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Is Participatory/Interactive
Will Take Place Outdoors
Will Have Free Food
Will Have Food For Sale
Will Have Free Drinks
Will Have Drinks For Sale
Will Include Work For Sale
Hablamos Español

240 Shows

Results ordered randomly

Lotte Van den Audenaeren

International Studio & Curatorial Program , potentialis

Lotte Van den Audenaeren | Potentialis, site-specific urban intervention at Moore Street Market

Two Coats of Paint

Sharon Butler, INQUIRY curated by Austin Thomas (Pocket Utopia)

Paintings by Margaret Atkinson, Guy Corriero, Lawrence Greenberg, and Edie Nadelhaft. Also: Sharon Butler's recent work

Sweet and Shiny

Elaine Li, Kanik Chung, Thaddeus Wolfe, there will be more, First group show.

Grand opening of Sweet and Shiny! Cupcakes, Chinese Lion Dance, Free wine, Beer, and Drinks!


Bishop203, Happy Torments...

A fun mix of street art mixed with all my insecurities put on canvas. Bright, colorful paintings. Lots of eye candy for you to enjoy!!!

Drew Hamilton

A miniature, 1/4-scale, version of the street-corner at Graham Ave. and Meserole St... among other things.

Deborah Brown, "Freewheeling," exhibition opening at the Active Space

Deborah Brown, the Active Space

Deborah Brown, "Freewheeling," New Paintings on view: June 1-July 1 opening reception: Saturday, June 2, 7-10 pm

Sheryl Denbo

Art on Fire Studio, Sheryl Denbo

On display will be recent pieces made from found objects, which include mixed media on wood, metal sculptures, and street garbage collages.

AMO studios

Ana Maria Bezanilla, Brooke Taylor, Daniela Lloveras, RE:GENERATION

AMO studios, a multi-purpose storefront gallery in Bushwick, is celebrating it's one year anniversary in conjunction with BOS.

DeLaCruz Studio INC

Alessandra DeLaCruz, Brooklyn Leather, Nikki York & Disorient, open studio

DeLaCruz Studio INC is home to painters Alessandra DeLaCruz & Nikki York, Brooklyn Leather & Disorient, a Burning Man art collective.

Luzena Adams & Nico Iliev

Something Creative, Photography

A Photographic Exhibition.

Daniel Arlein, William Rahilly, Mark Cursed, Grace Lehman, Ella Anderson

405 Alive

Deep dish polygonal graphic paintings, fun mixed media drawings, Videos and Music made by nice artists with an opening party friday night.

The Bodega

Kelley Brannon, Squid Quinn, Joshua & Zachary Sandler, Jake Selvidio, Gemma Shusterman, Joy Whalen, Riley Hooker and Ian Delaune, The Bodega Presents

Paintings, Smoke Drawings, Live Storytelling and Video Shorts.

Corinne Beardsley, Ken Butler, Michael Feld, Andy Monk, Lavinia Roberts, Daryl-Ann Saunders

Diana H. Jones Senior Center, "Transformation: holding on/letting go", "Pioneers of Bushwick"| Curated by Daryl-Ann Saunders

Art, Hybrid instruments, Performance/ soft sculpture/ masks/ music, Sculpture - matches/ plaster, Photography - Pioneers of Bushwick

Meer Musa

Experimental Art

Experimental Art: artist thinking outside the box

Wyckoff Heights Medical Center

Daryl-Ann Saunders, "Pioneers of Bushwick" photography and text project by Daryl-Ann Saunders

Large canvas photo portraits of Bushwick residents that have lived in the area since the 1970s or earlier, paired w/ text of their memories.


Max Reinhardt, Justin Cooper, Ross Moreno

Open studio for artists Max Reinhardt, Justin Cooper and Ross Moreno which will featured varied works including painting and sculpture etc.


Jon Newman, Brooklyn Fire Proof

A group portrait show covering various styles & personalities. "Good" is presented next to "Evil", so that each image skews the next.

Dave Treut

D.Treut & Clarify, D.Treut plays everything

Dave Treut has been a musician since he was five years old. He plays drums, sings, reeds, piano, bass, gtr like a emeffer. get ready.

Robin E. Mork

Robin E. Mork Illustration, Robin E. Mork Illustration

Quirky, character driven editorial style illustration, windswept, Futurist-inspired NYC building images, & comics & book illustration.

Jeff Fichera

Oil paintings and drawings

Luis Martin

The Awkwardness of Being Still painting series

I hunt and gather images to distort verisimilitude with brush and paint.

Jerry Blackman, Heidi Hahn

Blackman and Hahn's work explore the tactile qualities of their mediums as they relate to tropes of desire, desperation, and humor.

Kevin Gerien

Shniderman and Ezer are excited to share their new work. Join us at the studio over the weekend.mixed media photography and 2D works.

Brandon Sines, George De Moura

Barf City

Brooklyn artists Brandon SINES and George De Moura join forces to transform Sines' painting studio into an interactive art experience



2 Day, 3 Night Music & Art Festival in a Church with music, installation art, paintings, projections, aerialists and more!


Julie Alexander, Brian Cypher, Inga Dalrymple, Brian Edmonds, Justine Frischmann, Yifat Gat, Vincent Hawkins, David T Miller, Peter Shear, Ian White Williams, Stephen Wright

Painters from Australia, Europe & across the US are here in Brooklyn sharing their own work, and their collaborations with Bushwick artists!

Matthew Ostroff

In progress and completed mixed media paintings in studio.

