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Farm and Garden Bike Tour & Tasting

Chrissy Michaels, Leigh Lagrosa, Bree Hietalia, Maggie Cheney, Jason Faulkner, Chrissy's Cooking Club
  • Location
    Starting point: Bushwick Campus Farm
    400 Irving Ave. farm on corner of Irving and Putnam
    Brooklyn, NY 11237
  • Dates & Times
    Sunday June 3rd, 2012, 3pm
  • Media
    Craft/Folk Arts, Food/Culinary Arts, Workshop, Walking Tours, gardening and farming
  • Features
    Is Child-Friendly
    Is Participatory/Interactive
    Will Take Place Outdoors
    Will Have Free Food
    Will Have Food For Sale
    Will Have Drinks For Sale
  • 10 participants

We will travel by bike (bring your own!) at a comfortable pace and visit several small farms and gardens throughout bushwick. The tour will be led by experienced urban farmers and local chefs who can answer any questions you have about urban agriculture scene, the produce growing, or any other questions that pop up. And there will be plenty of sampling along the way! We will end the tour with an optional garden dinner party with farm-to-table menu provided by local chefs and homemade craft-beer tasting led by an exclusive beer maker. This is the perfect way to celebrate the last day of Bushwick Open Studios in the sunshine with friends and unwind!

Please note: The tour is absolutely free, along with the tastings from each garden, but we ask for a humble donation of $20 each if you decide to participate in the dinner party and beer tasting to supplement the cost of the food and drinks. There will also be plants and produce for sale along the tour route so you can take something yummy, organic, and sustainable home with you.

Chrissy Michaels, Leigh Lagrosa, Bree Hietalia, Maggie Cheney, Jason Faulkner, Chrissy’s Cooking Club, Farm and Garden Bike Tour & Tasting, Starting point: Bushwick Campus Farm, gardening and farming, 400 Irving Ave.