy NYC

Tom Bond, Taha Clayton, Adam Clayton, Heidi Lau, Manivone Nonthaveth, Paulapart, Elyse Saunders, Nicholas Shelton, Myfanwy Shepherd, Eric Parisi

VACANCY NYC is a collective space in Bushwick for emerging artists and musicians.

Henry Hargreaves

Henry Hargreaves shows some of his favorite photos focusing on his reinterpretations of food into modern culture


Kate Quintard, Shirt Required

Brooklyn streetwear for badass chicks and dudes. Buy it!

64 Jefferson St

Cora Foxx, Michael Matthews, Gina Tron, Mike Sheets

Featuring paintings, drawings, films, installations, in addition to fun television based surprises. DJs! Fun! Maybe live music and clowns

Julie Vassili Karpodines, Ryan Coleman

Please drop by and see our 2013 open studios

"Thin Chance"

Mayen Alcantara, Sheryl Oppenheim, Alex Paik, Ebony Rose, Abigail Weg. Curated by Chris McGee.

A show of works on paper. Selected works that harness paper's mere physicality, bringing its miracle into sharp relief.

Jodi Connelly, Wanda Gala, Paulina Garcia, Michele Torino Hower, Melissa Wilhoit Lugo, Rebeca Medina, Laura Paris, Tamara Williams

Arts & Literacy Program, CHFS, Arts Education Panels and Dance Performance

3 Arts in Ed Panels from 1-5pm on Cross Cultural Exchange, Artist/Student Work & Art Therapy followed by Dance Performances at 5:30 & 6:30.

"Rock Street 2013: Sculpture on Rock Street"

Atzberger, Curran, Gatson, Godward, J. Henry, O. Jones, JR Larson, Meyer-Ebrecht, E. Murphy, G. Nelson, N. Paris, Pingree, Salmanson, Scheifele, D. Wiener, Weiskopf, Wickman, Wolowiec and Zelinskie, with music by Pass Kontrol, Desert Star, and Sharkmuff, Deborah Brown and Lesley Heller, co-curators. Frank Brunckhorst Company, LLC, a Boar's Head distributor, event sponsor

"Rock Street 2013: Sculpture on Rock Street," curated by Deborah Brown + Lesley Heller, features sculpture outdoors by 19 Brooklyn artists


Michael Aitken, Brooks Cashbaugh, Rachel Kremidas, Mayuko Fujino, Darren Morales, G.Romero, Jimmy Valdez

DISTRACTION_S Exhibition/concert featuring interactive performances/game show & a live podcast session based on----Wo nice colors...

Mominette's Paint the Wall Party

Mominette's "Paint the Wall Party" will feature Aliene de Souza Howell painting our big wooden garden wall on Sunday June 2nd from 2-7pm

Rebecca Norton

.Rebecca Norton's paintings question perceptions of a body in its environment. Her digital projections explore code and painting.

Cynthia Lin, William Niemeier

Drawings, Sculpture, Paintings

Detailed drawings of skin and scars by Cynthia Lin and futuristic, colorful sculpture and spray-paintings by William Niemeier.

Mona Kamal and Sarah Elise Hall

NA, Open studio

Please come and see New Work by Mona Kamal and Sarah Elise Hall

Khalil Chishtee

Open Studio

Open Studio

Etty Yaniv

3d site specific installation in process, a relief of drawings, photography & found objects, reflecting on the dynamic nature of urbanscapes

Alyssa Andrews

Ultimately, it's all just about a girl with eyes that see, who likes to draw and enjoys life, especially on Saturdays.

CLAM LAB ceramics, Becky McNeel Photography, Ethan Schmid Design & Build

CLAM LAB ceramics show, sale, and open studio. Photography by Becky McNeel. Interior design/build and furniture by Ethan Schmid.

J. Robert Feld

I present two conceptual series with a hyper-critical eye addressing common themes, including control, intoxication, and perception.

Nate McGarigal

Portraits of Hindu pilgrams at the Kumbh Mela festival this year in Allahabad, India. Other prints from India and Burma.

Miranda Louise Nichols

Miranda Louise Nichols is a mixed media artist whose work explores dreams, the collective unconscious, and the ethereal spaces of the mind.

Jeff Fichera

Oil paintings and pencil drawings from observation.

In Real Time

Nadine Marie, Killa Theory, Natalie Vie, 'In Real Time' Kick-off Party

In Real Time collective kick-off party

Bianca Dorsey, N.Steven Harris

Bianca Dorsey will be exhibiting paintings, drawings, art jewelry, etc. N. Steven Harris will be exhibiting Comic books, illustrations,etc.

James Reeder


Analog photography, sculpture, and drawings.

The Grapevine

Valerian Ocampo, Molly Finnerty, Annie Doran, Jimmy Sparks, Jean-Michel, Neil Golden, Malcolm Yarde, Drew Kademan, Gabrielle Meyerowitz, Elizabeth Nolan Brown, Annie Doran

An up-and-coming art space, The Grapevine! Friday, Zine Release party, Saturday a festival of short plays, art on display all weekend.

Maria Calandra | Pencil in the Studio at Sardine

Maria Calandra, Sardine

A selection of drawings from Calandra's Pencil in the Studio. A project where she visits with artists in their studios and makes drawings.

Bushwick Open Music at the Loom

Nadia Kazmi

5 bands performing rock music on the open stage outside Kave Cafe at the Loom. Great music, drinks and sunshine!


PaperKrane, PaperKrane

Using a craft from Japan said to be a miracle of its own, my goal is meant to promote happiness. Leaving 1000i papercranes for you to take!

Michael Boyd Stout

Michael Boyd Stout opens his Bushwick loft to present work reflecting on America's obsession of Real Estate, Home Plans, & Interior Design.

Tone Connors

Sculptural antlers, deer, sheep and goat skulls. Multi-media drawings and acrylic paintings.

SALOME: Psychic Dance Party

Nora Keyes, Mary Widow, DJ Neil Martinson, House of Screwball

House of Screwball presents: SALOME: Psychic Dance Party. Featuring DJ Neil Martinson, Mary Widow, Nora Keyes & your hostess Darcey Leonard.

Maria Britton, Amanda Browder, Kristen Schiele

Maria Britton (painting) Amanda Browder (sculpture) Kristen Schiele (painting)

Gwyneth Scally, Aaron Miller

jellyfish, coal salt cellars, naked men in graveyards and Queen Anne chairs.

Eric Lindveit

Eric Lindveit

Highly detailed 2D and 3D work inspired by New York City street trees, skin conditions, and hand colored books.

The Teaching Studios of Art

Rob Zeller

The Teaching Studios of Art is an art school devoted to teaching traditional techniques of drawing and painting the figure and portraiture.

Tutu's Carnival of Wonder

Art & Performance Curated by Eric Schmalenberger

A weekend packed full of spectacles to stimulate all of your senses. Visit for our location and schedule.

Habby Osk

Habby Osk is an interdisciplinary artist and works with medium such as video, performance, installation, sculpture and photography.

Young Min Choi

I will be displaying my paintings created from 2010-2013 Mostly done in oil paint and the whole space will be filled up with my paintings.

Jennifer Shepard, Jen Poueymirou, Janel Schultz, Kristen Jensen

Work by Janel Shultz, Jen Poueymirou, Jennifer Shepard, and Kristen Jensen

Steven Schreiber, Mike Schreiber

New collages and paintings by Steven Schreiber. New photography by Mike Schreiber.

Sunflower Glass Company

Erik Pye

Join us at 12 Wilson Avenue, at Sunflower Glass Company’s exhibition of paintings by artist Erik Pye.

Thomarya (tee)

Arts in Bushwick , Bushwick open studios

My name is Thomarya Fergus (tee).. I am a tattoo artist/visualartist

Adams Puryear

Performative Sculpture Installation.

Secret Project Robot

Erik Zajaceskowski, Rachel Nelson, Raul De Nieves, Tom Delaney, Thomas Wilk, Vashti Windish, Cameron Michel, Chris Uphues, Alexandra Drewchin, Kory Hellburst, Nicholas Inspector Sodapop, Jessica Underwood, David Shull, Summer Salon and Garden Party

Secret Project Robot is a Gallery with Studio spaces and a giant sculpture garden. We have performance, installations, screenings and BBQ's

Just like you—alive.

Liad Baniel, Mark Cannariato, Alex Fontecha, Christina Kee, and more

Paintings, sculptures, photography and works on paper from several wick-wanderers.

