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Little Skips cafe may be only two years old but is a pioneer of the Bushwick buzz. Made from the love & hard work of two surprisingly young locals, Linda Thach and Henry Glucroft, ‘Skips is a welcoming workspace and everyday hangout for friends, creatives and the like. Among handmade eats, traditional treats and perfectly-pulled espresso shots (& of course – free wifi), they feature rotating local art, good jams and a small town-like friendliness.

Read on to the owners in their own words, telling of unicorns, rooftops and a hundred million pennies.

little skips by kerosene rose

What’s your favorite thing about Bushwick?
LINDA: It’s very raw and real. I like the electric mix of people who are moving into the neighborhood, as well as the people who are here. It’s nice to be in an area that’s pretty diverse.
HENRY: Feels like a playground for a tightly knit community of creative adults to me. Also, I see potential and opportunity here in a general sense to make this place a better place.

linda thatch by kerosene rose

What’s your spirit animal and why?
LINDA: A unicorn. It’s magical, it’s found in Neverland which is where I always say I’m from.

What’s in your fridge?
HENRY: The same thing that was there last year.

Where do you like to hang out in Bushwick?
LINDA: I like Goodbye Blue Monday. It’s one of the first places to hang out and it still has its charm. It’s has a lot of local musicians playing there. Though I don’t go there a lot, the place I go to just chill, would probably be Lone Wolf. There’s no fuss, it’s not always big party going on. & since they’re right next door, I can just get a feel for Goodbye Blue Monday and then filter over to Lone Wolf.
HENRY: That’s not Little Skips? I would say Roberta’s. They get it right in so may levels; from the food, the environment, the events, tikki disco parties … they go beyond what’s traditionally perceived of a restaurant.

little skips by kerosene rose

What inspired you to open your own space?
HENRY: The need in the neighborhood and the desire to have my own office. I always liked wireless cafes where people could just hang out and work, so I figured I’d just open a cafe.
LINDA: I don’t want to say it but my business plan says ‘to spread love’. I wanted a place to have art shows, to bring people together and to create. I didn’t have that before i moved here. I got on the train, went to work and then went to bars. So I wanted to have a place for people to get inspired and meet other people.

henry at little skips by kerosene rose

What would you do with a million dollars?
HENRY: I would give a penny to 100 million people.

What’s the best spot in Bushwick to see the sunset?
LINDA: Definitely rooftops. Bushwick has an abundance of rooftops and amazing summer rooftop parties.
HENRY: My rooftop.

Any memorable moments from past Bushwick Open Studios?
LINDA: Our show last year was just incredible, it was such a huge collection of local artists, there wasn’t a specific theme but everyone just felt it. They felt there was a change happening, there was this huge positive energy, the artists got to meet each other, it was magical. the entire room was happy and excited about what’s happening.

Little Skips by Kerosene rose

Little Skips is located on 941 Willoughby Avenue in Brooklyn, New York.
-kerosene rose

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