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Is Participatory/Interactive
Will Take Place Outdoors
Will Have Free Food
Will Have Food For Sale
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Will Have Drinks For Sale
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Hablamos Español

395 Shows

Results ordered randomly

Amber Dubois, Cathy DePasquale, Elena Skvirskaya

Three painters and a presentation of their most recent work.


Tag Brum

These drawings are inspired by the street kids's fight for survival and the artist hopes it will raise awareness to the issue as well.


Andrew D. Moeller, Patrick Murray, Mairikke Dau

Base Space

Open Studios of resident artists as well as a show in our alternative gallery called BaseSpace. Check gallery website for details.


Lilka Hara

Playing with objects that were created to capture moments of our lives, these works question what our selective memory chooses to remember.


Sneak Preview of the Immigrant Foodways Tour

Tour Guides: Cindy VandenBosch and Princess Yahmeela Aziza Serna, Urban Oyster

Join us to explore the Jewish and Latin American history and foods of Brooklyn's "Avenue of Puerto Rico" and the Moore Street Market.


1100 Broadway

Michael Assiff, DADDY, Scott Goodman, Alexander Guerrero, Lisa Larson-Walker, Allie Pisarro-Grant, Saki Sato, Clayton Schiff

1100 Broadway is a dynamic and multidisciplinary art studio and active space within the Bushwick/Bed Stuy art communities.


Polluted Eyeball (Screenprint Studio)

Peter J. McGouran, Ink Never Dies

Cross the threshold and discover our workshops, studio rental, screen creation and print production services. Ink Never Dies!

Bianca Boragi, Carrie Carino

Experimental art video, sculpture and drawings. Contemporary art. Weird and beautiful.


Seeking Space

30+ Artists from Bushwick and beyond, Curated by Jillian Salik & Julia Sinelnikova

Seeking Space brings together a diverse range of Bushwick artists in an alternative space.


The Shirey

Stacy Scibelli, Brandon Davey, Stan Narten, Matt White, Zoe Chan

The Shirey is a communally occupied gallery and studio space run collectively by five artists of varying disciplines.

Paul Nicholson

Bushwick Beer Garden

Come visit the one and Bushwick Beer Garden! I'm also a painter/sculptor/maker & will show various works


Jorge Luis

Paintings and drawings.


The Art of Yoga

Ella Luckett, Emily Snyder, Jai Yoga Arts

Come witness the art of yoga, as practitioners go deep into their own practice...


Jon Elliott

paintings and installation.


Fireside Follies Presents: YR Friday Nite

Zach Pace, Ali Power, CA Conrad, Ben Dolnick, Jenny Hollowell, Little Band of Sailors/Rachel Mason, Crystal Z Campbell, Carla Edwards, Benjamin Dowell, Fireside Follies

Fireside Follies curators Mike Lala and Eric Nelson turn BFP into an immersive arts experience w/readings, fine art, performance & music.

yer friday nite 1


A variety of performances: trapeze acts, a spectrum of live music, and video art.


Kávé Espresso Bar and Event Space

Grand Opening

Kávé will host musical artists throughout the day starting from 12pm 'till closing. The coffee bar is open for espresso drinks and snac


MaryKate Maher

Open studio featuring recent work from the “Containers for Landscape” project. Drawings, sculptures, dirt, debris and work in progress.


Mary Judge and friends

Open Studio "& Miscellaneous"


Bushwick Open Studios Launch Party

U SAY USA, Hounds Basket, Noisycrane, Mckibbin Show Premier and more, Impending Doom Productions

A taste of whats to come throughout the weekend and the premier of the long awaited McKibbin Show

Post Dauphin Studios

Shanjana Mahmud, Bridget O’Rourke, Alexandria Smith, Mary Younkin

Shanjana Mahmud, Bridget O'Rourke, Alexandria Smith and Mary Younkin and others.

open studios march2011b

James Weingrod

James Weingrod is a visual artist focused on (re-)creating the Universe in a variety of media. He is a 2009 Hunter College MFA graduate.

Juliana Pastrami, Nick Alcorn

Come join the hodgepodge of work that is comic art and nazi babies!

Avery McCarthy

How To Explain

Two projects exploring the ways that people explain the world around them.


Gavin Sewell

Dynamic, thoughtful collage paintings on wood and canvas. If you like Rauschenberg, Johns, Hamilton, or Schwitters come see this work!

Bound for Glory_40x48_2011

Timothy Gasbarro, Pnin

de·scrip·tion 1 : an act of describing; specifically : discourse intended to give a mental image of something experienced


NURTUREart Non-Profit

NURTUREart Gallery, Videorover: Season 4


Andrea Burgay

Collages and sculptures that explore our relationship to the natural world—our nature to deteriorate and decay.

Collage 5

Robin E. Mork

Robin E. Mork will be displaying illustration art in her studio at 317 Harman St. Her work consists mostly of editorial and book illustration styles.


950 Hart Gallery

Michael Kronenberg, Mikki Nylund, Antoinette Johnson, Worm Carnevale, Grant Stoops, Jarvis Earnshaw, Raquel Echanique, Bil Bond, Daniel Victor, Kenly Dillard, Tudor Vasilescu & Calin Chitic, Arik Patrik, Jane Kimmelman, Leisa Nomura

950 Hart Gallery is about exploring love. Our artists are in a constant state of gaining access to that most noble of emotions.

FB Ant 02

Suzanne Stroebe, Ben Finer

Suzanne Stroebe and Ben Finer each received their MFA from Parsons in 2009. On display: drawings, sculpture, installation, and mini-robots.


Cornelia Ruehlicke

Paintings of symbolic figures and landscapes

blue water-1a_3_2,Med.

Lisa Corinne Davis

Signs, representations, and abstractions reveal themselves in implied geography, cartoonish shapes, exoskeletal forms, flora, fauna & so on


Fort Useless

Visual art curated by Lacey Fekishazy, Spit-Take Friday comedy show, music curated by StereoactiveNYC (SAT), and the Songwriters Salon (SUN)


Leilani Arita, Celeste Carballo, Stephanie Draves, Jessica Grindstaff, Cassandra Jenkins

Studio 232, Not Russia, Oyster, Hoedown.