Tom Nagai

KYOTO: Scent of Millenium

Ink drawings of old Kyoto temples Works will be shown in our beautiful backyard

Olly Oxen Free Vintage

Gideon Solomon, Lulu Ekiert, Alle, alle auch sind FREI

Gideon Solomon Comical Art Opening 6-8 Interactive Fashion Show Dance Sun 6-8p Sign up at the store to be a model, choose your era!

Bushwick Print Lab

Group Exhibition, New Print Exhibition

Bushwick Print Lab presents "New Print", an annual group exhibition celebrating the art of the print. Free snacks and drinks will be serve


Bizarre celebrates Bushwick Open studio

Patricia Satterlee

Recent paintings, drawings, and prints. Please stop by.

BOS Performance Art Showcase

Tracy Cameron Francis, Arts In Bushwick

HYBRID will take over the inside and outside of BFP with provocative site-specific performances with an emphasis on pieces that engage with

AUNTS, Chris Soria, Lynne Margaret Brown, Tamara Gubernat


1) Open Studios with Arts@Renaissance's resident artists 2) Performances as part of site-specific residents AUNTS Chain Curatorial Series.

Magdalen Wong

Open Studio

Altering generic imageries and found objects, I create works diverted from the object's original intent, generating alternative narratives.



Pressure Wave 2013 / / AudioBook_01 // MAKS (Musically Advanced Kinetic Systems)

Kyu Seok Oh

Kyu Seok Oh

In his studio Kyu Seok Oh will share recent paper sculptures and experiments with color, his papermaking process, and past installations.

Jon Bobby Benjamin, Ryan Crowley, Sacha Ingber, Jessica Kain, Carl Marin, Melanie McLain, Lior Modan, Jesse Potts, Leslie Rogers, Tom Simon, Rotem Tamir, Alina Tenser

VCU Sculpture, New Work

Sculpture, Performance, Video from the recent alumni of the Sculpture and Extended Media Program at Virginia Commonwelath University.

Bushwick Open Sound System

Casey Skodnek, Lily Ahn, Michael Bennett, Mikael Henaff, Tomeeo

A DJ/producer showcase alongside live paintings, hand crafted goods and a collection of photography and illustrations from residents of the

Storefront Bushwick

Shamus Clisset

Shamus Clisset's images are completely digital fabrications composed as fully 3-D virtual environments.

Paul M. Nicholson

I painted portraits of local Brooklyn and Queens elected officials, and local points of interest, as well as related sculpture.

BABZ Fair - Bushwick Art Book and Zine Fair

Sonel Breslav, Blonde Art Books

The inaugural Bushwick Art Book and Zine Fair (BABZ Fair) will feature publications by artists and publishers based in and around Bushwick.

MaDora Frey


Three-dimensional works, photographs and interactive kinetic sculptures consider the diminishing boundaries between artificial and organic.

Benjamin Jay Shand

a photographic series. it is here that a certain geographic ambiguity summates a more profound geometric unity.


Cecilie Beck + 27 artists, PORTRAIT NYC

PORTRAIT NYC portrays the social, creative and interactive spirit that defines New York City.

Jason Reyen, Jesse Patrick Martin, Jodie Niss, Heather Garland, Polina Barskaya

Suite 217, Pop Up Show

Pop-up show at Suite 217 curated by Alex Kaluzhsky.

Bruce Dow

My work focuses on the alteration/transformation of found/collected objects. Eames shell chairs and found photography based drawings.

Lauren Renner

In Others' Words

Charles Lear, Frogwell, Jeff Donaldson, Bloater, Joe Egan, Fernando Romero

Church of the Toad of Light

Abstract Painting and experimental music/sound art. Performances throughout the day.

Belle Pagaille- Sophistiated Clothing, Riot-Girl Rebellion

Devon Pyles, Spring, 1213 Collection

We are hosting an interactive fashion show featuring vintage clothing and accessories from our online retail destination,

Gary Giordano

n/a, Line and Form

Bushwick‘s, old factories have left behind industrial relics, metal machine parts, dirty brick walls, concrete floors, which inspires me.

Eliot Markell

Eliot Markell will be exhibiting recent painting and sculpture.


M Hipley

Illustration, installation, and performance.


Harthaus is a group show of artists who work in and around Bushwick, curated by Oliver and Jessica Ralli.

Paul Hunter Speagle

Im a southern, “Redneck Vangogh”,hillbilly porch painter who likes greasy food, fast cars, and fast women. Born:Hickory, North Carolina

Michael Mallis, Katie Torn

Political and religious satirical animations and drawings. Virtual Installations, assemblages of 3D animation and video, dystopic fantasy.

Theatrical soiree: come experience the page to stage and rehearsal process , 4 actors , 4 directors.

Heloise Wilson, Gwen Albers, Mischa Ipp

Theatrical soiree ! Four scenes , four actors. Q&a at the end. Come discover the page to stage in our rehearsal space.

Fabian G. Tabibian

Juxtaposition of analog works alongside digitally created media highlighting distinct sensitivity to color and line.

The Art of Antoinette Johnson

Antoinette Johnson, 950 Hart Gallery

The Art of Antoinette Johnson will showcase paintings and photos of her hair sculptures. With performances and special guest appearances.

Georgia Sydney Lassner

is a feminist/artist interested in the possibility of drawing and other art forms as a means of reflection and action

Mellow Pages Library

Mellow Pages is a small/independent press library housing 1,300 titles, including zines, journals and art books.

Cliff House Arts

Open (Cliff) House: the Beckett sessions

Come see short plays by the 20th-century master Samuel Beckett in your very own neighborhood, and get to know us at Cliff House Arts!

Anne Vieux

Open Studio

Yanna Beatrice Wilson

Beatrice Studio

Yanna Beatrice Wilson presents a vintage pop-up-shop and styling installation.

Andy Kuncl with Special Guests

Dance, drag, performance art, music - Andy Kuncl is a Bushwick based artist/lover with a slight southern accent. Come see what will unfold.

The Deconsumptionists

Paul Lamarre, Melissa Wolf, Andrea Monti, Andrea Monti: LOOSE ENDS & Performance AKURUM

EIDIA House presents Andrea Monti’s installation "Loose Ends” Performance AKURUM & The Deconsumptionists solar powered mobile art space


Stealth Art, REM Map

Magnetic photos of a sleeping man are being stuck to metallic surfaces. Take one, put it somewhere else, give it away. Occupy your dreams.

Eric Jiaju Lee

Eric Jiaju Lee Studio, Eric Jiaju Lee

New abstract paintings by Eric Jiaju Lee inspired by Nature, Modernism and Traditional Chinese painting

Jason Varone

Open studio presenting my latest "videopainting" and works on paper.

Bushwick Pet Superette

Coco Murray, Brooke Churchill

Coco Murray - A Silhouette Project Brooke Churchill

Kennedy Yanko

Kennedy yanko is an experimental sculptural painter.

Michael Kronenberg

Hart in Exile, An opinionated survey of a life's events

An opinionated survey of a Life's Events including Metaphysical ramblings , portraits of naked room mates and friendly abstract gateways .

Elissa Swanger

Figurative paintings in oils, gouache and watercolor featuring women on stage and exploring parallels between performance and painting.

MOTHER CAKE // Mr. Gargoyle

cheylene sharkeye, Sparkles Do Well, SNARK, Serena TPuss, BUG JUNGLE, nuraxi, Jesse Vasquez, JACER RACER, FORGIN OBJECT, nuraxi, SEYHANMUSA, Mr. Gargoyle

DONT LOOK BACK you can not return from where you came music / video / installation : all day live music : 4 - 11

The Omen Project

T. R. Pickerill, Is There Nothing More?

Is there nothing more?

Erik den Breejen, Andy Cross, David Finegan, Ian Holman, Bobby Lucy, Arati Rao, Adam Sipe, Lynn Sullivan, Ruslan Trusewych

Saint Nicholas Studios

The artists of Saint Nicholas Studios open their doors and show work in a range of media including painting, sculpture, fashion, and more.

Scott Fowler

Scott Alexander Fowler

Metalsmith & Custom Jeweler Recently published in "Stonesetting for Contemporary Jewelry Makers" Displaying new works

Seldon Yuan, Man Bartlett, Carla Gannis, Rachel Fick

Visit the studios of artists Seldon Yuan, Man Bartlett, Carla Gannis, and Rachel Fick among other possible surprise guests.

Mirena Rhee

Mirena Rhee, Invented Mythologies

Invented Mythologies - installation of drawings, paintings, animation and corpses.

Shane Darwent

Shane Darwent's work exposes the quest for the "American Dream" using painting, photography, and sculpture.

