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Lisa Levy

Agape Enterprise, Lisa Levy
  • Location
    Lisa Levy
    56 Bogart St. / 2 Harrison Pl. / 1 Grattan St. Sidewalk at street entrance.
    Brooklyn, NY 11206
  • Dates & Times
    Saturday June 2nd, 2012, 12pm-5pm
    Sunday June 3rd, 2012, 12pm-5pm
  • Media
    Performance Art, Comedy
  • Features
    Is Child-Friendly
    Is Participatory/Interactive
    Will Take Place Outdoors
  • 1 participant

Rockin’ Mommy Love is a performance created by Lisa Levy to allow people to identify and express their desire to be held and comforted as they were as a young child. It’s Lisa’s belief that we all have this type of need inherent in each of us, but must mask it in public, as a display of it makes us vulnerable. Basically, the only sociably acceptable way we can be soothed in this manner is privately with someone we are intimate with or if we are in an extreme crisis in public.

To address and satisfy this need, Lisa has designed a situation out in public, where she will be dressed as “Mom”, sitting in a rocking chair, offering to rock and comfort people as they pass by. The absurd, humorous tone of this piece, as is also true of Lisa’s other work, is to help allow people to let go and enjoy participating in being rocked by her.

Lisa Levy, Agape Enterprise, Lisa Levy, Lisa Levy, , 56 Bogart St.