More generally stunning outlaw behavior from studio 232.

Eric Mavko, Jesse Walker

Recent work by two emerging artists.


Marina Reiter

Is there a certain pattern to our lives even if we don't notice it? Do we follow a path that we are destined to follow?


Anouk Morgan, Ryan Mikail, You Bin

Third Coast Events

Seductive, confident photos from Anouk Morgan, minimalistic and beautiful photos from Ryan Mikail, and surreal, nomadic video from You Bin.


Jisho Roche-Adachi, Nicole Lucaroni, Julian Gilbert-Davis, Kyrre Kalvenes Mogster, Paz Mallea

Studio 2408 is Jisho, Luca, Kyrre, Julian, and Paz- what we lack in a creative studio name we make up for with odd first names.


Lori Merhige

Lori Merhige works predominantly with Sculpture and Drawing, and is a 2009 graduate of Hunter College's MFA Program.

Lattice Top studio view

Based In Space

Based In Space

A collision of mediums ranging from painting, photos and video installation to performance art and facilitated dinner discussion.


Interstate Projects

Justin Berry, Arielle Falk, Jesse Hulcher, Dylan Miner, Alyssa Taylor Wendt, Composite Factor

Interstate Projects presents Composite Factor - featuring Justin Berry, Arielle Falk, Jesse Hulcher, Dylan Miner, and Alyssa Taylor Wendt

Jamie Powell

open studio


BOS Music Festival

A free 2-day music festival featuring 17 of Brooklyn's finest bands

Jillian Salik

TALAS, Seeking Space

Nicholas A. Forker

Large scale ballpoint pen drawings on mylar use hero as metaphor to imagine a new narrative for the latter half of the 20th century.


Lauren Lombardo

Daily Chronicles

an old/mod townhouse reno. thousands of roses on canvases and other sculptural works. photography. abstracts. furniture. a garden in bloom.


Michele Abramowitz, Adam O'Neal

Hart Studios

A selection of new work from artists Michele Abramowitz and Adam O'Neal.

Studio Rats

Tavmeet Kaur, Nicola Singleton, Olga Sophie Kauppinen, Peter Brock

Presenting the work of four young brooklyn-based artists including paintings, drawings, sculptures, installations and more!


Kevin Kane Photography

Kevin Kane Photography will be displaying large format print photography and providing in free studio photos to visitors


Alexandra Pacula, Chaw Ei Thein

Translated Experience

Featuring the work of two immigrant artists whose work while influenced by divergent histories interprets the experience of living in NYC.

mesmerizing whirlwind2

Landscapes of Voluptuous Extremes

Christine Dippold, Ian Harris, Zeke Mermell, Nick Simmons, Guests, Anti-Trust-Fund

A collections of photographs, drawings and mixed media installations. 3pm Sunday - Cloud Exchange to be viewed/taken from the street below.


Electric Namaste

Accept things the way they are. Drink water. freedom changes you, fear keeps you same. <3 poetry * painting * performance * LOVE & lU


Laura Chipley, Mary Jeys, Laurie Sumiye, Sarah Nelson Wright

Media artists with practices in social, local & interactive space, including installation/video/site-specific projects on North Brooklyn.


Maybe the Welders

Rock Roof Concert

Rock the roof with Maybe the Welders! Bushwick's own rock and roll four-piece will bring their post-punk madness to the skies of Brooklyn!

Maeghan Donohue--- CANCELED

Green Streets Salads

Join us at Green Streets, where we will be showing the twisted landscapes and portraits of artist and photographer Maeghan Donohue.


Boulevard: 3 nights of Music and Gallery Opening

June 3rd: Stomping Ground, Sunflower and the Seeds, Elle King, Jim Earl, Ian Mellencamp June 4th: Alec Stephens III, Kerri Lowe, Archie Joyner, Emily Peal, Lisa Jaeggi. June 5th: Sam Saffery, Willie Gantrim, Margaret Glaspy, Cara Dineen, Shwizz, City Bill

Music all 3 nights! 17 artists will perform Folk, blues, jam, rock and more. Gallery Opening Sunday June 5th from 5-7pm. Refreshments!


Augusto Gómez Lima

Working on the sountrack of the experimental documentary "nyc-nyc". Video-noise-art+live performance.


One Love Portal

L.Q., Brett Berg, Harlin Emil Gruber, One Love housemates

Showcasing 30+ Paintings/Channeled art. Fine handmade Jewelry, 2012 UFO Disclosure Collages, Mangld Ties, The Octoportal sculpture, & music.

LQ Orange paintingMAY 2011 087

Meg Hitchcock

Text Drawings

I'll be showing my text drawings and answering questions about my work. I'll also have my framing studio available for free consultations.


Steven Baker at Shlomo Bachar art studio

Steven Baker

Steven Baker present his recent paintings uses a wide variety of materials and a unique process.


Charlotte Ghiorse, Kevin Cooney

House of Choclet

House of Choclet is showing works by Kevin Cooney & Charlotte G. Kevin is showing portraits & Ex-Votos. Charlotte is Silkscreening Live!


Eric Trosko


FLAN inventor presents new and important findings.

Bethany Bandera, Maeve Sheridan, David Siegel, Melissa Capasso, Gretchen Vitamvas, Rebekah Potter

Abstract representational paintings by Melissa Capasso, innovative mixed media pieces by Rebekah Potter & awesome gowns by Gretchen Vitamvas


Jacob Morales Marchosky


Variable Studio is a production and exhibition space on Dekalb Ave in Bed Stuy.



Julia Sinelnikova, Mikael Henaff, Infinite Moments

Momentary glances, flickering screens, pulsating color, radiant light. New paintings, sculpture, and unexpected experiments with technology.


Ginny Casey, Lee Lee Chan

Two emergingly lively painters sharing studio space. We'd love you to come by and see our recent work!


Wink Wink Pony

Making magic happen on LOLLIPOP HILL featuring: Rosemary Milkshake, Charlie CocoButter Bean, Keke Couture, Narzo, and the Beeblebums. COME!