Romy Scheroder

11 Central

Sculpture focusing on our relationship to each other and to the objects with which we surround ourselves.

Chez Bushwick

Chez Bushwick Open Studio and CHFS Arts in Education Panels

Chez Bushwick opens its doors for two days to present our studio member's choreographic explorations and Arts in Education panels.

Sukjong Hong

Women Making War Movies: Installation, Drawings, Comics, Collages, Cut paper.

Brandi Twilley

Portrait paintings and a recent series of pencil drawings will be on display.

Emily Krill

Mystery Desk, PocketBook Swap

Book Swap

tHe HOuse of Oops

Meli Sanfiorenzo - Sandra Passirani - Le SphynXx - Eddie Cameron - Sarah Locar - Marion Pegouet - Pedro Jiménez - Silvia Forese, OpeN tHe doOrs for the 4th year

Over 60 artists sharing their medias. A unique interactive never ending game,step in,play,touch, look,laugh.Enjoy the trip! Share the road!

Juan Fontanive, Susan Hamburger, Rebecca Riley

Open Studio

Open Studio: new and recent work by Juan Fontanive, Susan Hamburger and Rebecca Riley

Let's Eat Comics - Opening Showcase!

Matt Ro & Allie Montana, Let's Eat Comics

Let's Eat Comics - Opening Showcase! A rogue, new publishing house for comics, graphic novels, artbooks and strips...Let's Eat! lecomix

Better Than Jam

Ken Kocses, Caryn Cast, Miriam Castillo, Tamara Garvey, Steph Becker, Al Benkin, Shanon Diamond, Karin Persan, Artists Of

The retail space will be showcasing work from it's favorite local artists, who have been working with the store during its 3+ year period.

Sue Karnet

Sue Karnet, Ancient Evenings

This series "Ancient Evenings" is an exploration of ancient mythology, history, and symbolism.

Interstate Projects

Anna K.E.

Anna K.E. - solo exhibition

Shyu Ruey-Shiann

Shyu’s mechanical art installation explores the nature of dynamic movement that challenge the viewers but also touch the human heart.

Film Screening: Julio Alpuy

Diana Nino, Katey Chapman Artist Management

Liv Mette Larsen

Bushwick Skyline

Twenty paintings inspired by the Bushwick skyline as seen from the artist's studio on Jefferson Street. The works are egg tempera on iinen.

Little Skips

Abel Macias, Colin Torn, Rachael Bell, Zachery Allan Starkey, Maria Tsaguriya, Abel Macias, Chad Turner, Eric Rickert, Little Skips Spring Art Show for Bushwick Open Studios

BOS 2013 Community Day Festival

Arts in Bushwick Community Team, Arts in Bushwick

Celebrate organizations, artists and individuals of Bushwick for a FREE public event in the park! Family friendly activities. All welcome!

Frank Holliday/Graham Wilson

abstract paintings

Christopher Rodriguez Photography

Christopher Rodriguez, Open Studio

Photographs include landscapes that question natural and artificial relationships, as well as an ongoing series of portraits.

Bat Haus

Natalie Chan, Dennis Yermoshin, Roy Chase + Jefftown, James Mignogna, Mike Wood, Eli Keneally, Nic Lyons, Nick Pereslugoff, Thomas Gardiner, Brooklyn Artistry, Phyllis Ma, Aliza Boyer, Joan Lazar, Elvia Iannaccone, Madeline Donahue, Jessica Clark, Patty E, Super Fantastic and Artist Market

Super Fantastic and Artist Market gathers unique artworks from 8 emerging photographers and 15 artists from all different disciplines!

Deborah Brown

Open Studio at 324 Ten Eyck

My paintings reference the industrial landscape of car salvage lots and scrap metal yards in Bushwick.

Andrew Szobody

This is the studio of an artist named Andrew. His drawings take a lot of time to make, his sculptures probably about the same amount of time

Shingo Francis, Meguru Yamaguchi

Shingo Francis Studio, Floating Color

Description: A Large drawing installation by Shingo Francis and new paintings by Meguru Yamaguchi.

Tribble & Mancenido

Exploring the dichotomies of collaborative identities through collage, landscape, and notions of "home."

Maggie Carson Romano

Maggie Carson Romano is opening her studio to show recents works in sculpture and photography.

Talia Shulze

Paintings, drawings, works on paper and art objects.

Delphine Amato

Delphine Amato is a painter and the content curator at

Michel Bellici

Studio Bellici, Figurative Abstract Paintings & one mannequin.

Figurative & abstract paintings, and one mannequin commission' in progress' by Michel Bellici.

James C. Matthews Jr.

Studio 26 Gallery

New mixed media "Integration" series by artist James C. Matthews Jr. with Studio 26 Gallery artists.

Margot Bird, Emily Wolfer

Representing Margot Bird, Wolfer Studios, & BFP East

Margot Bird presents paintings: "Cascading Eyeball Portraits" Emily Wolfer, Founder of Wolfer Studios, presents drawings: "Project Faceb

Robin E. Mork

Robin E. Mork, Illustrator, Robin E. Mork, Illustrator

Inventive conceptual illustration with a literary bent. Prints available.

Kurt Steger

Sculpture Exhibit

Sculptures made of wood and mixed medias, both large and small scale with a conceptual emphasis on a human collaboration with nature.

Outer Space

Outer Space

Works by Alicia Coe, Drew Moore, Juliana Stankiewicz, Jordan Rennert, Lenora Jayne, Raul Coto-Batres, Kristen Felicetti & Lee Gillentine.

Katherine Kane


Scientific theory based art. Acrylic on canvas, mosaic, light/mixed media work. Former scientist expressing ideas in artistic mediums.

Lila Freeman

Open Studio

Lila Freeman paints and draws from life. She seeks to transmit to viewers the excitement and curiosity she feels while making her art.

Liz Englander

Liz Englander presents new paintings.


Immortalize yourself with a Jesus portrait. Stop by for some wine and get your picture taken. Looking for characters, artists and all. Free!

Jim Stanis

Paintings, drawings, 3D printed sculpture, and animation by Jim Stanis will be on display.

Kelsey Knutson

Abstract oil paintings and watercolors. Lyrical, minimal, colorful and occasionally text-based.

Derek Chung

Corrosion, rust and decay detail from industrial streets of Brooklyn, captured in semi-abstract paintings and photographs

Parallel Art Space

Julie Alexander, Jamie Powell, Karl Bielik, Henry Samelson, Valerie Brennan, Rodney Dickson, Brian Cypher, Michael Voss, Jack Davidson, Frank Holliday, Brian Edmonds, Patricia Satterlee, Justine Frischmann, Clinton King, Erin Lawlor, Lael Marshall, David , What I Like About You

19 international artists will come to Bushwick to select one piece from their chosen Brooklyn artist, and show that work alongside their own

Estelle Olivia

Estelle will be opening her studio to the public to show her work in printmaking, painting, and multimedia.

After Party with Live Music and DJs

Thomas Hildebrand, Foos, Josh Doubles, and Special Guest

Free after party featuring live music by Thomas Hildebrand plus DJs Foos and Josh Doubles plus a Special Surprise Guest. Disco to Tech house

JF Lynch

Large-scale charcoal drawings that address issues of language and volumetric abstraction.

MacGibbon Tattoo

Ryan MacGibbon

Hand-Painted Japanese and Americana Tattoo Designs. WALK-IN's All Day. Flash Only.

Party Food

Joseph Gillette

Party Food is a multimedia, multidimensional, kaleidoscopic narrative artwork spanning live performance, video art, and comic books.

Studio 109

John Clendenen, Solo Exhibition

Various works by John Clendenen

Lisa Corinne Davis

Paintings layered with a dynamic swirl of visual information that shifts from suggested locations, decoration, objects, actions and more.

Valeria Victorovna Segal

Parsons the New School for Design

A raw unbound mixture of painting, drawing, and digital media works that range from surrealistic compositions to portraiture and realism.

Milo Wissig

N/A, N/A

EVERYTHING IN ITS RIGHT PLACE is a multi media exhibition of artists: Brian Batt, Christina Arza, Brittany Carmichael & Sabina Cavenius.

Justin Cooper, Max Reinhardt, Ross Moreno

JMR Studios, Archipelago

Open studio for artists Max Reinhardt, Justin Cooper and Ross Moreno which will feature varied works, including painting and sculpture.

Jonathan Quinn

The studio will contain paintings done during the last 10 months.

