BOS Registration Information

Registration for BOS 2012 is now open, and the deadline to be included in the annual print program is April 27th.  After April 27th, registrations will be accepted through May 30th, but will appear only on our web directory.

Please read all of the information below to get oriented to the Festival and registration requirements. Once you have read this information you can proceed to the registration form.  If you or someone you know is unable to register online or needs assistance, please contact us at

Table of Contents

Who Can Register?

Anyone can register for Bushwick Open Studios! You do not have to live or work in Bushwick (although most participants do), and you don’t have to make one type of work or another, or even any type of “art” at all.

Bushwick Open Studios is a community festival, open to anyone who wants to participate – the only restriction is, whatever you’re doing must:

1. Take place within the map boundaries, and

2. Occur during the Festival hours (the evening of Friday, June 1, 2012 through the evening of Sunday, June 3, 2012).

Bushwick Open Studios is not a curated event – once you complete your registration, as long as your show meets the two criteria above, you will be listed in our program.

What Are the Map Boundaries?

The map boundaries for BOS 2012 are very broad, including all of the neighborhood of Bushwick, as well as parts of East Williamsburg, Bed-Stuy, Maspeth and Ridgewood. The map includes the political boundaries of Bushwick (Brooklyn Community Board 4), while also expanding beyond this boundary to incorporate the historic pattern of artists, spaces and communities self-defining as part of Bushwick, and participating in Bushwick Open Studios in prior years.

This map represents the absolute largest extent permitted for 2012 Bushwick Open Studios registration. We make no claims that this map is a definition of Bushwick. The only function of this map is to define, for purposes of the Festival, the boundaries within which we will accept registrations. NOTE: We reserve the right to constrict the posted full-extent boundaries based on levels of registration and mapping requirements.

See the BOS 12 full-extent boundaries.

Given the size of the map, and the number of participants in the Festival (almost 400 listings last year), we strongly encourage those who are considering participating on the margins of the map either to do outreach in your area to encourage others near you to register, or to search for space closer to areas of greater density, where attendance will likely be more substantial. Consider reviewing the Seeking page for available spaces, or feel free to contact us for advice at

If you want to participate but don’t have a space to show or perform:

Generally, participants will either need to find their own spaces to show work or perform during the Festival, or connect with a group show or other event. In the past, participants have registered BOS shows in their homes, in local businesses and organizations, in parks, on the street, and pretty much any other type of space you can imagine.

Arts In Bushwick cannot provide space for you to show work, nor can we match you with group shows or other opportunities. However, we do provide a bulletin board-style listing for artists, group shows and spaces to find each other. Go to the Seeking page for more information.

Once you know where you will be showing or performing, come back and register!

If you are a space or organization with a complicated schedule:

If what you’re doing doesn’t seem to fit into the constraints of the registration form, contact to describe what you’re up to, and we can figure out the best way to register you and put your activities on the program.

Benefits of Registration

If you register before April 27th, you will be listed on the website and on the printed map and program, including an indexed and searchable profile page on the website.

Registrations received after May 1st will be listed on the website only.

Each registration equals one listing. If there are multiple artists participating in your show, you may choose one of the following two options:

1. Have each artist/performer register individually for a full listing and web profile (less common), or

2. The organizer of a group show or event can simply register the show/event as a whole (more common). In this case, individual artists information may be included only as part of the description of a group show or event, rather than each participant having an individual detailed listing.

All physical locations where there is at least one registrant will appear on the Festival map/index, which will be available on the website and distributed in print form during the event.

Registrant Responsibilities and Orientation

Arts in Bushwick is an all-volunteer, community organization. The groups, artists and spaces that participate in Bushwick Open Studios are part of our community. As such, we are asking that all registrants for BOS2012 take responsibility for a few small things that each of us can do to make the festival as awesome and as smooth as possible. Check out this info here: BOS 2012 Registrant How-Tos.

Everyone is required to come to an orientation meeting/mixer or outreach event prior to registration. These events will be held at locations around the neighborhood at a variety of dates and times throughout the registration period. Upcoming events are listed on the right side of all pages within our website. If for some reason you cannot attend any of these events, feel free to contact us at to discuss your situation.

Once you have connected with us, you will get a registration code. You will need this code to begin your BOS2012 registration.


Since BOS 2012 is an all-volunteer community event, each registrant is required to contribute to making the Festival happen. You can contribute in one of two ways:

1. Pay a registration fee of $35; OR

2. Volunteer for at least five hours to help with festival operations, either before or during the BOS weekend.

Registration Fee: As much as we would love to keep the festival free, having a small registration fee means that we can do a lot more promotion and have a bigger and better event overall. Registration fees cover printing and festival operations. Any funds remaining in the Festival account will be used for future Arts in Bushwick events and community activities. The fee is $35 per registration listing (see above for details).

Volunteering: We also need volunteers, and are happy to give registration fee refunds to anyone who is willing to help out for at least 5 hours before or during the weekend of BOS. Volunteers help to put on Festival events, help Festival attendees get oriented, and generally keep the event running smoothly. If you would like more information about volunteering, or would like to get more involved in making BOS happen, please contact us at

That’s all you need to know! Now, you can go ahead and: