BOS Day 3: 1717 Troutman & beyond

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Day three. When I awoke, my legs felt like they ended with two bloody stumps after foolishly wearing heels ALL DAY during the previous day’s artwalk. After a quick shoot at Holy BOS Brunch, I paused by home and I did the unthinkable, I left my DSLR behind, armed with only my iphone (& instagram) and set forth in hopes of free food and of course, more art. To my delight, I happened upon some of the most incredible works I’d seen all weekend.

PS All photos take with i P H O N E

You think he's excited? Imagine my face when I found out this chocolatier's loft was full of organic, vegan chocolate samples.

Greeted happily by the nice guy at Broolyn Salsa, I got my snack on and thanks to their generous “volunteer” discount, left refreshed with 6 salsas to go

 Just when the salsa jars were starting to weigh me down, I came across one of the most beautiful lofts I’ve seen to date; a corner space, full of windows – half of which were trickled – with ivy with great art to match. After chatting with the cool kids behind the space (four college graduates who recently joined the building) they kindly offered to hold onto my salsa and recommended braving yet another flight of stairs, for some “crazy” sculptures on the floor above. I should also mention they plan on having events at their space, that I, for one, hope to attend.

Art in the loft of Brendan Siltman, Emil Martrosian, Erika Ceruzzi, Peter Linden & Zoe Field

The iphone really does not do Andy Aidekman’s work justice. The darling artist (who is also a recent transplant) told me about a hard time she was going through, and each time she was sad, she’d make a drip. Well, that pain turned into an elegant chandelier of drips, adorning her corner workspace otherwise filled with experimental film photography.


and then … John O’Reilly happened

Sculptures that are as grotesque as they are sensuous, as captivating as a car crash, porcelain smooth realism in forms only found in nightmares.


I had walked past John O’Reilly twice before I was told the artist was sitting in the middle of the vast shared studio with his dog (who’s often a subject in his work), calming observing yet nearly unnoticed himself. I couldn’t help but approach him and he kindly showed me around his work, telling me about his process and learning leaving me bewildered yet rueful that i didn’t record the conversation.

The piece above, life size and in progress, enchanted viewers not only for it’s raw, lustful subject but it’s rare look at an artists process and craftsmanship. Still as the dead, but with such motion with hands crawling out of her back, gripping her thighs, her chest, her neck – this piece wowed me all the way ; )

and now, for some “cuddle” art

Fully satisfied, I thanked John O’Reilly, picked up my salsa from downstairs and exchanged tumblrs with the artists, and hung up my BOS hat.

On the way to the L train to meet up with a friend in the city, I charmed to see that the beloved Tortilleria Mexicana Los Hermanos had it’s roll up door open and showing soft canvas work and a video installation. & it was really good!

Awesome spine painting at the local taqueria

I wish I could have seen more of the video but alas, I had to catch a train. While waiting to here those magic words “The next L TRAIN is NOW arriving on the MANHATTAN BOUND track”, in walks this guy. Ironically enough, I had just been obsessly revisiting ol MJ a few weeks back.

See you next year, y’all!

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