The Living Gallery

Meryl Meisler, Vanessa Mártír, Patricia O'Brien, El Puente Bushwick Center, Defying Devastation: Bushwick Then & Now

Bushwick's past and present through Meryl Meisler’s photos and Vanessa Mártir's stories, alongside contributing artists ages 8-101.


Loft 594 + Building The Sound

Screening of Beijing Punk. Live music by Momma Holler, Fete, Electric People, Magic Bronson. Art by Loft 594 resident artists.

Wyckoff Heights Medical Center

Daryl-Ann Saunders, "Hall of Fame" Portraits & Text

A photo-text series commemorating the staff members of Wyckoff Heights Medical Center that have worked in Bushwick since the 1970s.

Jayanthi Moorthy

I depict both the material and spiritual aspects of life using as a backdrop the social, cultural, and spiritual practices of Asian women.


Group exhibition, Legend of Drafts

A show of studies and other 'drafts' intended to hint at many local artists' creative practices, then send you along to their studios.

Lisa Levy, Phil Buehler

Lisa: Text works of "The thoughts in My Head."+ live psychotherapy. Phil: Photos from my book on Woody Guthrie at Greystone Park Hospital

Sharilyn Neidhardt

Postmodernist Lending Library, Wade in the Water

Oil paintings featuring themes of wetness and water


Steven Charles

Associated will be presenting a solo show of paintings and sculptures by Bushwick artist Steven Charles.

Spare Room Projects presents Amanda Friedman & Laura Hunt

Amanda Friedman & Laura Hunt, Spare Room Projects

Spare Room Projects is pleased to present the art works of Amanda Friedman and Laura Hunt.

Marina Reiter

Studio 26 Gallery

Paintings by Marina Reiter and group show by Studio 26 Gallery artists.

Panoply Performance Laboratory (PPL)

Forensics of the Future: Site/Self/Situation

Performative Forensics. DAY 1: scores made for the site DAY 2: solo performances DAY 3: Performance Art OPEN MIC, sign-up starts at 5pm

Ortega y Gasset Projects


Cliff House

Andy Sowers, Alex Vlahov, Jesse Bonnell, Andreas Hager, S.C. Lucier, Nessa Norich, Liz Rogers, Emma Zbiral-Teller, The Molters, Danny Gouker + Co., Leigh Jones, Jake Falby. , Open (Cliff) House

Immerse yourself in the world of Cliff House. Samplings of a BK noir radio-series, 7 multimedia Beckett plays, a brass-band dinner and more!

Akira Ikezoe

Akira Ikezoe (b. 1979) is a Japanese artist.

Carol Salmanson, Carla Gannis, Joanie Gagnon San Chirico, Laura Isaac, Maritza Ruiz-Kim, Katarina Wong

IRL: internet <-> real life

IRL showcases 6 artists connected via the internet and real life. #Gannis #Isaac #Ruiz-kim #Salmanson #SanChirico #Wong

Eileen Weitzman

Wildly outrageous , colorfully patterned paintings, sculptures , and mixed media installations

Samuel T. Adams


Bethany Bandera, Maeve Sheridan, Rebekah Potter, Melissa Capasso

Photography, Textiles, Works on Paper

Our show features landscape photography by Bethany Bandera, Works on paper by Maeve Sheridan, and 3-d textile pieces by Rebekah Potter.

Sheryl Denbo

Abstract expressionist paintings in two categories: organic and Asian influences. Sculptures made of copper and aluminum tubing.

Nancy Susan Woods

Nancy Woods will present an interactive project on Saturday and Sunday. It will include the destruction of a piano with a sledge hammer.

Tiago Barros

Tiago Barros is showing his most recent sculpture work in metal for the first time ever at the studio of Joana Ricou. Come and check it out!

Andrew Cornell Robinson

Arts + Crafts Research Studio, Ceramic sculpture and works on paper at acrStudio

I am a visual artist working with persona driven sculptural and pictorial works in a wide range of media including ceramic and wood as well

Bushwick Print Lab

"New Print" Group Exhibition

An annual group printmaking exhibition presented by Bushwick Print Lab featuring various artists from New York. Reception June 1st, 7PM-10PM

The Bodega Presents

Monique Atherton, Clark Carr, Sean Carroll, Ian Delaune, Jenna Gang, Myles Kerr, Salma Khalil, Aaron Kreiswirth, Ulf Kristiansen, Kathryn Lees, Brittany Markert, Troy Odell, Natasha Otrakji, Ishmail Thoth Ra, Lucia Reed, Joshua & Zakary Sandler, Jake Selv

Group exhibition of digital art, photography, and video art. Reception: Friday, May 31st, 6-9pm Video Screening: after dark.

Eve Lateiner, Yevgeniya Baras

Eve Lateiner and Yevgeniya Baras, Eve Lateiner and Yevgeniya Baras

Founders of Bull and Ram, Eve Lateiner and Yevgeniya Baras, showcase their own paintings.

Aslan Chalom

Works by Aslan Chalom. Works revisited and works in progress. Works from Egypt to works from New York.

Alex Phillips

Non-Members Only, Depot

Depot, work by Alex Phillips, sculptures and more IN SITU IN the basement studio of 1100 Broadway, Enter thru 1115 Dekalb Ave.

Tyrome Tripoli

My studio is a cross between a metal fabrication workshop and an art studio of a plastic assemblage artist with an over active imagination .

Aaron Ray-Crichton

Printed and projected works based on themes of the boundaries of human perception, and our predilection for seeking and finding patterns.


Curated by Julian A. Jimarez Howard, Aliza Kelly Faragher, ▲ : Enlightenment.

In this exhibition OUTLET Fine Art examines conspiracy theories from the occult to the factual.

Bushwick Community Art Market

Britt Kee, Art Market

This unique community market will feature local artists work ranging from original paintings to prints, jewelry, zines, and sculpture.

Space 776

Jourdain Jongwon Lee, Yooncho Lee(Eoni), Open Space 776

Open Studio and an Emerging Artists show

TSA New York

Naomi Reis: Unnatural Selection

Solo exhibition by TSA member Naomi Reis, "Unnatural Selection"


Antoine Lefebvre, There are no accents on my qwerty keyboard

'There are no accents on my qwerty keyboard,' by artist Antoine Lefebvre, is a one-weekend long exhibition mounted for Bushwick Open Studi

Curated Selections of a Non-Physical Entity

Christian Lewis Lyon, Nuraymwah Gallery

Nuraymwah Gallery presents "Curated Works of an American Psychic", paintings exploring the question, "where do thoughts meet reality?"

Myrtle Avenue Studios

Kim Holleman, Lila Freeman, Wally Whitehurst, Veronica Dougherty, Andrea Burgay, and Robert Cicetti.

Myrtle Avenue Studios is a studio building for artists and creatives in Bushwick, Brooklyn located along the M line at the Knickebocker Stop

Julia Bland, Gaby Collins-Fernandez, Doron Langberg, Amy Giovanna Rinaldi

New work by Julia Bland, Gaby Collins-Fernandez, Doron Langberg and Amy Rinaldi

Ayane Kurai

Ayane Kurai - Recent Paintings

Natalie Simon

Themes of information, language and society. Painting and sculpture that function within a conceptual framework.

Caroline Burghardt, Nils Karsten, Daniel Wapner

Come see what we have been working on! If it's sunny Caroline will setup one of her backdrops outside - you can take a picture or pose.

Russell Perkins

Open Studio; recent work by Russell Perkins

Rodney Allen Trice


TIME MAGAZINE'S GREEN DESIGN 100 LIST - the top 100 green designers on the planet. The ones to watch... I am one of them! Come see why!

Michael Stefanovich

Eidos Gallery, Sculpture Exhibition

Sculpture in various media. Abstract, biomorphic in nature varying from traditional stone carving techniques to patinated bronzes and wood.

Dreams, Illusions & Revelations

Jessica Grindstaff, Natasha Chambers, Alexandra Conn, Leilani Arita, Celeste Carballo, Stephanie Draves, Sophie Hunter, Studio 4J (the artists formerly know as Studio 232)

Dreams, Illusions & Revelations

Perri Salka

Two new abstract ink series "Conscious Objects" and "New experimentals" by Perri Salka. . All works are available and priced for purchas

Heather Merckle

Graphite drawings and acrylic paintings exploring the deflation process of helium filled balloons and their similarities to human beings.

