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Naruki Kukita, Ryosuke Kumakura, Benjamin Fredrickson, Mayumi Sue

Cookie Bear Studio, High Art, Hard Rain

Welcome to outer space! Four beautiful Losers in a space. Three are Painters and One photographer.

Naruki Kukita РThe subject matter in Naruki Kukita’s paintings are far from innocent. With that said, this Japanese-born artist depicts his figures in an incredibly soft manner.

Benjamin Fredrickson is an American Photographer. He was born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Benjamin received a BFA in Photography from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. His work has been published and featured in various publications including BUTT, Guarro Fanzine, Headmaster, I Like My Style, Mein schwules Auge, Oakazine, and Ticketohell.His original photography work is held in private collections. Benjamin Fredrickson currently lives and works in New York City.

Ryosuke Kumakura is visual artist, who lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. He is originally from Niigata, Japan and reseved his BFA form Tama Art University, Tokyo. Also He studied paintings and print makings in National Academy School of Fine Arts, New York.