BOS Day 1: Seeking Space

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Seeking Space opening party featured work of over 30 local artist with work spanning the gallery, halls, in the cafe & even a few stores in the Loom. The party was well attended, entertained by a live pianist in the cafe, DJs in the gallery and room to chill in the back patio.

The Living Gallery, tucked in the heart of the first floor of the Loom, presented Defying Devastation: Bushwick in the 80s photographs by Meryl Meisler and stories from Vanessa Martir. A small room with a huge impact showed many photographs of Bushwick in the 80s, long before most of us called this town home. Meryl, whom I was introduced to by fellow BOS artist Carol Salmanson, was an absolute delight, and told an astonishing story about how she came to know a woman who was actually in one of her photographs when she was in a child. See Lili Rusing’s article on Meryl Meisler here. 


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