Luhring Augustine

Charles Atlas, The Illusion of Democracy

The Illusion of Democracy, features three recent animated video works by American film and video artist Charles Atlas

Jason Gringler

Jason Gringler Studio

Transgressive Hierophanies

Suzanne Bestler, Tyler Foster

A shared space for experiments in electronica, created by the inversion of the perverse. Listen deeply!

John Haro

Showing latest painting which focus on primitive figures and creatures.

The Desert Forest

Phoenix, The Desert Forest / Holy BOS!

The Desert Forest is an interactive and immersive art installation envisaged by Phoenix to provide a multi-sensory, fantastical experience.

Elsie Kagan and Danielle Mysliwiec

Art of Elsie Kagan and Danielle Mysliwiec

Paintings, Works on Paper, and painting-based installations

Art for Progress Presents: "Brooklyn Beat" Music and Arts Festival

Punches, Apollo Heights, Ze Luis Quartet, Commandante Zero, Max Greis, Jeanne Wilkinson, Minnie and Aya, School ov Thought, El Pueblo, Lachi, Push Method, Argotec, Redheadphone, Inky Glass, Jon Samson, Jeannie Hopper, Bruce Tantum, Gatto, DJ Jago, Daniel , The Paper Box, Music & Art, Inc

With a diverse, full line-up of musicians, DJs, performance art, film, video, fashion, and installations, this will be a spectacular event!

Yonki Hwang

My concept is subway station of New York City. This subway staiton represents 99% of people living in New York City.


DJ Monchan, Bradford James, Sean Bee, Kaerfkrahs Nastya,You and Neru, Megumi Tsukuura, Jarvis Jun Earnshaw, VJ Mamiko, Lectric Sands Records, Sycorax, Takaya Nagase, Sean Bee, Ty, Dee Jay True, DJ Said, Faso, Elbin Reyes, Matt Brownell, FunkySlice Joint

Funky Slice Vinyl Joint is the ultimate underground boutique for professional DJs, Record collectors, music lovers and artists.




Patrick Berran

Open Studio

moroccan rugs - in the cut

Alia Kate, Kantara Rugs

experience rural handwoven rugs as they meet urban north african hip hop beats in this moroccan den of colors, textures and sounds

Gavin Sewell

riverrun-yes!, Introduction to Work in Progress

Recent work by Gavin Sewell and intro to "riverrun-yes!", an ongoing project to translate Joyce's Finnegans Wake into sculptures and beer

Go! Push Pops

Go! Push Pops, Push Porn Release Party

Go! Push Pops lesbian-gangsta-erotica 'Push Porn' premiered at Homero's Barbershop. Scalp Design Specials + free Push Porn posters.

Vince Contarino, Chris Dunlap, Kady Grant, Matt Lillis, Amanda C. Mathis, Jon Newman, Matt Quinn, Aaron Zimmerman

A Friend's a Friend

A group show of artists working in a variety of media.

Starter Marriage

Valentina Loseva, The Flies

A dance adaptation of Sartre's The Flies


Zoe Rappaport, Libby Mislan, Ivagine

An interactive poetry, dance and musical collaboration that explores transformation, freedom and healing (20 minute sets at select times).


Tim Belknap, Andrea Burgay, Matt Burke, Peter Caine, Maanik Singh Chauhan, Wendy Deschene/Jeff Schmuki, Jill Lavetsky, Gili Levy, Jennie Shanker, Shinya B, Studio AND (Audra Wolowiec and Neils Cosman), Plein Air

Plein Air opens Friday, June 1st, through July 15th 2012 exhibit extends to Bushwick Basel for BOS Weekend Starr Space (108 Starr St.)

Katherine Wallach Jewelry

Same, Shoplift Bushwick

Katherine Wallach jewelry is coveted by a vast and unusual clientele. From Melissa Leo At last years Oscars to Sir Paul Smith and back...


Bennet Schlesinger, ATLAS

SIGNAL presents ATLAS, a sculptural intervention by Bennet Schlesinger.

Jae Song, Kelly Mcgehee

I hope the future can bring you my present which is stuck in your past...

Lawrence Webber

Exhibiting recent paintings and drawings

Vegan Pizza Party

Reed & Rader, James George & Alexander Porter, Ryan Ford & Brad Henderson, Carmen von K, Jerstin Crosby, Man Bartlett, Bushwick Gallery

Easy breezy, just like ordering pizza online. 'Vegan Pizza Party' is the latest curatorial project of Bushwick Gallery.

Loom Yoga center

Loom Yoga Center

Loom Yoga center opens its doors for 3 days of lasses, demos, workshops, art and music. We'll offer a quiet space and fun inspiration.

Eric Lindveit

A tantalizing glimpse into an obsessive dimensional investigation of sylvan architecture and skin conditions. 40 + works will be on display.

Art Guerra, Seren Morey

Art Guerra and Seren Morey: showcasing new technological advances in paint-making.

Curbs and Stoops Active Space

Jason Mones, Ryan Estep, Jessica Sanders , Invisible Furnace

INVISIBLE FURNACE - Jason Mones, Ryan Estep, Jessica Sanders Curbs and Stoops, 2nd Fl Opening June 1st, 7 -10pm, Brooklyn Brewery sponsor

Bushwick Open Studios T-Shirt Project

Live t-shirt printing of unique artist-made shirts. Event party with drinks, food and music

This Is Temporary

Daniel Greer, Sean Beard, Frankie Leone

Surrealism by Daniel Greer FRI 9PM•Music curated by Sean Beard-Plastic Flowers SAT 10PM•Readings by Frankie Leone-Borough of Lost Boys

Shaun O'Connor

Brooklyn Brush Studios, Open studio

Sculpture/painting based on graffiti, gesture and found marks on show.