Wink Wink Pony Open Studios

Scott Alexander Fowler

Scott Alexander Fowler (Metalsmith, Jeweler)


Dirty Pillowz, Kevin Muth, Kristin Reger

Welcome to my Sexy Sweatshop

The sexiest sweatshop in all of Bushwick. Featuring "Dirty Pillowz" Tasteful Adult Craft factory, and Kristin Reger's DyeLab.


Natalia Nakazawa, Patrick Boyd

New work by Natalia Nakazawa and Patrick Boyd, 2010 - 2011


Gus Boyle

Recent work explores social subjects from displacement to narcissism. Paintings and drawings will be shown in the artist's home studio.


Jason Palmeri & Aaron Hinds

Focus, Life As I Know It

Art is the reflection of society. From the internal search, to the exploration of subatomics and Megacities. The show will deliver.

jason bird 2

Rebecca Litt

Fictional figurative paintings

Rebecca Litt_You Can Hide Your Longing Here

Norte Maar

So Happy Together: Forty-five Artists and Their Collaborative Drawings

So Happy Together: forty-five artists and their collaborative drawings.

collab 11

Brooklyn House of Photography

Joel Sheakoski, Daniel Noval, Studio Launch Weekend

A collective of artists focused on fashion, animation and video. We are Brooklyn House of Photography.

Ash Fisher Fusion model, 18, from Nashville

Rachael Ocelus

Home Sweet Nightmare & Various Works

colorful creepy photo video installation sparkles confetti baby arms legs faces fabrics animals masks googly eyes intense


Katarzyna Gawin, Ryan Mulkey, Jonathan Checler

Group show of Katarzyna Gawin, Ryan Mulkey and Jonathan Checler

Kolbrun Love, Or Zubalsky

Today we are lemurs

Nurturing the fear of flight. Lemurs. Beluga whales. Other awesome stuff.


Jen Waters

Jen Waters Open Studio: Featured work will be from her most recent series of paintings, "Following Mrs J".

Jen Waters 1 detail

Alexandra Breznay


Steps invites to a black and white trip where chronology is not definite.


Grace Exhibition Space

Anya Liftig, Rebecca Jampol, Marni Kotak, Meghan Van Alstyne and Quinn Dukes + open studios: Vandana Jain and Kathleen Vance, A Gallery for Live Performance Art

Group show featuring the works of contemporary performance artists, also visit the resident studios of Vandana Jain and Kathleen Vance.


Bushwick Community Darkroom

Come see some photography from folks working in the neighborhood in Bushwick's newest community darkroom!


The Bodega Monthly

Kelley Brannon hosts live storytelling (some improvised and some scripted) from the main stage at The Bodega Wine Bar.


Chizuco Sophia Yw

Drawing, Painting, Sculpture and Book art. Drawing by glass pen, Painting by water color, acrylic, oil. Sculpture by mixed media.


Katherine Aungier

Open Studio: paintings,drawings, prints, plus sangria


Bushwick Print Lab

Lab Work: A Group Print Show and Summer Mixer

A group show of recent prints by the artist who use the Bushwick Print Lab.

BPL logo yellow web smaller

Yonatan Ullman

For these open studios I will present a select coherent group of "framed wounds"

main image

Leah Tacha

Dancing, Jumping, Slam Dunks, Glitter, Legs, High heels, Color, gardens--drawings, sculptures, videos, installations.


Selma Karaca

One of a Kind Sample Sale

Contemporary Women Wearable.

11 copy

Artists in the Neverlands

Felicia Sonsini, Neverlands

Experience the weird and wacky innards of Felicia Sonsini's work as well as some of her close friend's work as well.


Dennis McNett

Wolfbat Studios

Wolfbat Studios features the works of Dennis McNett. There will be several wood carvings, sculptures, masks, and prints displayed.


Babette Rittenberg

sculpture, painting, and drawing.


Erica Hohf, Gabriel Frye-Behar

Street photos of Havana by Gabriel Frye-Behar vs. surrealist paintings by Erica Hohf share a border between the real and the abstract.

Rent A Burqa

Sai Moorie, Collective B

framed 4

Chassidic & Mystical Art Exhibition

Michoel Muchnik, Chabad Of Bushwick

Special mystical art exhibition of famed chassidic artist Michoel Muchnik. Art will be available for sale after the artist's presentation


Wall Space

Meer Musa, Color of Heaven

Various art work displayed within w 8" x h 8" size. Art on sale for $80 benifiting Visual Aids. (Artist living with HIV). www.visualaids.c


Ofri Cnaani, Evan Reehl Ryer

Two amazing artists to meet and greet you.


Joey Parlett

ink drawings, books and prints. figurative, detailed, imaginative riff-raff inspired by thrift store books, americana and literature.


Fabian G. Tabibian

Conceptual artist working with lens-based, print-based, and digitally created media.



David Miller

Astrografika is the painting, illustration and design studio of David Miller. Exhibiting drawings, watercolors, prints & books


The 1896 Studios & Stages

Jen Durbin


1. OJO Original Map, 12 hats

Abike Mineuittie

ReInventing Yourself, Inc., Nandi and Masani

Children's story that teaches on family and friendship and the true meaning of it. It also teaches on being responsible.

Purple Nurple

Joy Curtis, Mike Olin, Joe Ballweg, Erik den Breeen, Maria Calandra, Andy Cross, Glen Baldridge, Kelly McRaven, Brooke Moyse, Liz Ainsle, Elisa Lendvay, Mike Nolan, Maria Walker, Jonathan Allmaier, Pioneers Of Inspiration

Pioneers of Inspiration presents a group show of work that can be identified as purple. We are located directly above English Kills gallery

Mike Estabrook, Seth Mulvey, Rob Servo, Just Kidding Creations, Brian Higbee, Vandana Jain, Jesse Bercowetz,Ianthe Jackson, Glen Eden Einbinder, and more.

We are opening up our studio to showcase our works in progress, and also to curate a small selection of our colleagues in the common space.


Sylvia Sewell

New Photography depicting the desert and cosmos by Sylvia Sewell.

Sylvia Sewell Studio

Hack Interactive

Eric Barry Drasin, Sean McIntyre, This Land is Your Land

There is a giant rainbow pouring out of our kitchen window into an abandoned lot. This land was made for you and me!