Louisa Waber, Kyle Gallup

1) kyle gallup : evocations of coney island landscape 2) louisa waber: paintings and mixed media drawings

Duck, Duck, Rabbit

Kelly McRaven, Todd Bienvenu, EJ Hauser, Pioneers Of Inspiration

Pioneers of Inspiration is proud to present our 7th BOS show 'Duck, Duck, Rabbit: paintings by Kelly McRaven, Todd Bienvenu and EJ Hauser'

Meer Musa

MEMUART, Paintings and Performance ART

Will be viewing large scale paintings folk art and abstract expressionist paintings. A dance & music performance in various hours.

The Parlour Bushwick

Michelle Matson, Chris Fennell, Liz Nielsen, and Joo Choon Lin, Show #6

Show #6 includes work by artists Michelle Matson, Chris Fennell, Liz Nielsen, and Joo Choon Lin.

Michele Mirisola, Nicole Markowitz, Rose Holtermann

Three emerging artists-two working with oil paint and one drawing with electrical tape, all three raised in NYC, Hampshire College alums.


Dina Helal, Renee Peperone, Elizabeth Sullivan, The Old Mill, Sunshine, Kristin Clotfelter, Sara Genoves-Sylvan, Mira Shani, Jarret Levine, goodyoga presents

Please join us at goodyoga Bushwick as we offer free yoga classes & showcase art from teachers and students from our yoga community.

Amanda Durant

Paintings, drawings and prints

Max McKenna, Dean Wood, Alta Buden, Y&S

My space will be hosting amazingly talented artists from NOLA, LA and NY. We will also have culinary stylings, beer and music in the yard!

Elisa Soliven, Aleta Lanier

Onderdonk , Open Studios

Thane Lund

2D works, 3D works, and experiments in progress inspired by space and human relations.

David Kesting Presents

Ricky Powell

David Kesting Presents: Ricky Powell, photos from the collection include Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring & The Beastie Boys.

BOS Music Festival

Second night of a 3 day music festival featuring 8 of Brooklyn's best bands plus DJs, with drink specials from Brooklyn Brewery.

Outpost Artists Resources and Andrew Sutherland Studio

Andrew Sutherland and "Far From Now" Perry Bard, Janet Biggs, David Brody, Matt Freedman, Richard Haley, David Stone/Steven Kaltenbach, and Kristen Lucasgroup showOutpost Artists Resources, Andrew Sutherland Studio and "Far From Now"Outpost Artists Resources

Studio & "Far From Now" curated by Caroline Cox video ,new media and installation

Josana Blue

Josana Blue, Josana Blue Open Studio

All are welcome to visit my Lady Parlor art studio. The studio is completely full of love and creation including both painting and fashion.

Giovanna Sun

Arts Charity Organization , Abstract Dreams

Giovanna Sun is a creative professional with 10 years of experience as a designer, artist, curator, brand-identity and marketing strategist.

Christopher Stout

New Work

Christopher Stout, artist and founder of Bushwick Art Crit Group, will be showing NEW WORK consisting of small white geometric monochromes.

Wild At Hart

Christopher Buerkle, Brynn Holland, Jason Karpman, Stephanie Lin, Paul Trillo, Peter Worger, Stranger BK

An exhibit of photography, painting, writing, video, and music that reflects upon newly formed relationships with New York.

The Dock Studios

Ian Horowitz, Alexandra Gorczynski, Cammi Climaco and the Long Life China Co, Christie Young, Casey Farnum, Zach Hymen and Striphanger Studio, Pali Kashi, Yoko Suetsugu, Palma Blank, Maanik Singh Rick Silva at Transfer Gallery

Slag Contemporary

Paul McClean, Solo show

Solo show featuring new works by Paul McClean

Carrie Bobo

Carrie Bobo creates poetic, intimate, and psychological works, quiet portraits in expressive paint.

GamePad 3000 Experimental Arcade

Jan-Luc Van Damme, globHAMMER, Ken Kocses, Jaime Fraina, Ryan Ford, Molly Sampadian, Null Set Games

Play homebrew video games, the Bushwick Board Game, Bushwick Dimensions on iPhone and see videogame inspired art.

English Kills Art Gallery

David Pappaceno, Solo show of paintings and sculpture

Solo show of paintings and sculpture by David Pappaceno, opening Sat 6-9

Christy Shigekawa, Mike Newton

Seeking the unseen: new photography and video work by Christy Shigekawa. Mike Newton's video work doesn't have the answers - maybe you do?

Rene Smith

Paintings, drawings, and collages featuring the male nude.

Kelly Fondry, Coleman Downing, Ashley Lana Wheat

Dead Cat House, Dead Cat House

An apartment gallery showing fashion, photographs, fashion illustration and video. Free beer! (please don't bring dead cats)


Ilya Korolev, Julian von der Schulenburg

It's On.

Orianne Cosentino

Paintings that celebrate the changing landscapes of NYC. Food and drink will also reflect the city's unique energy. Pop-up performances!

Joan's Song

Adrian Frost ,Thaddeus Ciesielski ,Henrietta Weekes ,Jillian McManemin, Keaira Perry ,D Bob , Mary Shafer Smith ,Daniel Coy ,Blayne Theibeaud , Dan Redmond ,Nathan Crowder ,Garrett Quick ,Kris Davide ,Suzie Dragonfly ,Drew

Video projection onto 3dimensional screen paintings with performances and music

Natalia Nakazawa

Featuring new works and works in progress by Natalia Nakazawa

Chika Yoshii, Jung ah Kim, Mollie Hosmer-Dillard

We will be showing some mixed media work and drawings by Jung ah, and oil paintings by Mollie, and Chika.

Adam Miller, Martin Wittfooth

Artists Martin wittfooth and Adam Miller will be showing recent works.

Kaire, Jessica

Guatemalan multidisciplinary artist, working with sculpture, performance, video and informal workshops.

Andrew Salomone

Andrew Salomone, Open Studio

I'm working with an electronic knitting machine that some friends hacked so that it can be used it to knit digital images.

Summer Group Show VI: Brooklyn & Detroit

Spread Art X Playground Detroit

7 Artists who moved between the Brooklyn & Detroit, share their work and insights of the two cities through video profiles.

Auxiliary Projects

Hillerbrand+Magsamen, "Sample Sale"

A solo show by Hillerbrand+Magsamen, a Houston-based artist team.

Enrico Gomez

Enrico Gomez shows a series of acrylic & ink paintings on stretched paper based on abstracted letter-form and calligraphic line.

Sherry Bittle

Series of North American birds. Graphite and gouache.

dr.light and friends

dubpixel inc, dr.light & friends @ 'the dublab'

dead pixels, broken beats, blinky things, meat treats. dr.light and friends at their best (worst). electronic toys welcome. bring sunglasses

Rooftop Hydroponic Farm at the Bushwick Starr Theater!

Lee Mandell, Alex Middleton, Chloë Bass, Heidi Kleister, Anne Pope, Boswyck Farms

Visit an active rooftop farm. Meet the farmers, learn about hydroponics, enjoy tasty treats.

Amelia Midori Miller, Augustus Nazzaro

Amelia Midori Miller and Augustus Nazzaro are 2012 graduates of the School of Visual Arts MFA Fine Arts Program.

Apartment 1J

James Orchard-Hays, Shelby Bryant, Loft Re-Construction

Apartment 1J is a group of creative individuals that have transformed their loft space into a beautiful and creative habitat of expression.

Mathieu Lefevre: The Stuff Things Are Made Of

Mathieu Lefevre, Regina Rex

The first New York solo exhibition of painting and sculpture by artist Mathieu Lefevre, since his untimely death in 2011.

David McBride

Paintings by David McBride.

Pine Box Rock Shop

Pine Box Rock Shop , Open Studios at Pine Box

Pine Box is excited to host so many great artists for the 7th annual Bushwick Open Studios. Check out our website for listings & specials

David Aronson, Audrey Davis, Matthew Lange

The Parlor Room

Mythological oil painting tableus, featuring sexually charged anthropomorphic animal hybrids and victorian inspired hedonistic archetypes.

Draw to Heal

Jayoung Yoon, Zachary Skinner

'Draw to Heal' challenges the process of drawing to promote interconnectedness and cleanse personal and social memories.

Todd F. Wright

Todd F. Wright Studio, Open Studios

I am an American abstract painter specializing in the interpretation of the urban environment, using a variety of paints and mixed media.

Man Bartlett, Carla Gannis, Nathaniel Sullivan, Mark Dorf, Seldon Yuan

Bartlett, Sullivan, Dorf, Yuan, Gannis

Studio 303 with artists Man Bartlett, Nathaniel Sullivan, Carla Gannis, Mark Dorf & Seldon Yuan.