Naruki Kukita, Ryosuke Kumakura, Benjamin Fredrickson, Mayumi Sue

Cookie Bear Studio, High Art, Hard Rain

Welcome to outer space! Four beautiful Losers in a space. Three are Painters and One is photographer. The space is not bad smell.

"The Good Life"

Jason Palmeri, Kyle Kirwan, Chris D'Acunto, Devon Melzer, Max Davis, MFPBC, Giovanni Serrano, Ingrid Mellor, Maïko Fronteddu, and friends.

"The Good Life" - A group showing of paintings, sculptures, prints and drawings from artists living and working off the Morgan stop.

The Freedom Garden

Satan and Boys, Lost Cats and Bearded Ladies

Bushwick-based art collective Satan and Boys presents a retrospective at Bushwick's premiere performance space, The Freedom Garden.

Theresa Daddezio

Open Studio

Open Studio at The Active Space. New paintings on view.

Kings County Bar

Luca Bartoccioli, Renee Rogers, There's worse you could catch

Kings County Bar will host an underwater installation featuring giant sea creatures by Luca Bartoccioli and Renee Rogers.

Para-projections: Julia Colavita and Matthew Brennan

Julia Colavita, Matthew Brennan, Fireproof

Interactive installation of sculpture, sound, and film by Julia Colavita and Matthew Brennan. Curated by Holly Shen Chaves.

Jon Elliott

open studio

ethan pettit contemporary art

ethan pettit, showcase of gallery artists

Receiving wide passes in the Brooklyn art world for 30 years, I have now assembled a dream team, and some interesting historical documents.

Street Art Pop-Up Store

ASVP, Bethany Allard, Chris Stain, Criminy Johnson, Daniel Feral, Elle, Enzo & Nio, Gilf!, Hellbent, Jon Burgerman, LNY, Moustache Man, Nathan Pickett, ND'A, QRST, Quel Beast, Royce B.

Street Art Pop-Up Store: a curated selection of affordable art by street artists & local favorites. Don't miss it. Host: Robin Grearson.

oliver (cat) peters

work of a kind

highlighting a selection of works on paper by the artist.


Our very 1st LolliPop Up Shop! Childhood nostalgia w/ a WWP twist. Featuring handmade Lollipop bolos, shoe clips, limited edition art + more


Jimmy Jennings, Marissa Evans, Troy Kaiser, Kelsi Ouellet, Talon A. Geer, Mike Seeler, Rubin Ballo, Others!

Showing our colorful work/live/studio space to the public. Lights, paintings, drawings, sewing machines, video games, a film, some beer!

Jsun Laliberte, Allison Schlegel, Sarah Hardesty Mitrovik

A private studio in an artist run building, which houses the workspaces of Jsun Laliberté, Sarah Hardesty Mitrovic, and Allison Schlegel.

Fort Useless

Fort Useless presents a weekend of visual art, music, and comedy.

Pushing Paint

Samantha French; John Murray; Adam Nowicki

Three artists working in disparate media - oil paint, aluminum, electronics - exhibit work which question the bounds of artistic tradition.

Conceptual Death

A weekend full of debauchery and entertainment; an exploration of the past from the future. Come eat/drink and experience conceptual death!

1100 Broadway Studios

Michael Assiff, Lilly Benson, DADDY, Scott Goodman, Alexander Guerrero, Alli Miller + Trey Burns, Allie Pisarro-Grant, Saki Sato, Clay Schiff

Painting, sculpture, video, design; we are a group of 10 artists making work in a shared space. Come join us for a drink, and see what's ne

Jayanthi Moorthy

An art installation made of sand, canvas and other media and depicting social, cultural and spiritual experiences of Asian women.

Matthew Smithee

A selection of paintings and collages by Matthew Smithee depicting dwarves, giants and a hedgehog.

MacGibbon Tattoo

Ryan MacGibbon

MacGibbon Tattoo, Bushwick's private tattoo studio, is open for walk-ins. Flash only, but choose from piles of drawings. SpecializeJapanese

The BluBox

Peter S. Mühlhäußer, Amber Sena, John O'Reilly, Steve Shaheen, Lisbeth McCoy

The Blu Box is a shared studio space of the Artists Peter Mühlhäußer, Amber Sena, John O’Reilly, Lisbeth McCoy and Stephen Shaheen.

Maxxx Von Willmann

works in painting, sculpture and photography. Very often my work can be viewed as installation and bricolage .

Julia Norton, Pamela Matsuda-Dunn

Bushwick Open Studios

JULIA’s paintings of vacation scenes in science fiction landscapes; PAMELA’s sculptures of destruction, creation, and science gone wrong


just kick it

Adrian Frost, Garry Nichols

Bushwackers. Curated by Christopher Boswell Christopher Boswellr \ Christopher Boswell

"Bushwackers". A group show that is as playful and engaging as this title suggests. Join in the dialogue with us.

Shadow's Inheritance

a photography exhibit of portraits, expressions and scenes of new york city

Truck Yeah™: A Mobile Meet Up

Allie Pohl, B. Thom Stevenson, Jaimz Dean, Truck Yeah

Truck Yeah™ is a public festival celebrating mobile culture in Brooklyn. Explore our 15 trucks featuring art, fashion, music, and food.


Michelle Lopez, Biergarten Installation

Paper Disintegration, a collage series reflecting the magic of Bushwick in its natural habitat. Big and small format pasted on street walls

Chizuco Sophia Yw

Sophia's Happy Thought

Showing Skull(real), skeleton and eggshell sculptures. Kaleidoscope. microscope art. 3-D paper works on wall/ floor. Painting / Drawing

Natalia Nakazawa

N/A, Studio H

Installation, soft-sculpture, open BBQ, drinks, food, music...come have fun at Studio H!