CONLANG (Constructed Language)

Jinkyung Chong

CONLANG (Constructed Language) a great group show from 8 artist They use their body directly & indirectly in their works


49B Studios

Makram Hamdan and Friends, Outside - IN

Outside-IN is a group show of artists residents at 49B Studios and guest artists. Reflecting on nature, found objects and proportions


Live from the Main Stage

Acoustic singer-songwriters residing in Brooklyn perform 45 min. sets @ The Bodega...Ben Warren and Matthew Glasson are scheduled to appear.


Shinto Imai

Recent Painting and Drawing. Minimal abstraction, expressionism, and photo-based oil painting.


John McGarity

The Order of the Old Line

New mixed media pieces from a developing body of work based on symbolic language within esoteric religious secrecy.


Björn Meyer-Ebrecht

German artist Bjoern Meyer-Ebrecht is exploring utopian architecture and abstraction in many forms from drawing to collage to sculpture.


Brooklyn Torch Project

Mary Jeys

A local currency project working to bring an alternative paper exchange medium to North Brooklyn


Deborah Brown

Paintings inspired by the Bushwick landscape and its signature elements including razor wire, shoes dangling from wires, & satellite dishes

Sidewalk Shadow #3

El Camino ARTRV

Heather Morgan, Kelsey Bennett, Remy Bennett, Liz Dimmitt, Genevieve Dimmitt, Fleury Rose, Tomahawk Salon, Last Chance Salon

Step inside Heather Morgan’s paintings & RV beauty salon. . . transform into one of her flawed beauties with free hair teasing & nail art

Last Chance Salon painting

Carrie Bobo

Paintings and prints informed by the built environment.


Henry G. Sanchez

Studio304, Brooklyn2Beyoglu

"Brooklyn2Beyoglu" 3:15min, premier at Studio304, Saturday June 4th


Hive Ahoy!

Yula and The Extended Family, Sarah Zar, and more, The Hive NYC

A Show Case of curated work by various members of THE HIVE NYC


Yura Osborn, Nick Fyhrie

YURA OSBORN and NICK FYHRIE are New York based artists sharing studio in Brooklyn, NY. They met during the SVA Summer Residency in 2008.



"Dunkle Wolke," curated by artist William Powhida, including Bill Abdale, Ellie Ga, David McBride, Bjoern Meyer- Ebrecht, and Jenny Vogel.


319 Scholes

Hello World

319 Scholes presents "Hello World" a selection of thesis projects from NYU Tisch ITP Program 2011 Graduates.

Terri Chiao

A Cabin in a Loft, Open House

Open House at A Cabin in a Loft, an architectural installation featuring two houses inside of an open live/work space.


Loom Studios

Zalmen Labin, Introduction to Yoga

Loom Studios is dedicated to offering Yoga and a holistic lifestyle to our community. Come weave the creative mind, body 'n soul together!


Pedal Power NYC

Various Artists, Powered By Natural Ass

Pedal Power NYC announces an amazing series of bike powered concert rehearsals a.k.a. The Natural Ass Sessions! Volunteers power sick bands.


Fashion Show featuring Dweeb, Better Than Jam, Nakimuli, 15NYC, Himane, Ministry of Culture clothing, and the official jewelry line of the fashion show Made by A.G.


Come check out the latest Men's and Women's hand made pieces from Brooklyn based clothing lines featured in Better Than Jam boutique.


Cooper Holoweski

Video and works on paper displaying the problem/promise of perfection, the dream of Fordism, and the seduction of mediocrity.

03. final small for email

Lori Kirkbride

Piece of Cake

Will be featuring 2 new Polymer/Resin painting projects "Blue Balls" and "Piece of Cake". Will be offering very affordable art for sale


As The Music Dies

Jason Tam, Warehouse Sample Sale

As The Music Dies is a cut and sew T-shirt label inspired by horror movies and music. All graphics/illustrations done by Son of Tam.


Pixel Playground

You are invited to Pixel Playground, a festive collection of video projections, photography, DJs, performance art, sculpture and painting.


Tyrome Tripoli

Tripoli Designs

Tyrome Tripoli, assemblage artist: discarded plastic constructions. Tripoli Designs, metal sculptor: furniture, architectural metal work.


Junto Gallery

A meeting place for memory, reason and imagination

Sharilyn Neidhardt

Postmodernist Lending Library

Sharilyn Neidhardt will be showing recent paintings - "Celebrity Disasters" and "Conflict" - in her home studio in East Williamsburg.


Danny Dries

A Life in Art

Paintings and sculptures from a lifetime of making art.


Haejae Lee

Postulated Space

Series of paintings about the world between real & made-up worlds. They are inspired by Hollywood cinema and North Korean propaganda art.

The Emissary Who Did Not Return

Secret Works Loft

Jim Byrne, Megan Byrne, Liliana Dirks-Goodman, Betsy Ely, Ethan Knetchel, Matt Sanchez, Justin Walter

Visual Art on view all day with a Dance Performance Event starting at 4pm. Have a drink and relax in the view.


Richard Nocera

This will be an open studio. Your invited to see works in progress as well as completed paintings. I'll be there to answer any questions

Aaron Zimmerman, Jon Newman, Amanda C. Mathis, Matt Lillis, Brian Novatny, Matt Jones

Between Two Friends

A group show of new work by participating Artists.


Beth Letain

Open studio of recently completed paintings.

Timothy Pickerill

The Omen Project

I am a poet and photographer who mostly shows video art as well as performing but like my grandmother I have a painting studio .


Jess Laskosky

Stop by and say hi to Jess, some food and drink, and to her filled studio of abstract paintings brushed and poured with colorful toothaches.


Jeffrey Kurosaki, Tara Pelletier

The Friendly Falcons & Their Friend the Snake

Open studio of Jeffrey Kurosaki & Tara Pelletier, a collaboration of visual arts and music.


PS123 Art Garden

Art and Literacy Program, Coalition for Hispanic Family Services

Come enjoy our garden, food and a public installation of artwork made by children from PS123's Arts and Literacy Program!

PS123 Art Garden Sample 1

Studio 304 Slideshow, Live networked art exhibition that is transmitted via internet and projected in realtime.

