BOS Day 2: WOW Performance Art Showcase

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The show begins with a mysterious girl with a bat dress. She turns her back to the audience and spreads her wings. (edited with photoshop gone wrong. eyesore or awesome?)

After 3 loft buildings, up & down 12 flights of stairs and hoofing it across town for miles in heels, the opportunity to sit down on a plushy velvet sofa with a gin and tonic was enough to wow me.

When they say variety show, they weren’t kidding. The show featured bits of all things performance art, from trapeze to ventriloquism, from stripping to inspirational, to recipe listing to none other than Marilyn Monroe. & they weren’t afraid to remind you, this is performance art. Oh, did I mention there were also zombies?

But don’t listen to me, feel like you were there with these animated gifs.

WOW Performance Art Showcase was held at the House of Yes and hosted by Kae Burke, featuring performers such as The Love Show!, Anya Sapozhnikova, Angela Butch, Peter Daniel Strauss, Jan Manke, Megan Hornaday, Benn Mendoza, Ammo, Sherry Aliberti’s Cocoon Project, Akil Vishus Davis, Carla Rhodes, Julia & Heather, Keiko Matsuyama and Joanna Levinger and more.

diamonds ...

... are a girl best dead.

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