49B Studios, Without The Memory

49B Studios proudly presents award winning photographer SImone Martinetto, currently in residence at ISCP, with a photographic installation.

Sophia Casas, Blaine Davis, Kaloyan Ivanov, Matthew Ortega, Marie Lynn Wagner, Aleksandra Wilczynska

We are a group of six artists sharing a studio together working in various media.

Matt Miller

The Active Space, Open Studio

Painting and Sculpture in Paint and Melted Polystyrene

Phillip Reeves

Crystal Walk

Phillip Reeves shows a series of figurative paintings revolving around the theme of 'The Human Condition'

Pink Cloud, Abel Macias


Come check out my underground studio where I make all of my art. There will be prints, drawings, as well as T-shirts and outdoor street art.

Alexander Deschamps

Duck Duck Bar

New work by Brooklyn based artist Alexander Deschamps displayed in the windows of Duck Duck Bar, on Montrose Avenue.

Studio 6

jessica hargreaves, Casey Loose, Shaun Acton, Sophie Grant

Jessica Hargreaves - figurative paintings Shaun Acton - Abstract paintings Casey Loose - mixed media Sophie Grant - mixed media


Scooter LaForge / Christopher Moss

Theodore:Art is pleased to present 'Lazy Reader', an exhibition of paintings and drawings by Andrew Seto.

Poor Miserable Fellow Creature

Mattthew Kirby and Stavros Stavropoulos

Puppets and Paintings by Matt Kirby and Stavros Stavropoulos.

Storefront Bushwick Gallery

Abdolreza Aminlari, Drew Shiflett,Nancy Bowen, Matthew Mahler, Paula Overbay, Lauren Seiden, In the main gallery: Abdolreza Aminlari, works on paper, and a sculpture by Drew Shiflett. In the project space: "Cosmology"

Abdolreza Aminlari, works on paper Drew Shiflett, sculpture "Cosmology" with Nancy Bowen, Matthew Mahler, Paula Overbay & Lauren Seiden

Lauren Portada

Regina Rex

New Paintings and Drawings by Lauren Portada

Leah Tacha

Leah Tacha will be showing a full-room installation including collage, drawing, and sculpture.

Chris D'Acunto


A whole bunch of drawings, sculpture and paintings I've been doing for the past 6 years. Come through it'll , I'll let you paint somethin

Paul du Toit

PlanetPaul, Paintings by Paul du Toit

Paul has his own forest of symbols, a strange alphabet of awkward scrawls. He has collaborated with Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu & others.

Brooklyn Fire Proof Film Series

Taiyo Okamoto, Brooklyn Fire Proof

Bushwick Film Festival celebrates the many facets of life and storytelling through films by emerging, established and local filmmakers.

Shaun Krupa

Shaun Krupa's artwork will be on display. He will show a performance piece. Possible special guest performances as well.

Kevork Mourad

Kevork Mourad studio, Paintings

My preferred medium is acrylic on paper, using black lines that are smeared with my fingers, a technique I also use a lot for my video work

IV Soldiers

--, Monolith!

Monolith! Opening reception is June 1st from 7-9pm. This group show contains sculptural installations that evolved over a three week period.

Matthew Craven, Lachlan Thom,

The Brooklyn Salsa Company, Conscious Methods

The Brooklyn Salsa Company hangs work of transformation and consciousness by NYC painters Matthew Craven and Lachlan Thom.

Andy Aidekman, Jaclyn Brown, Fio Cornejo, Michael Gibson, Alvaro Luna, Mark Opirhory, Jason Talley, Branden Wallace

Studio #318

Studio 318: 6 spaces with 8 artists working in different mediums, 3rd year participating in BOS.


The Maya Project, William Burke, Rafael Gallegos/Nueva Bohemia, Engine Company No. 11, Modesto "Flako" Jimenez, The Bushwick Starr

Now in it's 5th year, The Bushwick Starr's annual Bushwhack Series is a showcase for new works by cutting edge performance artists.

Lila Freeman

Myrtle Avenue Studios, Open Studio

Lila paints and draws from life. Subjects include shoes, animals, and the human figure. Her work is influenced by the power of pop music.

Brooklyn Fire Proof

Will Bates, SEA OF FIRE

Interactive installation w original music and design, keys of lobotomized antique piano generate projections of New York City's destruction

Visit Our Rooftop Farm!

Lee Mandell, Alex Middleton, Alex Tyink, Chloë Bass, Heidi Kleister, Anne Pope, Boswyck Farms

Visit our hydroponic rooftop garden at the Bushwick Starr Theater! Learn about urban agriculture, tour the systems, taste the produce.


Super 8 Wonders of the World

SUPER 8 WONDERS OF THE WORLD loops, projections, artifacts, archival prints, jewelry made from original super 8 film



With tiny, woven, muscular figures of people and textile-like patterns on the surface, Ikezoe's work weaves between reality and illusion.

Launching Fortress to Solitude at BSP!

Fortress to Solitude

Fortress to Solitude is launching its new project in Bushwick at BSP!


gilf! pop-up gallery, gilf! pop-up gallery

Lost Our Marbles

Peter van de Wijngaart

Have we Lost Our Marbles? Well, I have and will loose a lot more in Bushwick during BOS 2012. Let me know if you find 'm @PeterWijngaart

Bushwick Dimensions

Jan-Luc Van Damme

Farcical survival adventure game played on the streets featuring many artists. Visit on your smartphone to play now!