Henry G. Sanchez, Jan Mun, Ryan Bajornas, Pasqual Gorriz, Mara Catalan, Gonzalo Hoghr Zamora, Sheryl Mendez, Barbara Celis, Ignacio Lopez-Fando, Ayala Sella, Ryan Brown, Mina Georgescus, Hector Adalid, Borders

A live slideshow art networked exhibition of local and international artist. The exhibition includes photography, video and live performance.


Bruce Dow

We're turning the mirror around in a big extroverted experiment for our "Anti-Curating for Social Change Exhibit"; featuring all of you.

ethan pettit gallery

ethan pettit, Inaugural Show

The inaugural show of my new gallery. Ten artists represented.


Sean Fader, Aiden Simon

Have a first look at new photographs by queer artists, Sean Fader ( and Aiden Simon (!


Tom Lawson

People and Numbers

Collage using magazine ads, stencil, adhesive numerals and found photographs.

April Hanbbarrasi

I will be showing contemporary jewelry, photography, painting, and drawing in the my open studio.


Factory Fresh

Bushwick Art Park & Surrealism

Saturday June 4, FF & Jason Andrew will collaborate on a Surrealist show in the FF gallery & a sculpture garden on Vandervoort Place

Ford, Ryan Michael MeVSMyself

Artur Ratton

Pixel Playground

Film portraits, photography and unfinished collage works narrate a decade in the life of this Brazilian artist in New York.


Laura Miller, Hunter Herrick, Kyle Simons

Open Studio: Sculpture, Film Screenings and Music - Free Drinks, Food and Performances every night!

Doing Vermeer

Grace Moon

Portrait painter Grace Moon will be shooting portraits – in an homage to Vermeer – the public is invited to get their photo taken


Maciek Jasik

Maciek Jasik's photography creates a parallel world doused in intense color that distorts and amplifies the human face and body.


The Continental Presents:

Roxanne Kratt, Alexander Hadjiloukas, Lawrence Martinez, Arrien Zinghini, Ryan Kane, The Continental, Inc.

Narrative and abstract shorts by Brooklyn based filmmakers. A washed up surf guitarist, an inherited haunted house, a dark beach, and more!


Alexis Pace

Sculpture, photography, mixed media, video & popsicle sticks. I take the inspiration where it comes from. Conceptual but always accessible.

Fear of high heels

Matt Gliva

Finished works/Works in progress

Maxxx von Willmann

painting, sculpture and photography. - maxxx von willmann


Brad Thiele

gravity's relative

Baby Shower!

Marni Kotak, Jason Robert Bell, Baby X, Chef Wendi Bernstein, The Pater Familias, Walen, Allie, Daisy, Alpha, Omega, and more, MyHouse

Marni Kotak & Jason Robert Bell invite the public to a shower for their baby due in October. Artists create works as 'gifts' for the baby.

Kids' Canvas

Kids' Canvas will showcase work made by our students, 2-4 years old, who attend our classes in drama, art and music.


PONY Mobile

Alison Cheeseman, Devon Huhn, Jonathan D. Morales, Ilene Pabon, Ricardo Rivera, Andreas Hager, George Hemcher , Joel Yapching, Kasey Burgess, Evening Stroll in Park After Lightning Storm

A feral adventure through the works by Verdi, Mozart, Puccini, Tchaikovsky, Bizet, Händel, Saint-Saëns, Donizetti, and Rossini.

Pony Mobile LogoNEWwithoutnames


dint wooer Krsna,, Peru ana ana peru, Mike die, Trxtr , Billi Kid, quel beast, septerhed, Asvp, Kosbe, jos-1, qrst, Bankrupt slut, Choice Royce, ZamArt, Wisher, ccb, 914, d.w.y.a.k.z, , 16 street artists Collaboration

16 street artists Collaboration


furniture in its native environs

Peter Buley, pbdb

Furniture in its native environs showcases furniture from pbdb. pbdb creates contemporary forms with a nod to traditional joinery.


Colleen Ford, Wade Schaming

Studio 402 shared by artists Colleen Ford and Wade Schaming

Jayanthi Moorthy

Installation art and paintings with mixed media.


Debbie T. Davies

Visual artist Debbie Davies showing abstract paintings, fine art photography, and video-art. Also art from recycled materials.


The Schoolhouse

Justin Steimer, Gaspar Dietrich, Chris Chludenski, Cassidy Mosher, Elliot Kurtz for "free press", Willy Muse, Augustin Doublet, Tessa Mauclere, Jared Zagha, Gail Cassus for "November Moon jewelry, Mariette Papic, Florence Gillet.

A true Bushwick cultural landmark for over a decade, the Schoolhouse will present projects from residents and visiting artists. Mixed media

house front

Nesta Mayo


Open studio featuring new drawings and paintings- large and small, finished and in progress.

BOS online nmayo dodo

Brent Owens, Jenn Brehm, Sarah Bednarek, Patrick McElligott

A selection of different approaches to painting and sculpture.


Olivié Ponce

Painting/Current Projects.

Olivié Ponce’s series affords a rare opportunity to witness an artist negotiate the transition between figurative and abstract expression


jill sigman/thinkdance

Workshop: The Edges of Performance

This 3 hr workshop investigates the edges of performance. Participants must arrive by 2pm to register. No prior movement experience required


Stephen Faillace

A series of Abstract Photographs by Brooklyn based photographer Stephen Faillace


Art @ The Bodega

Paintings by Danielle Warren, Sculpture by Matthew Lundquist, and Photography by Phoebe Waterson displayed around the bar for BOS.


English Kills Art Gallery

The English Kills crew and special guests, Mother Ship

Mother Ship: English Kills crew plus special guests explore themes of motherhood and extra-terrestrials

Light Hearts - CANCELLED

Ruth Nineke, Dori J, Alexandra Pandolas, Lenora Jayne, Low Brow Society

Light Hearts is a light hearted art event for the cute romantics


Antoine Lefebvre, Kyoung Eun Kang

Antoine Lefebvre and Kyoung Eun Kang will present their latest body of work; including sculptures, videos, drawings and photography.

IMG_0937 copy 2


Bryan Ellingson

Come take a journey aboard the Lazership.