Hiroshi Shafer, Derick Wycherly


Ariana Page Russell, Gabe Farrar

Ariana explores the skin as a document of human experience, and Gabe makes drawings of heroically immobile figures.

Working Artists Consortium

The Working Artists Consortium is an organization that earns their living in the more traditional sense.


Albert Weaver will have an open studio.


David Victor Rose, Mama/Treehousefactoryproject

Bicycles Books Backacks = Backpacks filled with books and bicycle rides to the Rockaways will be held every weekend.

The 1896 Studios & Stages

The 1896 Studios & Stages, Open House and 5 Year Anniversary Party!

It's our 5 Year Anniversary and we're opening our doors to our neighbors and community! Food, drink, music. See where the magic happens!

Ilana Zwiebel, Angela Heisch

This show will include large scale abstract charcoal drawings and figurative woodcut prints.

Merav Ezer, Emily Harris, Adi Shniderman

Bushwich Open Studio

Come join us at our open studio - you can enjoy art We will be open Saturday and Sunday and would love to meet you !!

Norte Maar


Start BOS2013 off right with a map and a mimosa at the venerate Bushwick apartment gallery of Norte Maar.

Ivan Gaete

The 1896 Building

new works on paper reflecting on light, cosmology, geometry, randomness and seriality.

Gili Levy

New paintings and works on paper from the past year.

Steven Ketchum

My artwork is a reflection of confusion seen in the world.

Art Hoarders

Heather Rae Hatton, Nathan Kirkpatrick, Katiera Hatton, Ray Dinh, etc., The House of 157 Pleasures

House of 157 Pleasures is pleased to present 'Art Hoarders'-a representation of art we make & hoard. 20yrs worth! Most has never been seen

Story of Am

Zoe Rappaport, Libby Mislan, Yo-E Ryou, Yurie Collins, Harris Spencer, Jen Chantrtanapichate, Chase Chualong, Rebeca Huntt , 3i

Interactive performance using audible, kinesthetic, chemosensory and visible languages.

Dolores Mayorga

Thanks to some mobile racks and colored wooden blocks, I will create a piece of art. Then the onlooker will be free to modify it.

Brad Bridgers Photography

Brad Bridgers

I will be previewing new work - still life photographs of lost and abandoned work gloves found on the streets of Brooklyn.

Max Petrich, Rob Racine

Crossed Over

Multi-media visual art, audio and video by Rob Racine. Double exposed 35mm BandW prints by Max Petrich and John Finneran(deceased).

Daniel Derwelis, Ryan Pressman, You-ni Chae

Paintings by Daniel Derwelis, Ryan Pressman and You-Ni Chae.

Deanna Paquette, Kári Emil Helgason,


Discussion on control and the ownership of one's actions, personal means of publicity online and how "personal branding" affects the mark

Chad Turner

• creative samurai • mixed media paintings, sculptures, and design

SILKYS BROOKLYN & POPUP X NYC - Group Art Exhibition

Silkys Brooklyn and Popup x NYC bring a you a group collaborative art exhibition.

Paintings by Alison Causer: Interactive Team Draw and other works by Collen DuBose

Alison Causer, Collen DuBose

Paintings and other works by Alison Causer and Collen Dubose. As well an interactive collective drawing experience, Team Draw.

Ryan Michael Ford


Ryan Michael Ford will be presenting comic surreal oil paintings along with video game animations created by Globhammer.

thread collective

thread collective is a collaborative sustainable architecture firm that explores the seams between building, art, and landscape.

Birgit Larson

I'll have drawings to give away and an installation with bugs on the roof. Plus you can participate in my sound project maximum Birgit.

Svetlana Rabey

Paintings, watercolors and prints



Feltworld is a hand-stitched felt environment, and the birthplace of graffelti.

Luca Bartoccioli

Kings County Bar, New Creatures

Giant mythical creatures sculpted out of paper

Grace Moon

Grace Moon | Portrait Project

Portrait artist Grace Moon will be shooting (photo) portraits – an homage to the old masters – open to the public, free portrait.

Mike Shane, Sabrina Mazza

Escape from Shelf Island

Photographer Mike Shane & Culinary Artist Sabrina Mazza present recent work, delicious snacks and a photoshoot in their live/work space

Raphael Cohen

just tryin 2<3 life

Jodie Manasevit

Small abstract paintings involved with intense color and some narrative reference.

Staple Chest Audio

Christopher Botta , Screening of Christopher Otto's "Violin Octet"

"Violin Octet" is a two hour piece by Christopher Otto (JACK quartet) record/mixed here.

guns are fun

Bryan Sears, Ehren Shorday

guns are fun displays the archived wreckage of glassware and found objects, and the attempt to transform the artifact.

Little Skips

Little Skips, BOS Hub


Loom Yoga Center

Sara Erenthal, Seth Lieberman, Ambyr D'Amato

Loom Yoga center is opening its doors to the community to share teachings, classes, art and performances offered by its teachers and friends

Ken Madore


Works on paper, drawings and collages.

Jayne Holsinger

Recent paintings on an Alberta Roadtrip (oils on linen or panels; gouache on paper) and flood sale of earlier works predating 2008.

Jenny Vogel

Jenny Vogel’s work examines the desires of communication and be-longing in a virtual world.

Patrick Todd

11 Central

Abstract Painting using traditional techniques to describe spaces from dreaming.

Miho Morita, Justin Baldwin, Clark Carr, Kumasi Barnett, Blaine Kneece, Elisabeth Kollas, Trevor Hamilton, Daniel Scacalossi, Nick Chen, Greg Becker, Mike Wilson, Chris Vernale, Sean Galvin

Sulphurbath Productions, Exhibition & Premiere: 4 artists and live sci-fi radio show

Sulphurbath Productions proudly presents: "Exhibition & Premiere": a collaborative exposition of contemporary art, music, and radio theatr

Gallery Bar (1058 Broadway BK, NY 11221)

Eva Hoffman, Matt Hillock, Paisley Kang, Jay Jefferson, Sue Karnet, Kim Alban, Ray Ferrer

Gallery Bar is holding a group show of mixed media, while having a GRAND OPENING! We'll have a bit of every style!


Lori Kirkbride, Nao Matsumoto, Peter Fox, Cibele Vieira, Rob de Oude, Jim Isherwood, Lance Lankford, Peter Lapsley, Keith Sirchio, Judi Rosen, Keith McCulloch, Kevin Hooyman, Jung Hong, Annette Wehrhahn, Friends with Benefits

"lorimoto" gallery grand opening show Friends with Benefits including 14 artists. Also on view Lori Kirkbride & Nao Matsumoto's art studi

Gustavo Lombo

A familiar mean to view your mind in an unfamiliar way. Life is a combination of events, some are deliberate others are not, both coexist

Christian Finbar Kelly

Armature Art Space, Darkroom Works

Shooting studio/art space and b&w darkroom. Emulsion/Chemistry based Photo, Encaustic painting,pinhole portraits,textile.Vegan snacks.Demos!

Lee Lee Chan, Paul Simmons

Recent works by Lee Lee chan and Paul Simmons

County Fair

Paul Schaffenberger, Dominique Festa, Eman Limon, Joey Natoli

County Fair is open for business. Up and coming Bushwick art. Conveniently the best art you've ever seen.

The Manny Marvvel Show

Mark Zemel, Dan Winikur, Eavvon O'Neal, Marvvelon Studios

Marvvelon Studios: a fully operational, interactive TV studio where 'The Manny Marvvel Show' is taped. Manny interviews all willing guests

Roy Williams, Amy Kreiling

Collage, photography, sculpture, jewelry, handbags, t-shirts

Adam Distenfeld


I make sculptures and fountains using natural rocks recovered from construction sites in New York City.

Jeff Feld

Like life, my works are messy, resolved only under some duress. Through them I respond to and reflect on the vicissitudes of living.

Andries Boekelman


Polaroid Landscape photography

Jen Hitchings

My work, which consists of acrylic and oil paintings on canvas and panel explores mortality, partying, photography, and human relationships.

Sam Simon Projects

Sam Simon, Adrienne Michalski, Boom SHAKA-LAKA! (No T No Shade.)

Countless layers of tulle hang from the ceiling creating an ever-changing space for paintings and drawings inspired by flora and fauna.

R.J. Schreiner

Recent Paintings

recent oil paintings on canvas


Adam Collignon, Terri Chiao, Adam Frezza, Stacy Scibelli, Casey Opstad

VOID WAVE showcases the dynamic and multi-dimensional works of 5 intrepid artists. Bring food and we'll take your picture with a fake camer

David Ostro

"All the skill of the artist cannot turn a process into a thing." - Lee Smolin, physicist

Lola Loony

Pajama Kid

Open studio. Lola Loony presents her new series of drawings and paintings Pajama Kid

David Bender

drawings, paintings, sculptural constructions plus music, food and drink. what more could you ask for?