Rufus Rukus Gallery

Briana Marela, Jesse Vasquez, Cheylene, Amelia Margaret Burrus-Granger, Julia Lecato, Merida Anderson

Come Join Rufus Rukus for a night of music and video Friday June 1st, Studio Tours June 2nd.

The Living Gallery

Meryl Meisler, Vanessa Mártir, Patricia O'Brien, Defying Devastation: Bushwick in the 80s

Vanessa Mártir’s wrenching stories give voice to Meryl Meisler’s iconic images of Bushwick in the 80s.


David Miller, Astrografika

Astrografika is the painting, illustration and design studio of David Miller. Exhibiting drawings, watercolors, prints & books

Parallel Art Space

Jay Gaskill, Fabian G. Tabibian, Amanda Valdez, "Same Same but Different"

Parallel Art Space presents "Same Same But Different", three artists who differ in approach yet share distinct, formalist, commonalities.

Cynthia Sparrenberger

Sparrenberger Studio, Open Studio

Running Rebel Studios

Andy Lin + The Self-Portrait Project, Colin Michael Simmons, Nicholas Parish, James Lucius Gray, David Cassolino, Walter Wlodarczyk, Konstance Patton, Dan Perico, Jorge Chadwick "The Third", Aric Shunneson, Shayne B. Bovell, Russian Steve

Interactive installation with The Self-Portrait Project, various artists contributing works in photography, painting, video, and surprises.

Marina Reiter

STUDIO 26, Open Studios and Workshops

Studio 26 is a multidisciplinary artist collective exhibiting works by Marina Reiter, James C. Mattews Jr. and the Wide Stance Collective.

Ridgewood Works

Laura Miller, Edmundo Majchrzyk, Hunter Herrick, Kyle Simmons

Collective of Furniture makers, Sculptors, and Film Makers

Robert Henry Contemporary

Inaugural exhibition at our new space of new works by Andrew Zarou. Opening reception: June 1st, 6-9pm.

Julia Goodman

"...Beauty is the mystery of life. It is not in the eye it is in the mind. In our minds there is awareness of perfection." Agnes Martin

Bushwick Augmented Reality Intervention Spring 2012

Mark Skwarek

The original AR Intervention is back! Bushwick, Brooklyn is occupied by augmented reality yet again for this years Bushwick Open Studios!

Slag Contemporary

Dumitru Gorzo, Reality's Nostalgia

BOS Launch Party

NXT LVL - Official BOS Launch Party. Art curated by gilf! Performances by Eula, Beast Patrol, Advaita, Hounds Basket, Bloom, Murderfist.

Jeff Klapperich, Joseph Villeneuve, Arvin Ajamian, Alex Cape

BOS, Where the Sidewalk Ends

A two day art, music and performance extravaganza!

Ben C., Isaac Gardner, Nicholas S. Shifrin, Yula, Jen

The Hive

The Hive presents an open studio with sculpture, printmaking, mixed media works and sound art.


m. craig, Sierra Joy, Zach Ellis, Magda Rachwal, Sarah Lerner, Hannah Campbell, Crissy Gardner, Amela Parcic, Zon Wakest, Jenn Craig, Kristof Goeser, Amelie Ray, Dan Sullivan, Bryn Jackson, Anna Engel, Ishmail Thoth Ra, Adam Meadows, Eric Nelson, Monika K, Papercut Press and Nerdy Girl Records

NOT AFRAID OF LOVE joins over 20 artists, writers, filmmakers & musicians to explore themes of the ephemeral, the erotic, and the surreal.

Microscope Gallery

Emma Bee Bernstein, Exquisite Fucking Boredom: Polaroids

More than 200 Polaroids by artist/writer Emma Bee Bernstein (1985-2008). Notebooks and video also on view. Curated by Phong Bui.

Eileen Weitzman

Lively, colorful sculpture, paintings and works on paper gather for the 2nd annual Outer Space meeting of the Non Aligned Empires.

Mythic Bridge

"The Introduction" Weekend Workshop

Mythic Bridge is a NPO committed to providing a hands-on film/video educational experience to those struggling with situational hardships.


Lucas Carey, Craig Cady

Hello, community. Are you lonely? Come to our home, see our music and wear our words. Let them root into our neighborhood. We are with you.

Bryan Rogers, Salman Toor, Nathalie Collins

Ours is a space divided into three studios. All three are Pratt graduates. Paintings and drawings.

Eva Mueller, Carsten Fleck


WRONG?- 2 German photographers challenge our perception of what is morally and sexually right or wrong -with surprising results

950 Hart Gallery

Antoinette Johnson, Michael Kronenberg, Mikki Nylund, Matthew Mahler, Joana Ricou, Eliot Lable, Carla Cubit, Gili Levy, Matthew Brennan, C'est La Vie

C'est La Vie is a window into the minds of some of our favorite new additions to the 950 Hart roster. Things change, such is life.

Sharilyn Neidhardt

Postmodernist Lending Library, Celebrity Disasters / Conflict

New paintings by Sharilyn Neidhardt in the series "Celebrity Disasters" and "Conflict", including new work describing Occupy Wall Street

Proliferation Publishing Off-Set & Digital Printing Services

Off-Set Printing Press Workshop: Outdoors (Weather permitting) or in the Running Rebel Studios/Proliferation Printing Space on Charles Place

Mike Schreiber

Insides, Melancholia, Scorpion Times, Arrowheads, Mary's Head, Popular Mechanics, Parts, GCA, Special Guests, The Delusionists.

Kaz Ooka

56 Bogart St. / 2 Harrison Pl. / 1 Grattan St., OPEN STUDIO

Oil paintings by mature artist

Etty Yaniv

A Drawing installation reflecting on self-identity as it is presented through social networks.