Ivin Ballen, Dan Baker, Bittertang, Evan Collier, Zak Goodman, Jack Henry, Ian Horn, Pierre Le Hors, Julian Lorber, Meghan Petras, Thomas Robinson, Andriana Santiago, Brian Keith Sharrock, Brooke Taylor, ARCH Production & Design NYC

A group exhibition of works by ARCH Production & Design NYC and other local artists and designers. Curated by Claudia Eve Beauchesne


Tim Kent

Ocular Joy

Tim Kent Studio will be exhibiting large drawings the subject of which are men who are active participants in the visual, literary and film

TK Studio ER

Enlarged to Show Detail - Rebecca Davis, Jordan Gomez, Megan Shelby, Drew Anthony Smith, Chrissie Smolders

Rebecca Davis, Jordan Gomez, Megan Shelby, Drew Anthony Smith, Chrissie Smolders

Showcasing the work of 6 Brooklyn based photographers.


Wendy Klemperer, Steven Brower

Wendy Klemperer: Large steel sculptures, small wax sculptures, drawings. Steven Brower: Brower Propulsion Lab artifacts and spacecraft


Brooke Moyse

Abstract oil paintings.

Orange and purple diamonds

Chez Bushwick

Sat: Performance and Mixed Media Salon with local and international artists in our studio, plus bonus street performance at dusk.

EMPIREjudson 02

Chi Birmingham, Pat Kinsella, Hyesu Lee, Erin Supinski, Ben Voldman, Jess Worby, Ryan Smith

title: SPIN format: standard definition 720x480 (3.2) length: 3min, 25sec. date: 2011 description: Recalling a fathers advice.


Henry G. Sanchez

Environment Earth and Politics

title: Nature-walk format: standard definition 720x480 quicktime movie length: 5min, 15sec. date: 2011 description:  What is urban "na


Melissa Skluzacek

Studio of Melissa Skluzacek. Sculptor, video and sound artist. Skluzacek will be exhibiting video and sculpture works.


Kristy Lynn

Cloud Drop

new paintings, drawings, & prints by Kristy Lynn at her studio live/work space.... come by for art, cookies, & friendly cats

Heart Chakras_Kristy Lynn

Jupiter Pluvius

Nai Vasha, The Sweet Spot

A wonderful world of endless possibilities and open opportunities. The vacant space for the traveling mind.


Waterboard Spa

Rufus Silas Wally, Dolan Morgan, Help Seminar

Feeling down? Waterboard yourself and discover the truth. Enjoy complimentary foot massage, manicure and forced confession.

Lisa Ramsey

Lisa Ramsey's drawings and comics. Comics available for purchase, gross drawing on display.

Josh Lewis

Minor Saints

Open Pages '11: Bushwick Lit Fair

Slice Magazine

The phoenix that is Brooklyn independent publishing: journals to broadsheets, letterpress to xerox. See site for exhibitors and panels.


Jayoung Yoon


My work is a realization that people can feel the Now. I am interested in suggesting simple gestures to enter into the present moment.


Nyssa Frank, Mike Garcia, Bree Hietala

The Tervetuloa, Second Annual Opening

The Tervetuloa is a communal space for exhibitions, dinners, and performances. Be apart of your community and explore the possibilities!


Jonathan Chapline, Joe Jagos, Ali Miharbi, Marco Poggio, Emma Shapiro, Sarah Sieradzki

Brooklyn artists delegate a Bushwick apartment as temporary-art-venue. Photography, installation, painting, and video works on view.


Carolanne Leslie, Eija Ranta

Muladhara, A Root Chakra Study. Broken Glass Sculptures, Projection and Performance Art


Nico LeBarge, Lorra Jackson, Juliana Cerqueira Leite, Chris Marshall, Cecilia Roberts

Exhibition of Contemporary Works

Open studio of five internationally exhibiting artists


Meghan Keane

Pillow Culture, Pillow Pageant

Nathan and Myles: In Time Out

M. Bennett, N. Dillworth

Two person show exhibiting new work. Both artists using various mediums and techniques to investigate the solitary studio practice.

CHAOS @ Tandem

Movement Research, Inc.

CHAOS: part of Movement Research Spring Festival-5 PM free ballet class, 8PM dance recital by visual artists, 10PM wild party performance.

Minolta DSC

Patricio Jijón

Paper Disintegration

Bushwick's own sandwich company brings you a biergarten in the historic moore street market. Come sit in the cool indoor market, drink, eat


Paul Shoemaker



Free Karate Lessons

Traditional Okinawan Karate

Ever wanted to try martial arts? Free intro karate class: 2pm kids, 3pm adults, or just stop by and chat. Free uniform if you sign up.

laurel and jordan

The Jeffersonian

Sherry Aliberti, Rose Sambrato, Ryan Scott Fitzgerald, Justin Paszul, Stephen Phelps, Jonathan Phelps, Cristina Sigmond, Allison Maletz, Evan Leed, Yeji Jun, Patricio Jijon, Stephanie Garcia, Carrie Elston Tunick, Whatever Takes Shape

Requires participation. Journey to the Rooftop to play with sculpture and installation works engaging the sky, cityscape & neighborhood


Olivia Barr

Photo based installation

_MG_3626 copy

3rd Lyfe TimeShare


Find out ways 2 further exotic lyfe & purchase a Local TimeShare based on ur special&unique Time(2)Share vacation needs! Feat Neve Campbell


Collaborative Digital Printing Workshop

Brendan Carney, Supreme Digital

Saturday and Sunday Supreme Digital will run a free Digital Print Workshop for artist attending BOS 2011.


Badass Navajo Paintings

Matthew Kirk

Badass Navajo paintings depicting how we got here, where we're headed and how to cope.


Better Than Jam Handmade Co-Op

Karin Persan

A showcase of work demonstrating the talent of local designers.



Trevor Tweeten

Live interactive video installation.

Microscope Gallery

Su Friedrich, re:working

SU FRIEDRICH "re:working" is the gallery debut of this Brooklyn-based independent filmmaker. Featuring new photographs, notebooks, video.