Colleen & Eric Whiteley

Colleen & Eric

We make objects and furniture.

Jean-Stephane Sauvaire


Photographs by Jean-Stephane Sauvaire Absinthe Open Bar Friday from 7pm to 9 pm at Bizarre

Daryl-Ann Saunders

Sponsored by Bushwick Community Darkroom, "Pioneers of Bushwick" photography & text exhibition by Daryl-Ann Saunders


Jamieson Cash, Kyna Marie, Samantha Keller, Ian Momyer, Nicholas Pollack

Works displayed include documentary and surrealist portrait photography, whimsical jewelry, and abstract drawings

House of ChoCLeT

House of ChoCLeT, Kevin Cooney, Live Silkscreen

Live Silkscreen event-bring 1 clothing item I will screen it for free. Prints on display and for sale. More crowns, cars and chandeliers...

Favela Fashion: Upcycled, one of a kind pieces that empower women in Brazil

Marla Guttman, Marlandia

Upcycled one-of-a-kind pieces that empower women in Brazil's favela slums.

TAT: An Immersive Participatory Urban Game

Meenakshi Thirukode, Isha: A Tell-All Tale

TAT is an urban participatory game designed by Meenakshi Thirukode that involves interactions with artists and the community during BOS.


Eric Alonso, Paula Kaczmarczyk, Phoebe Streblow, Tamara Johnson, Charlie Smith, Tiago Ravazzi, Margaret Coleman, Ryan Bevilacqua, Alexandria Loulias, Patricia Maldonado H., Alejandro Ramirez, Shaun Jefford

Art / Activities / And Fun at Loft594 in Bushwick

Samantha Shapiro

Samantha Shapiro- Paintings and Collages

Bushwick Open Bashment

The Far East, The Frightnrs, The Bandulus, Reginald Pean, Ladylongleggs, Matt Burdi, Umbridge Gladstone, Tea Factory Sounds

Tea Factory Sounds presents Bushwick Open Bashment. All the reggae bands of 111 Tea Factory perform between 10pm-1am and the art inspired.

Delphine Diaw Diallo

Open Studio

I will open my studio to the public to make you discover my work of collages, multimedia video and photography.

Rob de Oude

"Imagine if Georges Seurat decided to copy Frank Stella and Agnes Martin." - John Haber/

Stacie Johnson

Active Space , Open Studio

Abstractions exploring a mish/mash of flatness and illusion.

Valerian Pacifico Ocampo, Brandon Elijah Johnson

Independent artists, Space Bush

Work produced from January 2013 to present on location. Featuring works of oil on canvas, contemporary and traditional in practice.

Todd Gordon, Michela Barone Lumaga

The work of Todd Gordon and Michela Barone Lumaga explores the phenomenological experience of visual perception through landscape.

Fedele Spadafora

Fedele Spadafora is a realist who brings a modern sensibility to classical training.

"Epic Fail"

Brian Alfred, Alejandro Almanza Pereda, Erik Benson, Deborah Brown, Joseph Burwell, Greg Lindquist, Juliette Losq, Esperanza Mayobre, Tom McGrath, Frank Webster, Storefront Ten Eyck

"Epic Fail" showcases work that reflects the failure of architecture and infrastructure in the context of contemporary landscape.


Bryan Ellingson, Special Guests

Interviews with artists & other guests! Jokes. Earnest discussion. Strangeness. Whateverhappensilism! Whatever happens, wherever it happens!

Hyesu Lee, Pat Kinsella, Dasha Tolstikova, Chi Birmingham, Ben Voldman, Rafael Alvarez

The shared studio space of 6 illustrators and one fish. We make pictures for a living, except for one of us who is a fish. Come say hi!


Corydon Cawansage, Mark Dorf, Shawn Powell, Group Show

A three artist show, Brooklyn artists Corydon Cowansage, Mark Dorf, and Shawn Powell explore landscape and surface in urban contexts.

Clintel Steed

Clintel Steed, Open Studios

am an oil painter who deals with the word and reality that surronds me...

AIB Community Mural Launch Party

Miriam Castillo, middle school students from the Beacon Center for Arts & Leadership, AIB Community Team Volunteers, Arts in Bushwick

Celebrate a new public mural, "How Does Food Unite People,"designed by artist Miriam Castillo and created by students from I.S. 291.

Kaz Ooka


Oil painting regarding some social issues.

Anne Arden McDonald, Zoh Rothberg

My self portraits are emotional and narrative, my plastic camera work is moody and dark, and my new work is huge, abstract and process-based

Matt Brownell


Collage, mixed media, works on paper made out of stickers and tape. Also, a small self-published art book.

Jeanette May

Visit the studio of photo-based artist Jeanette May. She uses a critical, sometimes playful, approach to investigate representation itself.

Jess Underwood

Big, colorful paintings by Jess Underwood. Come see.

Kate Fauvell

Kate Fauvell is Hip Hop in the Contemporary Art World.  She paints what she knows: the urban culture of growing up in New York City. 

Animamus Art Salon @ La Luz during Bushwick Open Studios

97+ artist of various media (see full list below), Animamus Art Salon

Exhibiting works by 60+ artists, with performances by musicians and poets (more information online). Artist presentations are Sunday 7-11pm.

JR Larson

JR Larson Studio

Larson focuses on the creation of spirited objects; his artworks are heavy with the weight of transformative powers.


Featuring rock studies by PILLOW CULTURE + new work by Meghan Keane (curated by Michelle Moriyasu)

Drawings from DMZL

Jade Fusco, Henry's Wine & Spirit

DRAWINGS from DMZL presents a selection of line and mixed-media drawings by Jade Fusco, aka DMZL (“Damsel”) a BK based artist and perfor

Ryan Falkowitz

Recent Works

Cornelia Ruehlicke

paintings and prints of symbolism in nature.

James Patrick Reid

James Reid

Open Studio of a classical artist. Paintings of myth and history; portraits and landscapes.

Nicole Awai, Nico LeBarge, Chris Marshall, Tim Okamura, Cecilia Roberts

New works by Nicole Awai, Nico LeBarge, Chris Marshall, Tim Okamura and Cecilia Roberts

Morgan Avenue Underground

Jenn Hyland, Lisa Rosenberg, Juniper Alcorn, Sarah Jacobs, Abby Walsh, Arial Italic, Michael Caruso, accident report and the warm leatherettes

See current works by Bushwick artistes exploring forms of femininity and gender through varied media. Live after hours performances!

KERF Pop-Up Furniture Store

Hackett Design, SAW, Kahokia, Bushwick Hardware, Reliquary Studio

Kerf is a Pop-Up furniture store located in Bushwick, Brooklyn. We feature furniture and housewares designed and built by local artisans

Kave Espresso Bar and Event Space

Kave Espresso Bar featuring organic gourmet coffee/food is located inside the shops at the Loom. Design by Cloth features art/music/garden

Kelly Worman, Polly Shindler, Will Hutnick, Caitlin Peluffo, Nikki Nolan

Open Studios

Kelly Worman (painter), Polly Shindler (painter), Will Hutnick (painter), Caitlin Peluffo (video/performance), and Nikki Nolan (video)

Mary Ivy Martin

Sculptural investigations of ways of relating to the natural world, at the intersection of psychology, ecology and feminist critique.

Jesse Stone

1535 decatur street, open studio

Jesse Stone is a multi-media artist, living and working in Ridgewood NY.

Anya Sapozhnikova

House of Yes, Peter Pan

No longer a setting for a children's story, Never Ever Land resurfaces in its most explicit form yet.

The Shirey

Susan Begy, Brandon Davey, Veronica Duarte, Colleen Ford White, Stan Narten, Matt White

The Shirey is a shared studio and non-profit exhibition space originally conceived in 2009 by alumni of SVA.

Sarah H Reynolds

Artist, Charcoal Drawings

An entire wall covered w/twenty "Sketch Ball" charcoal drawings, plus a variety of abstract works. All showcasing artistic repetition.

Cheeb Collective

Paul Funkhouser, Soleil Garneau, Jesse Landy, Paula Meinato, Conor Messinger, Riley O'Neil, Alexa Schaeffer, Evan Smith, Margaux Swerdloff , Cheeb Expo

A collective of a youth artists with horizontalist and horticultural tendencies. Photographs, sculpture, drawings, cheeb.