PS 123 Arts and Literacy Garden Show

Arts and Literacy After School Program, Coalition for Hispanic Family Services

The Arts and Literacy Program at PS 123 will present artwork by children done in collaboration with Brooklyn based artists and musicians.

NURTUREart Gallery

Karen Chan, Wojciech Gilewicz, Janne Höltermann, Michael Iauch, Alban Muja, Patrik Qvist, Saki Sato, Susanne Slavick + Andrew Johnson, and Marco Strappato, Videorover: Season 4

NURTUREart is pleased to present the 4th Season of Videorover, curated by Rachel Steinberg

Ryan V. Brennan

Funhouse Studio Loft Space…3-D Mixed Media Collage Works, Street Art Wallpapers, Small Works 4 Sale, Sat 6p & Sun 5p Video Collage Screeni


Carmine Savarese, Megan Hill, Daeja Fallas, Juan Carlos Pinto, Borinquen Gallo, Erol Gunduz, Federico "Cruz" Massa, Modesto "Flako" Jimenez, Armando Croda, Lindsey Cordero, Frank Jerky, Nina Mouritzen, Joey Trisolini, Ryan Garcia, Mike Lau, CRE8 The Event

CRE8 features Visual Art Exhibitions from resident artists Carmine Savarese, Megan Hill, Daeja Fallas with special guests, food and music.

Aaron Kreiswirth

Photography exhibit of new work and archival images, including reproductions from the Greater Ridgewood Historical Society.

Sean Ryan, Shawn Butler, Featuring Kika Von Kluck, Brothers and Sisters


Lots is a conflux of reflections and rituals, primordial and new, by people in an empty lot.

Bill Durgin

Abstracted bodies and Still lifes

Meli SanfiOrenzO, Sandra Passirani, Sabina Appadu, Dim Bug, Susanna Hannus, Nina Gubler, Thomas Joseph Bogan

House of Oops, OpEn tHe DoOrs

Take a walk into your imagination, explore, crawl, touch, interact, meditate and connect with the many levels of your senses, was it a dream

Jefferson Jackpot, Cypress Swag Clothing Swap/Sale

Kelly Mahoney, Trista Alley

A diverse collection of Women's Clothing- Vintage/ Labels, Accessories, Shoes, Jewelry for sale. Friday 7-10pm participant "swap" event.

Spread Art Summer Group Show V

Spread Art

Works on display by visual artists curated by Spread Art's artists-in-residence / live performances Fri and Sat / Streamed Live to the we

North Brooklyn Collective - A Game Changer

The North Brooklyn Collective sits at corner of Design and Commerce and seeks to showcase new and local designers and artists.

Better Than Jam, boutique of handmade

Miriam Castillo & Caryn Cast

Displaying the paintings of Caryn Cast and unveiling a mural by Miriam Castillo. Two artists associated with the boutique of handmade.

23 Windows Art Collective

KontraCultural Salon

23 Windows' artists feat. multimedia installations, painting, sculpture, readings, custom made musical instruments & live music performance

Timothy Gasbarro

Wall hangings and sculpture over the last seven years combined with jewelry and personal drawings and polaroids.

Seeking Space

30 + Artists, curated by Jillian Salik and Julia Sinelnikova, Arts in Bushwick

30+ Artists from Bushwick and beyond, Curated by Jillian Salik & Julia Sinelnikova

Sam Simon

Sam Simon, William H. Tedford III, It is what it is, and it's always pretty fun!

Color, Glitter, Neons, and FUN! Come inside one of the sweetest studios in all the world!

Interstate Projects

Justin Berry, Fissure and Facture

Interstate Projects is pleased to present Fissure and Facture, a solo show of new works by Justin Berry.

Skeffington House

Zak Vreeland

A collection of Art by Bushwick and non-Bushwick artists.

Sonya Berry

Large-scale paintings.

Radical Hardware 16mm/ Super 8 Showcase

RADICAL HARDWARE, I AM THE THIRD, O YES O YES O, Pine Box Rock Shop, Radical Hardware

Radical Hardware A curated showcase of 16mm and Super 8 short subjects projected on film.

Jeanne Tremel & Eliot Markell Open Studio

Jeanne Tremel, Eliot Markell

Please visit our studio to see recent work by Jeanne Tremel & Eliot Markell. 917 674 4382

Vengo del Hoyo

Inaugural Group Show, Nos Vinimos

This is the inaugural show for the space, showing work from Bushwick artists and beyond

dirty sugar

Jason Weston, Robb Sapp, Amy Wren, Christian Coulson, Sara Brown, Mitch Dean, Lydia Billings, Pictures, Performances and Perfectly Pretty Posing

The dirty sugar Experience: Inspiration

The Active Space

Deborah Brown, Open Studios / Exhibitions

The Active Space proudly presents a solo show with Deborah Brown in our main exhibition space as well as 37 open studios.

little skips

A showcase of local artists , little skips

little skips has been supporting local artists since opening in February 2010. Bushwick Open Studios is an opportunity to continue.

Shingo Francis Studios, Hatch Art

Painting, drawing and installation work

Catalin Moldoveanu

New body of work, painting

The Black Lodge Gallery

MomTried Myles Smutney, Scarlett Dancer, Gary Russell Freeman, Kate Cahill, Jillian EndTimes, "BLK / WHT" Group Show

"BLK / WHT" is a group show featuring resident artists and guest Xavier Schipani of Metal Ghost fame. It is Black Lodge Gallery's debut.

Charles Lahti

Recent Work of the Studio

BOS Music Fesival

Band, DJs and PBR open bar.