Su Friedrich


10 K Matchbooks Mobile Street Art Theatre

With 9400 matchbook portraits completed over 3 years, 0H10M1ke will attempt to reach his goal of 10,000 matchbooks at BOS 2011!

matchbook 4972

Manifest Destiny

Jonathan Gordon

Manifest Destiny is a retrospective of American Society & Culture, through original art and found objects.

philly 6

Andrew Birk Andrew Birk Andrew Birk

Andrew Birk, The Pacific

Harnessed raw power to push the lingering carcass of painting through a haze of infinite dust toward the future. Do you care about art? I do


Ali Aschman, Meredith Rachel Bogacz, Sam Andoe

Horses, houses and patterns: Three artists showcase their studio practice.


Other People

John Pizza, Candace Thompson, Conrad Kofron

Other People is a wild, weird video collective making a psychedelic universe. Conrad Kofron paints from the internet, photos and his mind.


Maps n Mimosas

Norte Maar

MAPS N MIMOSAS. Start off BOS 2011 with this annual event hosted by Norte Maar.

Shingo Francis/El Diablo Robotico

Hatch Art

Painting, works on paper and installation works. The band El Diablo Robotico will play Sat. and Sun. at 3:00pm

Bound for Eterninty

Cedar Mansion Gets It Together

New paintings & works on paper by Lauren Denitzio and zines by Jackie Oberman, residents of "the big black & white house on the corner."


Oliver Warden

Spectacular effects driven paintings and video game landscape photography. My last two shows were at Danziger Projects and Jonathan Levine.

The Great American 900

Luck Dragon

Inaugural Exhibition for Experimental Apartment Gallery

Jeff Fichera

Oil paintings and drawings

1 phase shift copy

Catherine Lepp & Katerina Savvides

Catherine Lepp: paintings and drawings of female wrestlers. Katerina Savvides: photographs from "Mask Series"


Pigeon Be Pigeon & The Light Dynamic Open Studio

Simon Hyun, Bryan Close

We welcome you to come through and view our separate screen printing and photography operation. Enjoy demos and browse work for sale.


Nathaniel Lieb

Open Studio of the artists work in Sculpture, Drawing and performative based video

inflate 9

Joseph Russo, Antonia Basler

A photography exhibition showing the works of Joseph Russo and Antonia Basler.

Teresa McMahon

Bay Area born artist exploring city living through oil paint, watercolor, photography and mixed media. Five year Bushwick resident.


Jayne Holsinger

Recent oil paintings, gouache drawings, and monotype prints that use filmic or photographic images as their starting point


Meet Me at the Market

Liz Atz, Sharon Butler, Brece Honeycutt, Lars Kremer, Austin Thomas, Julie Torres, and Audra Wolowiec, with a special guest performance by the Push Pops, Moore Street Retail Market

Meet Me at the Market - 7 artists use the market as muse.

Moore Street Market BOS

Asa Gauen, Sara Raggini, Birgit Larson

Video pieces by artists Asa Gauen and Sara Raggini. An interactive sound installation by Birgit Larson, and copies of the NORM Zine!


Steven Schreiber, Mike Schreiber

Collages on canvas by Steven Schreiber. Black and white photographs by Mike Schreiber.


Sonomi Kobayashi

Sonomi Kobayashi and Tim Anderson will exhibit their artworks on canvas and paper, and sculpture. They are also for sale. Please stop by!


Jon Lewis

19th Century photo process meets 21st Century painterly approach in large format, unique prints.

la reina

Holly Overton

Breath in, breath out. Grab hold of a high rock, pull up. Slide under a low branch. Stand up. Reach. Pull. Sense physical exertion in nature

Picture 4

Irina Adam

A Wandering Show

a mobile photogaphy exhibit/ wandering elf, peddling in small work of art and herbal crafts (


Unrequited Meat Market: A Performance Recital

Courtney Cooke and Christiana Hank Dot Martin, Oomph

Unrequited Meat Market will showcase the talents of 345 Eldert Residents and other Special Guests. Performances, Installations, and Local DJ

Unrequited Meatmarket2

Cassidy Hersey

I create drawings/illustrations about the environments I find myself in.


Potion Collective

Bartholomew, The Bright Room, Massage Club, Crash Robin, Japanic Attack, and more, Showcase

A sampling of the neighborhoods best arts and music in the form of a 2 day festival brought to you by the Potion Collective.

Hannah Mishin

Open Studios of Fine Artist, Hannah Mishin. Free delish Booze!


Jessica Angel

I use painting and sculpture to depict computer-like images to confirm the idea that the breach between these two is not as wide as it seems


Jeremiah Jones

This exhibition is a presentation of works incorporating projected film, animation and folk art aesthetics.

singing bones still

Palmetto AIR

Diane Smith, Abby Ruby, Jamie Paladino, Karin Minkin, Shawn Kelloway, Christopher Hicks, Sean Fleming; Special Guests: Rafael Fuchs, 0h10 M1ke and Edgardo Parado, Vivian Puxian, Henry Sanchez, DJ Mayonaise Hands, Genevieve White, The Human Form and Palmetto AIR's Video Forum: Environment Earth and Politics

THE HUMAN FORM, 7 members of PalmettoAIR show work featuring the figure ENVIRONMENT EARTH & POLITICS, video show, sat @9pm, party to follo

3d crawl w_pedestal

The Doctor is in (accessible)

We are planning a free/low-cost care health clinic for NYC artists. Help us assess your needs and expectations.

Splinters and Logs

Ivy Mix, Michelle Mayer, Mayen Alcantara, Alicia B. Lim, Mathieu Lefevre, Marc Boutges, Erica Wessmann, Sean Slemon, Deric Carner, Chris McGee, Annie Yalon and others

Splinters and Logs is a studio space in Bushwick that hosts about 35 emerging and professional artists.

untitled-grand copy

Magnificent Mayhem Showcase and Party

Deathrow Tull, Technicolor Lenses, Bird Courage, The Nuclears, 100dbs, Fransic Stallings, Brynne Billingsly, Andrew Nemr, Crystal Clarity, OH10M1ke, Affiliated Aesthetic

Magnificent Mayhem is an adventure into the live art of Bushwick: Bands, DJs, Dance Performance, Live Painting, Circus Fun, and more!

Micahel Stefanovich

Eidos Gallery

Sculpture in marble, wood , bronze, resin; bio- and anthropomorphic in form. Echoing aspects of man and nature relecting the inner self.


