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The Woods Cooperative

Elisa Velazquez, Lindsey Drury, Talya Epstein, Leah Ives, Stephen May, Caitlin Marz, Paige Fredlund, Megan Harrold, The Woods does BOS
  • Location
    The Woods Cooperative
    1826 Palmetto St. #1
    Brooklyn, NY 11385
  • Dates & Times
    Sunday June 3rd, 2012, 12-7 for viewing installation (event at 7pm: Generator, a performance open-mic night!)
  • Media
    Painting, Installation, Mixed Media, Dance, Performance Art
  • Features
    Is Participatory/Interactive
    Will Have Free Drinks

Elisa Velazquez will exhibiting her crochet sculptures and paintings with available viewing hours Sunday (12-7pm).

At 7, we’ll start with Generator
What the hell is Generator?

Generator is a performance event organized by Talya Epstein and Lindsey Drury at the Woods Cooperative. Once every two months, we gather performance artists into the Woods and share our work. But what does Generator feel like? Well- consider the following notes:

– Failing to follow the laws of self-aggrandization, Generator is non-curated, hyper-inclusive, and totally free. Bring your embarrassing enthusiasm because we promise nobody is going to “discover” you in Ridgewood, Queens. Thank god. You can relax at Generator because we go low-stakes to no-stakes.

– Celebrating the poverty of dance production values, Generator shares unfinished works in a space with the crappiest lights and sound system you might encounter in NYC. Furthermore, we’re literally under the M train, so expect to be interrupted by the deafening sound of trains during your performance. We think your work is sexier and sometimes more conceptually sound that way.

– Denying that a meaningful audience requires sobriety, at Generator, we indulge and watch all at once.

– Generator provides the opportunity for artists to burst their protective process bubble. We believe that the rawness of unfinished work is fun for audiences and artists alike. We like our cookies half-baked, our steaks raw, and our dances in-the-works.

Sunday June 3rd. Space opens for artists to set-up/warm-up at 6pm. Films begin showing at 7pm. Live Works begin at 8pm.