James C. Matthews Jr.

Studio 26, Open Studios

Studio 26 is a multidisciplinary artist collective exhibiting works by Marina Reiter, James C. Mattews Jr. and the Wide Stance Collective.

Rob de Oude, Enrico Gomez

Situated behind Parallel Art Space, artists Rob de Oude and Enrico Gomez open their studio door in their new location. All Are Welcome!

Emily Wolfer, Sebastian Patane Masuelli

Bushwick special projects

work from multimedia artist Sebastian Patane Masuelli, drawings and photographs from Emily Wolfer.

Zachary Skinner

My multi media art is heavily influenced by Green politics, non-violent resistance, grass-roots movements and Eastern philosophy.


aaamatthewblair, aaaandrewwingert, 722 Metropolitan

A section of concrete wall has been removed from the studio, exposing a naturally occurring pigeon coop on the other side.

Boy Scouts

This rooftop event marks the inception of newly formed Brooklyn artist collective "Boy Scouts" and their friendly neighbors.

Jane Corrigan

small paintings


Cary Peppermint, Leila Nadir, ecoarttech

Visit ecoarttech's basecamp.exe installation and take an Indeterminate Hike through Bushwick’s sublime industrial wilderness.

Phases, Cycles, Places, Aminals

Michael L. Rutushin, Ms. Fitz, Witts, Georgia Elrod, Miles McNicholas

visual art, sculpture, jewelery, live music and food/drinks @ 90 Wilson ave ! Local art and music fill this space at every hour of everyday

Jess Laskosky

Stop by and say hi to Jess in her studio. She's got snacks, drinks, and recent abstract paintings of empathic and slumped comic forms.

Eva Schicker

ethan pettit gallery

pen, ink, and watercolor, figurative reverie

WET WET : a group art + music show

Summer brings about many mental and physical changes, all in reaction to the undeniable pleasure that the season brings. This show is ....

The Shirey

Rachel Fainter, Matt White, Colleen Ford, Susan Begy, Brandon Davey, Stan Narten

A studio collective and gallery space in Bushwick. Group exhibition opening Friday 7-9pm.

Agape Enterprise

Lisa Levy, Shana Moulton, Oliver Warden, Rockin' Mommy Love, The Line Where Your Appearance Flips Over Into Reality, Untitled Box 2.0

Gallery: Shana Moulton’s installation/ Hallway: Oliver Warden’s “Untitled Box 2.0” / Street: Lisa Levy's “Rockin' Mommy Love”

Kyu Seok Oh

Kyu Seok Oh is a sculptor working with handmade paper.

Daryl-Ann Saunders

Diana H. Jones Senior Center, “Pioneers of Bushwick: Enduring Portraits of Dignity” photography and text

"PIONEERS OF BUSHWICK” Canvas photo portraits of residents that have lived in Bushwick since the 1970’s or before, with their

J.F. Lynch

Large-scale charcoal drawings that address issues of language, form, and illusionistic representation.

Myrtle Avenue Studios

Kim Holleman, Lila Freeman, Bruce Paly, Micaela Carolan, Will Simpson, Sydney Shen, Beauty Today Magazine, The JMZ A/V Club

Myrtle Avenue Studios is a new studios located in the historic building at 1465 Myrtle Avenue


Stealth Art, REM Map

REM Map - magnetic photos of a sleeping man are being stuck on magnetic surfaces. Take a magnet, give it away, create a map of dreams.

Street Art All Weekend and BOS Official Opening Reception

Bishop 203, ND'A, The Yok, Willow, Sheryo, QRST, Hellbent, gilf!

Over 2,000 sq. ft. of large street art installations. Fri, Sat, Sun. Curated by gilf! - Also part of the official B.O.S. Launch Party.

The Green Room

Drew Wolke, Nick Maranga, David Hans Cooke

This is a show between 3 young artists exploring sculpture, animation, film, painting, drawing and photography.

Broadway Bank Lofts Open Studio

Fred Simon, Nicholas Weissman, David Armstrong, Cat Glennon, Camilla Carper + 5, Dana Liebermann, and MORE, Fiddler

BROADWAY BANK LOFTS Presents a Multi-Artist, Multi-Disciplinary Art Experience

"Sculpture Garden" at The Onderdonk House, curated by Deborah Brown and Lesley Heller

Sarah Bednarek, Reade Bryan, Joy Curtis, Adam Distenfeld, Ryan Michael Ford, Wendy Klemperer, Jolynn Krystosek, MaryKate Maher, Jim Osman, Brent Owens, Kirk Stoller, Kai Vierstra, and Natalia Zubko, The Onderdonk House

Outdoor sculpture show featuring the work of 13 Brooklyn-based artists installed on the grounds of historic 18th-century Onderdonk House.

Eidia - Paul Lamarre and Melissa P. Wolf

Eidia House, THE DECONSUMPTIONISTS - Art As Archive

THE DECONSUMPTIONISTS Art As Archive a 48-foot trailer containing 171 boxes of art production of three decades seen via photography & video.

Stefan Alexander Pokorny

Dwarven Forge, Role Playing and Miniature Games as Art

Come and watch or participate in an Old School Dungeons and Dragons Game, this is a Live event played on a table top NOT a computer screen

Surreal Estate

Marg Uerite, Elaine Chou, Michele Witchipoo, Stephen Boyer, O PEAR - ERGA

PARERGA: Parenthetical digressions, side-tracks, propinquity & coincidence. Drawing, Prints, OWS Poetry Readings, Video installation

Danielle Mysliwiec, Elsie Kagan

New Works

Danielle Mysliwiec and Elsie Kagan present new works. An open studio of paintings and drawings.

