BOS2011 Registrant How-To

Feel free to print these yourself if you are unable to make it to one of our materials distribution times.

- Door Sign
- General Promo Flyer



Attend an Arts In Bushwick mixer/orientation meeting and register your open studio.  If you have already done this, great!  If you haven’t yet, check out the schedule of our upcoming meetings and outreach events on the right.

Help Organize:

Bushwick Open Studios is an all-volunteer community event – it’s up to all of us to help spread the word and make the Festival an awesome weekend!

Organizing happens in three main phases:

  • Registration Period: April 4-May 1
  • Promotion and Organizing Period: May 2-June 2
  • BOS Weekend!: June 3-5, 2011

Registration Period 4/4-5/1

The registration period is all about getting as many people as possible to register for the Festival! Since we’re asking that everyone attend an orientation mixer or outreach event prior to registering, that means that outreach during the registration period is more important than ever.

Here are some simple things you can do to help with registration outreach:

1. Print this registration promo flyer.
Distribute it in your building, and in local businesses/bulletin boards near you - the more people participate in your building or your part of the neighborhood, the more people will come to your show during Open Studios.  English FlyerSpanish Flyer

2. Email your contacts / promote registration through Facebook and Twitter.
Anyone you know in the neighborhood and throughout the city should know that Bushwick Open Studios registration is happening now!   If you’re not already, become a fan of Arts In Bushwick on Facebook and Twitter and help us get the word out.

3. Help us distribute our registration press release.
If you have any press contacts, or if you are a blogger or reporter yourself, help us get media coverage for registration and for the Festival overall.  You can email a link to the press release, or download a PDF here.

Promotion and Organizing Period: May 2-June 2

In May you’ll be organizing and promoting your own show, and we’ll all be working together on promotional outreach to get as many people as possible to come out and attend the Festival. We will have more information on this period as we get closer to the end of registration, but here’s the general picture:

1. Promote the Festival to the Public.
In addition to helping promote the festival for registration, if we all work together to get people into the neighborhood during BOS weekend, turn-out will be off the charts! Yes, we already have thousands of visitors to the Festival, but we can always make the weekend bigger and better. As with the registration period, we will be asking you to help us flyer in the neighborhood, promote the Festival on social media, and distribute our press release to any press contacts you may have – more detail on this coming soon.

2. Promote Your Show.
Arts In Bushwick will produce and distribute a map and program showing all participating open studios, but there are so many shows (300+ last year) that it can be overwhelming for visitors. If you produce and disseminate flyers and postcards promoting your show in addition to the general festival materials, you can help to drive more traffic to your own show. You can use these graphics in your promotional materials, and link to the larger event when you promote your show by email or social media.

Finally, make sure that your online and web listings are complete and compelling. We print 7500+ copies of the BOS program, and the BOS web directory gets thousands of hits a day leading up to the festival. Your listing can be an asset or a liability – this platform is a great opportunity to make visitors want to come see your show, but with so many shows to choose from an incomplete or unprofessional listing can confuse people or turn them off. We strongly recommend that you put the time in to make sure that your listing is compelling, accurate and complete.

3. Organize Your Show.
You are free to organize your show however you want, but we do ask you to consider a few important things in your planning.

First, if you are organizing a group show, we recommend that you work with your artists to sahre the responsibility for being on site during your open hours, so that everyone has a chance to go see some of the Festival and not feel like you spent the whole weekend cooped up in your own show!

Second, if you are going to be producing a large event (75 people or more) in a space which does not have a liquor license and if you are planning to have alcohol (either free OR for sale), we strongly recommend that you apply for a temporary liquor license. It’s easy to apply, costs only $36, and could save you a lot of headaches. Download and complete the form and supplemental information from the State Liquor Authority. Note that these permits cover beer and wine only, not hard liquor. If you have any questions/issues with the form, feel free to contact us for support at, or contact your local police precinct community affairs officer.

Third, you may want to consider applying for park or street event permits if your show will be occurring outdoors or in the parks, and particularly if want to have amplified sound. Depending on what you are hoping to do, you may or may not need a permit, and if you do need a permit it may be easy or difficult to obtain. Note that Arts In Bushwick cannot guarantee you a permit for your event, nor will we apply for a permit for you. However, if you think you might need a permit, feel free to contact us at and we can try to advise you on how to proceed.

Finally, it often happens that a visitor will want to buy some of your work. While some artists are very familiar with this process, if you are not we recommend that you give this some thought. Do you have a price list ready? Do you have a portfolio to show visitors? How would you pack up or deliver the work if someone buys something from you? Do you have business cards or postcards to give out so people can easily contact you later? It’s possible that no one will ask for these things, but if they do you will want to be prepared to respond!

BOS Weekend!: June 3-5, 2011

It’s time to open your studio! We will have lots of materials for you leading up to BOS weekend, but for now just keep in mind – the most successful open studios are the ones which are clearly marked from the street, are welcoming to visitors, and have a complete and compelling information in their program listing and web profile.

During BOS weekend, make sure to guide people to your studio using signs at the street corners, and have the official BOS building number sign on the outside of your building. You can also leave postcards for your show at your local hub space, so that visitors who are planning their day can get inspired to come see your work.

In terms of being welcoming to visitors, the first step is to make sure that you’re ready to open your doors at the time you listed in the program, and that you stay open for the hours listed. Nothing makes visitors more annoyed than trekking across the neighborhood just to find your door closed! If you have to cancel your show or change your hours at the last minute, please note this in your web listing and leave a sign on your door explaining the change.

Get More Involved!

The above information is oriented toward registrants, but in addition to these steps there are a lot more ways to get involved. Arts In Bushwick is an organization of participants and volunteers like you. If you want to help plan the Festival, or you have ideas you’d like to share, come to one of our meetings (listed on the right) and talk with us! You can also check out our current volunteer needs, or email Trish, our volunteer coordinator ( with some info about how you’d like to get involved.