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HOLY BOS! Film & Videos

Bushwick film and video artists and Bradley Eros, Lary 7, Kenny Wollesen, Dalius Naujo, Rachael Guma, Nataf, Amanda Long , and Kenny Curwood, Microscope Gallery
  • Location
    Bobby Redd Project Space (The Church)
    626 Bushwick Ave. ground floor
    Brooklyn, NY 11206
  • Dates & Times
    Sunday June 3rd, 2012, Reception 6:30 to 7:30PM (event at 7:30PM to 11PM)
  • Media
    Film, Video, multi-media projector and sound performance
  • Features
    Will Have Drinks For Sale
  • 40 participants
Holy Bos Films & Videos

SUN JUNE 3, 7:30 – 11 PM
Microscope Gallery presents
Holy BOS! Films & Videos
for Holy Bos! Festival
at Bobby Redd Project Space – The Church
626 Bushwick Avenue (at Jefferson)
Brooklyn 11221

In connection with the Holy BOS! Festival at the Bobby Redd Project Space (The Church), Microscope Gallery presents an evening of film, video and performance, including two curated programs of innovative films and videos by Bushwick artists followed by “(A)n (E)ye (i)s (a)n (O)rgan (U)nleashed”, multi-projector and sound performance featuring Bradley Eros, Lary 7, Kenny Wollesen, Dalius Naujo, Rachael Guma, Natas, Amanda Long , Rachelle Rahme, Kenny Curwood on organ, percussion, choir, electronics, foley, and video and film projections.


Microscope Gallery presents two programs of short films and videos from Bushwick area artists selected through an Open Call. Featuring animation, music video, performance, documentary, experimental, appropriate footage, hand-made film, cell phone works and more.

Participating artists: Amy J. Boyd, Katie Cercone, Thomas Dexter, Christopher Gorski, Ellie Irons, Gautam Kansara, Joyce Lainé, Jonas Lozoraitis & Denisas Kolomickis, Mariana Luna, Eric Mann, Mitch McCann, Hyatt Michaels, Jonathan Monaghan, Megan Moncrief, Mitch Moore, Hiroshi Shafer, Christy Shigekawa, Richard Sylvarnes, Henry G. Sanchez, Laura Trager, Cat Tyc, T.R. Pickerill, Melissa Skluzacek, James Woodward, Sean Wrenn, and Stephanie Wuertz.

Full Program at: www.microscopegallery.com

SEARCH & ENJOY perform
{AEIOU} An Eye Is (an) Organ Unleashed, 10-11PM

Sound & Visuals by Lary Seven, Amanda Long, Rachael Guma, Kenny Curwood, Natas, Sarah Halpern, Katherine Bauer, Rachelle Rahme, Bradley Eros, Dalius Naujo, Kenny Wollesen, and the voices of many.

An amateur choir with small ensemble of vibes, drums, percussion, horns & glass harmonica plus foley, oscillators, and pipe organ perform with live film & video projection performances. Conducted by Kenny Wollesen & Dalius Naujo. Organized by Bradley Eros.

The “choir book” consists of songs by many New York-based composers (Dalius Naujo, Sandra Koponen, John Zorn, Jesse Harris and more), some folk songs, a few covers and some joyful conduction.

More info at www.microscopegallery.com

Festival website: http://holybos.com

MICROSCOPE Gallery is dedicated to presenting the works of film, video, sound, performance and new media artists both through exhibitions and a weekly event series. The gallery opened in September 2010.