Jeff Milton, Alexander Kalnitsky, Ilya Kalnitsky, Edward Sudentas

Jeff Milton: Painter and poster illustrator Alexander & Ilya Kalnitsky: Oil paintings, mechanical sculpt. Edward Sudentas: Sculptures

The Hive

Ben Scanlon, Isaac Gardner, Liz Emirzian, Nicholas S. Shifrin, Yula Beeri more TBA, The Hive Open Studio

The Hive presents multi-media, printmaking, painting, and performance for BOS 2012.

Bat Haus Coworking

Natalie Chan, Joshua Citarella, Ina J, Wenjun Liang, Savannah Sakry, Xi Sinsong, Grant Willing, Rotation - a photographic group show

7 photographers interpret "Rotation" from different scopes in Photography -- Conceptual, Fashion, Still-life and Documentary.

Nung-Hsin Hu

Food related installation and performance !

Peter Calvin

4 am

Peter is an artist/filmmaker from California. His current series 'Lessons of Darkness', are large scale transcendent paintings.


MILES is a neighborhood beer and wine bar offering cheese, charcuterie, small plates, sandwiches, and nightly slow-cooked specials.


BiZZiD's origins vary depending on the continuity in which they appear.

Alex Decarli

Alex Decarli will be displaying work in the space soon to be Molasses Books. As of the weekend of BOS this may still be a raw space.

Brooke Churchill


new work on paper wood panel and some 3d pieces as well

JoAnn Berman

BERMAN-WRIGHT, JoAnn Berman Showroom Open Studio

JoAnn Berman,award winning and acclaimed maverick fashion /textile /furnishings designer opens her showroom to the public .

Ivan Stojakovic

Process based, highly textured, abstract landscapes; formed by primordial forces and through the organic and manufactured growth.

Y Can't End With A Draw

Dan Baker, Dan Bina, Kelly Brannon, Frank Castanien, Emma Chammah, Evan Collier, Eric Coolidge, Lillie De, Eric Fraz, Zack Goodman, Robert Granata, Melanie Hoff, Ian Horn, Jonathan Irons, Nick Kozmin, Carolanne Leslie, Toni Mikulka, Vernon O'Meally, Kay O, ARCH Production and Design NYC

Stop by for a great time, food, drinks, live painting, and a one time performance on Saturday at 7-8:30pm!


GJellokioworkshopeeo, Community Event #1018

Come visit the Gellochio workshop. Where the industrial landscape of Bushwick collides with the imagined world of Jealocheeo.

Bruce Dow

My work focuses on the transformation of found/collected objects, bring them into another life/form.

Mark Tribe

Momenta Art, Rare Earth

Rare Earth, a solo exhibition by Mark Tribe, examining the aesthetic dimensions of political action.

Michael Stefanovich

Eidos Gallery

Sculpture in stone, wood, resin and bronze, mostly abstract/anthropomorphic in nature with spiritual content.


Entertainment, Arts & Sports Law (EASL) Section of the New York State Bar Association

A stellar panel of art lawyers will provide the basics in copyright, fair use, artist-dealer agreements and more! Bring your questions!

I AM THE THIRD "Kill The Kittens" EP Release Party featuring Golden Age Of Transit and Brooklyn Wildlife

I AM THE THIRD, Brooklyn Wildlife, Golden Age Of Transit, Pine Box Rock Shop, Radical Hardware, I AM THE THIRD

Soul, Funk, Dream Rock: I AM THE THIRD release their "Kill The Kittens" EP. Joined by Golden Age of Transit and Brooklyn Wildlife.

Hybrid Movement Creative Lab

Françoise Voranger, Jillian St.Germain, Ronnie Thomas, Ruthie Scarpino, Viktor Frányó, Ziporah Roney, Sarah Brodsky, Dmitry Myers, Giorgia Nobili, Maddy Siraco, Rowen Sadlier, Move to Move

Hybrid Movement Creative Lab presents 'Move to Move'. A tornado relief benefit event featuring a hybrid of performance and visual arts.

Kate Quintard

A fashion meets street all encompassing experience, with undertones of sex, grunge, booze, drugs, and keeping up with appearances.

Cathy Choi

I'm an abstract painter, fusing natural phenomena and formal aspects of painting using unconventional materials.

Nicholas Forker

"Brooklyn's ball-point pen Extraordinaire" New York Times "T" magazine. Large scale ballpoint pen drawings on frosted mylar & 3D foam

Norte Maar

Oliver Ralli, Welcome to Your New Statement

Welcome to Your New Statement: the complete paper and film collages by Oliver Ralli, lead singer/guitarist of Pass Kontrol.

the schoolhouse

justin orvis steimer, gaspar dietrich, chris chludenski, cody healey-conelly, david powers, cassidy mosher, mariette papic, willy muse, elliot kurtz(freedom press), yuan liu, augustin doublet, tessa mauclere, must-see

A true Bushwick cultural landmark for over a decade, the Schoolhouse will present projects from residents and visiting artists.

Allison Putnam

Installation exhibit of photographs developed at the Bushwick Community Darkroom

Jason Reyen, Alex Kaluzhsky, Polina Barskaya

Open Studio

Large scale paintings by Jason Reyen, Watercolors by Polina Barskaya, and a film by Alexander Kaluzhsky.

ISHA: A Tell All tale

ISHA: A Tell All Tale is the worlds first gallery produced and exhibited Bollywood style Soap Opera meant to highlight the emerging Bushwick

Temporary Collective

A newly formed and tentatively temporary collective of young artists will show a range of multidisciplinary art.