BOS Day 2: Further Lofting

C A B I N • I N • A • L O F T

From 56 Bogart, we stopped by to visit with the lovely Adam Frezza & Terri Chiao. Their loft is not simply just a home and a gallery, but a bed and breakfast, featuring two adorable “cabins” one that serves as their room, and the other for guests. I was dying to check it out, though you’ll have to see it yourself as I didn’t take any pictures specifically of said cabins. Take my word for it, their home was warm and welcoming, as was the fine couple.

Breakfast art: ink prints from fried eggs

5 3 8 • J O H N S O N

Several blocks deeper in industrial Bushwick, we crawled over to 538 Johnson - the home and workspace of featured artist Ryan Brennan as well as my friend from Portland, Johnny Tragedy. Beyond pretty pictures, I was pleased to find the work was as refreshingly raw and chaotic as the hallways of the building.

Sexy or disturbing? Or maybe a fine balance of both.

↓↓If only we all had our cabinets clearly labeled below a piano skeleton fish

What more does a living room need than a stage and a great structure such as this? ^^

Ah Ryan Brennan, you had me at this piece. & then you continued to amaze!

In case you missed the sunset, it was exquisite from their giant rooftop.

Someone's handy with scissors at studio 405.

Johnny Tragedy does not disappoint.

♥A R T • B U S H W I C K

Onward still...

Dear Creepy Industrial Avenues, may you always stay so charming.

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