Jon Elliott

open studio.

Bushwick Eco Action Network (BEAN)

“Make the earth speak beans” with Bushwick Eco Action Network (BEAN) Join us at the intersection of Art and Ecology and grow with us.

49B Studios

Petros Christomou, Elke Rindfleisch, Lara Tabet, Maria Kassab, Rima Najdi, Jad Atoui, Mixed Bag

In its fourth year running, 49B Studios will be showcasing local and international artists as part of this year’s Bushwick Open Studios.

Gabriel Hopson

Gabriel is a painter and recent transplant to Bushwick. His work is inflected with nostalgia and shimmers of anxiety.

Potion Collective

Baby Brother, U SAY USA, Bird Courage, And The Kids, Stuvoodoo, Meaner Pencil, Bill Bartholomew, Hosted by Bryan Ellingson, Potion Collective Presents: BOS Music Showcase

Potion Collective is an evolving, diverse community of musicians and artists based in Bushwick. Join us for an eclectic night of MUSIC!

et al projects

Julian Lorber, Julian Lorber

Recent paintings by Julian Lorber

Ivan Stojakovic

Open Studio

I use industrial tools expressively to bust open readymade mass-produced wood and stainless steel composite panels with honeycomb cores...

Silver Projects

Louise Barry, Victoria Manning, Lisa Elmaleh, Photographs

Inaugural show at Silver Projects featuring photography by Louise Barry, Lisa Elmaleh, Victoria Manning, and anonymous vintage photographs.


Aura, Aura's Arts

Aura's Art



Pickthorn salon, recently named Best Of New York 2013 by New York Magazine, presents A Variety Arts on the Wyckoff Strip in Bushwick.

Andrew Chan

New York Studio Factory, Hip-Topia - New Works 2013

I'll be showing new works on paper and some acrylic on canvas from my new series "The Hip-pocalypse."

Abel Macias, Pink Cloud

It's OPEN down here.

Abel Macias will open up his studio, showing prints, tshirts and original works. Come take a look and explore his rabbit hole studio

David Crespo

David Crespo photography, The Non-Grata project

Images created during "The Non-Grata" U.S.A tour

Anthony Accardi, Chris Goldstein, Brigitte Butscher, Nke Belleveau, Drew Wolke, The Publishing House

The infamous TRIP HOUSE will open for one day/night only during Bushwick Open Studios.

Cibele Vieira

5th years retrospective of my participating in the Bushwick Open Studios.

Daisuke Kiyomiya

open studio '13

wood sculptures

Alta Buden

Alta Buden Studio, New Work by Alta Buden

Alta Buden creates intricate unique paper cutouts that explore the use of imagery using an xacto knife.

Rahul Alexander


Open Studios @ HOTEL! My ongoing arts projects, paintings and prints alongside videos of my collective,

Colorful Origami Paper Collages

Chelsea Hrynick Browne, 3rd Ward

I will be displaying several large colorful collages created from hand cut origami paper. This art is created for children's hospitals.

Ana Devora

Ana Devora International Visual Artist and cinematographer.

Justine de Penning & Meenakshi Thirukode

Cross Stitch Undone

Cross-Stitch Undone explores the question of migrant Indian identity and it's relationship to culture over race.

Stefan Pokorny

Paintings, Drawings and Sculptures

Shinto Imai

Showcase of paintings and drawings by Shinto Imai spanning nearly 5 years of living in New York City. A wide breadth of experimental art.

King Yan "Fina" Yeung

Very Fina Art

King Yan Fina Yeung shares her self-portrait series in her studio. A painting process that is not always pleasant but is necessary.

Meguru Yamaguchi

My paintings are rendered by numerous layers of different collages, sprays, acrylics, resin and plastics.

Ryan Sartin and Elana Adler

Ryan and Elana will be converting their apartment into an art space dedicated to their recent works.

April Childers

April Childers (b. 1979, Strawberry Plains, TN)

Wendy Klemperer, Luisa Caldwell, Cindy Tower

Open Studio

Painting/installation and sculpture indoors and outdoors. Parking lot junkyard garden jungle

Natalie Fragola, Colin Alexander, Sarah Kinlaw

Obra Obscura

885 C is the studio of Colin Alexander (wild choir) and Natalie Fragola (obra obscura) also featuring a performance by Sarah Kinlaw.


Leslie Allison, Michael Assiff, Korakrit Arunanondchai, Lily Benson, Trey Burns, Sarah Faux, Scott Goodman, Alexander West Guerrero, Alli Miller, Saki Sato, Faren Ziello, 1100 BROADWAY is Open for Bushwick Open Studios

Painting, sculpture, video, photo, new media; we are a group of 11 artists making new work in a shared space. As seen on the blogs du jour.

Shaun Acton, Jessica Hargreaves, Kathleen Vance, Debra Zechowski, Yiji Hong

Installation, Painting, Drawing and Sculpture from 5 Artists

Oliver Jones, MaryKate Maher

Shared studio of Oliver Jones and MaryKate Maher presenting sculpture, installation and works on paper.

luis MARTIN (art engineer)

Alchemy in Revolution

From the easel to the streets. luis MARTIN (art engineer) contributes his work of alchemy to the muraled corridors of Bushwick.

Eric Lundquist

Sculpture, prints and drawings.

Noah Loesberg

Sculpture and drawing based on industrial design and architectural detail.

Diane Merli

Exhibition/ instalation. Original drawings by Diane Merli, original paintings by Eric Swanson, and some exclusive collaboration works.

Teresa Derdiarian

Open Studio

Figurative and Abstract painter. Oil paint. Watercolors. Please come view and discuss current works. Works for sale.

Owl Juice Pub

Meer Musa

Meer Musa Photography

The Silent Barn

Silent Barn Collective

The Silent Barn is a multi-functional all-ages art incubation space.

Jasonrobert Bell, Marni Kotak, Ajax K. Bell, David D'Ostilio , Rob Weingart, Vincent Como , Mel Skluzacek

MindPenis Gallery, Myhouse Artspace PotLuck Artshow BBQ, I want you to know how proud I am of you. all the Beast, your fiend Jason

Visit the Studio of the Great lying Artist in Herstory, along with a slice of life straight from outer space and on to you plate.

Shaun O'Connor

Painterly text based sculpture.

Megan Jolly

Video, stop motion, and photography ( as if there is a difference )

where rugs fly // morocco in motion

Alia Kate, Kantara: Moroccan Rugs

WHERE RUGS FLY weaves together installation, video, & sound to create a full-bodied experience involving ethereal, flying Moroccan carpets

BOS Music Festival

First night of a 3 day music festival featuring 7 of Brooklyn's best bands plus DJs, with drink specials from Brooklyn Brewery.

Sweet and Shiny

Elaine Li, Alex Feld, Chad Gordon, Anniversary party!

Celebrate Sweet and Shiny's first year anniversary! There will be free beer, free food, cotton candy machine and raffle tickets!! Fri. 8pm

Rachel Phillips

Open Studio

Abstract landscapes that contain quirky characters and flowers

Armature Art Space

Roberta Sutton, Finbar and Felice

Armature Art Space is a free gallery and studio for NYC artists working in traditional methods.

Andria Morales

Andria Morales is a conceptual visual artist from New York. Her artwork explores identity through sculpture, performance and digital media

Sage Ryza

what is left when you take out the glue is not worth seeing, it's becoming invisible.

Fanny Allié

I am an installation, sculpture and mixed media artist working with various materials such as clay, plaster, paper, neon, fabric etc..

Rachel TonThat, Marcos Gasc

Analog photographs, Polaroid based prints, and experimental films.

Daniel Greenfield

Current Works

Works on paper and sculptures exploring themes of identity, memory and displacement as seen through the lens of architecture and urbanism.

Eddie Chu, Eric Hibit

Two artists. One makes experimental pictures by mixing and matching accidents. The other is a wry bold display of subversive wit and humor.

3rdeye(Sol)ation Art Gallery

Xania Soleda, Jose Castello, Jessica Sieman,Qumyka Howell, Art eNergy Karma Healing

Art eNergy Karma Healing is a holistic artist program for surviviors of sexual violence and allies at the 3rdeye(Sol)ation Gallery.

Bushwick Print Lab

Bushwick Print Lab Staff, Junk Shop Live Printing

Annual Bushwick Print Lab artwork/apparel sale and live printing spectacular. Bring your items for us to print or purchase apparel on-site!

Charles Laib Bitton

Series of 50+ New Works on Paper.