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Rogue City Killers

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Rogue City Killers uses imagery from an urban industrial futuristic world. Electricity. Wires. Gears. Sculpted steel. Toxic Rain. Bio-Mechanics. Radioactivity. Hazardous. Danger. Medical Waste. Blood. Grunge.

Creations made from sewing, destruction, shredding, cutting, printing, dyeing, painting, drawing, tearing, recycling, lighting things on fire, etc.

Current work includes: Bike Tube Belts, Gas Mask Bandanas, Upcycled Punk Clothing, Striped Jeans, Shredded Tees, Leather Jackets, Spiked Bracelets, Pouch Bags, Vintage Ties, Cyber Clothing, Fetish Accessories, Studs, Eco-friendly options, Vegan Belts, Spiked Heels, Nurse Costumes, Kitty Ears, Apocalyptic Clothing, Screen Printed Dresses, School Girl Skirts, Leather Cuffs, Collars, and all sorts of Futuristic Nonsense.

, Rogue City Killers, , , , 285 Troutman St.