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Pine Box Rock Shop presents BOS 2012

DJ Tony (Tony Caamano), Nomadic Star Machine by Charlie Roberts, Drum Casket by Amery Kessler, Matt Richard, The BacKspace Performance Ensemble
The Wandering Star

DJ Tony (Antonio Caamano), Jersey native transplanted to Bushwick. Spins tracks from House to Kuduro. Has worked with Peaches, Backspace Performance Ensemble, and Sugarland Nightclub. He has also played many guest DJ sets around the Tri-state area.

bacKspace is a performance ensemble aimed at producing larger-than-life theatrical extravaganzas that appeal to a multitude of audiences. Started in 2006 by artistic director and choreographer Aaron Kint, the bacKspace juggernaut has used dance, music, theatre arts, and gender illusionism to develop a recognizable style and redefine the audience experience. But it is perhaps the attention to detail and ongoing obsession with conceiving fresh ideas that sets backspace apart from other dance and theatre companies. bacKspace will adapt to every artistic situation, big or small, to ensure that a unique and exhilarating experience is had by all- one that can be both understood and articulated. Nothing is off limits when it comes to the contextual design of a backspace performance; and meticulous musicality makes bacKspace’s choreographic landscape visually mesmerizing. bacKspace redefines the phrase “over the top”. The group includes Charmin Ultra, The Duchess Tickles, Krystal Something Something (Director), Lil Kimchi, Mary Jo CamelToe, and Whiskey Dixie. They have performed all over the city at venues like Lincoln Center, The World Financial Center, Sugarland Nightclub, Club 57, Home Sweet Home, Pine Box Rock Shop, The Westside Fragrance Gallery, and more.

Nomadic Star Machine is a computer controlled R.G.B. L.E.D. light work that is activated by sound. This work is constantly changing to adapt to its location and circumstance, and in this installment Charlie Roberts the artist/creator of the Nomadic Star Machine with give a live musical performance at the Pine Box Rock Shop with all original music to accompany Jessica DiBattista’s live dance performance. Jessica will be wearing the The Star Suit an R.G.B. L.E.D. suit that puts double rainbow to shame.The Star Suit is a collaborative effort between Charlie and Jessica. Light programming by Matt Richard.

Amery Kessler’s Drum Casket is a giant drum built big enough for a person to be inside. A group gathers to beat upon the lid. The pulses of rhythm and the vibrations of the drumming are felt by the person inside. The drum itself allows air in and out of a port hole, like a subwoofer or kick drum. This air is felt on the face of the person inside. When that person is ready to get out, they reach their hand up through the hole to signal their desire to reunite with the group. Drum Casket is partly inspired by the western traditions of calling hours (the act of congregating to mourn with friends and loved ones) and traditional funerals. Drum Casket is a way to wake up the senses and play. It is a celebration- a reminder of the spectacular event of living; the realization and appreciation of the being alive. Amery has been developing and reinventing this project in Ohio, New York, and recently Mali in West Africa.

Matt Richard is an artist and interactive technologist who creates paintings with light, focusing on the additive properties of light. He employs electrical and mechanical engineering to build structures that recreate the effects mocked up in the Processing programing environment. He teaches Processing and Physical Computing with Arduino at 3rd Ward in Brooklyn. His work has been featured at the DUMBO Arts Festival, as well as in London, Taipei, and other cities around the world.