Into the Void Wave, Pt1: Jeff & Adam C

Through cosmic forces, artsts Adam CollignonCasey OpstadAdam FrezzaTerri Chiao, Tara Pelletier & Jeffrey Kurosaki find themselves newly united, separately but together as a happy art family forming the Void Wave at 56 Bogart, #3M.

The story of the Void Wave begins about year ago with Adam Collignon, a multi-media “Suspension Master” from St. Louis who shared a studio in 56 Bogart along with Casey and two others. When the other two artists moved back to their respective home-states, Adam and Casey moved on from the “insanely cluttered” studio to #3M.

Casey, Tara and collaborators Terri & Adam F. weren’t able to make it so I chatted with Adam C. (aka Studio Dad) and Jeff (who collaborates with Tara) about analogue and digital worlds, potential record mix tapes and dancing like a crazy freak. Part Two with Terri & Adam F. coming soon!

How long have you lived in Bushwick?
JEFF: I’m from Oaho, Hawaii, then moved to Michigan for grad school then to New York. Tara & I moved out here about four years ago, we first lived in East NY, then moved to Bushwick.
ADAM: Two years, first moved to East Harlem, after two years, moved to Bushwick. I think Bushwick is fantastic. It’s more home-y.

Please, show me what you do. 
JEFF: This is Tara and me, we do video, sculpture and music. We’ll make a video, project it, and have live components we add to it. We also we write music, Tara writes poetry we combine them into a performance.

This is our record cutter, it cuts one record at a time and also plays them. It’s really lo-fi sounding. I just hook it up to my (i)phone, it sends an audio signal to the cutting head. The head directly transposes the vibrations to whatever material is being cut, usually a lacquer, but I’ve been using polycarbonate discs.  That’s what that is [pointing to weird white stringy stuff], it’s called like “Swarf”, it just catches it as it cuts.

We’re trying to make an addition [custom records], I guess they are sorta like picture discs, like documents for our projects.

Does cutting your own records lend to having a great control, or accessibility? Since you can do it whenever, could you make custom mix tape records?
JEFF: That could actually happen. The bad thing about producing records, it costs so much money to press a record cuz they have to make master plates. They won’t press one or five, it’s liberating in that we can make a record whenever we wanted to, and we can try to tweak the sound how we sorta want to sound. It’s limited in that it won’t ever get away from that crackley warped sound, it’s always gonna have those qualities to it. For us, it was really amazing, we can have our music be put on a record and experience it in that medium and not have to go through the conventional methods of producing that.

ADAM: I’m getting ready to sublet this space, so I kinda had to start cleaning it up. This is my painting. My work is kinda all over the place.

I’ve been working with this board for the past couple weeks, whenever I can come in. I just kinda try to balance the board in different ways.

When this space was empty, I was making dance videos. I thought how often do I have all of this space. I just want to dance like a crazy freak. So I put up this diagonal line, and this is a much more analogy to my life. I may have this idea of all this space, but there is always a line, something preventing me to be totally crazy in a space and always be aware. So me and Casey made these videos of me dancing, trying to avoid this line, interacting with this line.

You can see them on my vimeo page.

This is something I was doing with another board. I attached thermostat wire to the wall and wedged the board against the wall (being held just by the tension of the wire). It was a lot of trial and error.

As a new studio family, how’s it going?
ADAM: I think it’s working really well. I don’t think we’ve all had a real solid time working in the space, but I’m really glad it’s working the way it is. I really love everybody’s work, I respect everybody as people and that makes me really happy.

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