Ayane Kurai

Oil Paintings by Ayane Kurai;


Arts@Renaissance (part of St. Nicks Alliance)

jill sigman/thinkdance, Leat Klingman, Janet Kurnatowski, Anna Lise Jensen, Hut #7 and Puppets Please

Made entirely of found materials, Hut # 7acts as a sculpture and stage for performances and discussions on garbage, environment and housing.


Cathy Choi

Liquid: Recent Paintings

Abstract color-field, "LIQUID" paintings in the studio. Recent Paintings and Works in progress.


Camel Art Space Studios

Joseph Sossi, Meredith Iszlai, Maria Kondratiev, John Kesling, Florence Gidez

Five artists at Camel Art Space open their studios to the public. Painting, drawing, collage, watercolor, sculpture, prints and Prince!


Adam Distenfeld


Sculptures and fountains in the artist's studio and the roof garden above it, made from rocks reclaimed from local construction sites.

File created with CoreGraphics

Todd Lantz

Todd Lantz produces cast sculpture, mixed media sculpture, framed drawings, ornamental plaster, and design elements for the home.

BOS2011 Fashion Show

A runway show featuring professional designers and the launch of a new fashion line designed and produced by Bushwick high school students

Carol Salmanson

Gesture Drawings with LEDs, wire, and diffusion; Gouache Drawings on Paper

Piece 6 Corrected

Cojo, 10 (S)ubjects In Progress

I'm working on a ten painting series of 8' canvases based on a yearlong drawing experiment for a proposed solo show- Gallerists Welcome!


Aaron Kreiswirth

Color medium format photography. Recent urban landscape and portrait series from Russia and Western Europe.


Ryosuke Kumakura, Naruki Kukita

Two painters and guest artists in three rooms. You will see great works and the secret of genius.


The 4th Annual Bushwhack Series

Desert Sin, Paul Rome, Regina Rocke+Niall Jones, New York Neo-Futurists, Flako Jimenez, and A Host of People, The Bushwick Starr

The Bushwick Starr's annual Bushwhack Series is a performance festival devoted to the development of new work by Bushwick-based artists.

Opening reception at STOREFRONT gallery

"Dunkle Wolke," curated by artist William Powhida. Artists: Bill Abdale, Ellie Ga, David McBride, Bjoern Meyer-Ebrecht, Jenny Vogel


Freak Flag and Duke Papi Present

Lena Hawkins, Taylor Sakarett

reverted reved up sanctity, non sanctioned spin art, brand new weavings by the acclaimed weaver chutney filmore sponsored by



Kohei, Chain, Mayuko Okada, Ryuta, Ryubun

5 Japanese artists express their own feelings about New York and Japan with their individual ways such as painting, drawing, installation.

Regina Rex

Through the Warp

"Through the Warp" at Regina Rex. Reception on Sat, June 4th, 7-10pm Eli Ping & Lauren Portada have open studios on June 4 & 5, 12-6pm

Jamisen Ogg-warp-dtl-1

Matthew Miller

the magic black of an open barn door on a really sunny summer day, when you just cannot see into it

Iconoclastic self-portraits by a Bushwick painter


Cat Glennon

# 61 HOTEL 796 Broadway 2nd Fl.

Guache and colored pencil drawings along side sketch collages and small sculptures.


Boswyck Farms

Visit Boswyck Farms' outdoor hydroponic installation at the Bushwick Starr Theater! Neighborhood partners come together to make green space


Rebecca Betts

Little Skips

Oil paintings- Scarecrows and Creatures. I don't sketch - create my subjects after seeing paint on the canvas, and let them naturally evolv


Lemia Bodden, Dorian Carli-Jones

A creative collaboration between two different emerging artists, Dorian Carli-Jones and Lemia Monet Bodden.

wide framed

Matt Mignanelli

Matt Mignanelli - Paintings


New, Old, And Future Works

Mark Cannariato, Alex Fontecha, Ryan Schroeder

An open studio displaying Panting, Photography and Sculpture

Heidi Elbers

Paintings and drawings influenced from growing up in New Orleans with the fabricated royalty of Mardi Gras, Carnival krewes and debutantes.

Elbers_Heidi_In my dress

Eric Jiaju Lee

Eric Jiaju Lee's new and recent works.


Grace Exhibition Space

Anya Liftig, Rafael Sanchez, Megghan Van Alstyne, Rebecca Jampol, Marni Kotak, Grace Exhibition Space

Group show featuring the works of contemporary performance artists. Also visit the resident studios of Vandana Jain and Kathleen Vance.

Rules of Engagement - Lessons from Five Years of Organizing Artists in Bushwick

Arts in Bushwick

A discussion panel about the arts and community engagement, featuring local leaders from non-profits, government, and the arts community

Andrew Birk, Axel Dupeux, Kate­lan Foisy, Ryan Ford, Rafael Fuchs, Richard Haines, Mary Judge, James Mar­shall, Lena Mar­quise, Ali­cia Papanek, Frank Rath­bone, Tes­cia Seuf­fer­lein, Alli­son Somers, Jackie Sum­mers, Ari Snei­der, Linda Thach, Veng, and, Tuesday People, group show of 18 artists

Every Tuesday, Bushwick Daily, popular neighborhood blog features an interesting Bushwick person. This show is all about them. Come say hi!

bushwick daily highres


Summer Group Show IV

SPREAD ART Summer Group Show IV Painting, Photography, Mixed Media, Sculpture, Video, Performance, Installation, Music and More!

Spread Art SGSIV web (2)

Roland Robert Cowperthwaite

Media artist Roland Robert Cowperthwaite will be displaying selected works and works in progress.

Welcome to NY - yellow-brown

Unrecords Multimedia

Shannon DuVall, Jonny Aquadora, Lulu Cipher, Martin Seck, Antonio Art Lab, Adriano, Takashio Hiasu, Naked Tommy, Olga M, Danger Dan, KA, and more, The Intergalactic Trial of Life on Earth

The Intergalactic Trial of The Universe Vs Life on Earth. Contributing witnesses present their cases for/against the continuation of life.

Ice Nine Kills Promotional Photos

23 Windows Art Collective

B Lucky, Dmitry Morosov, Dok Gregory, Kelvin Daly, Masa Fujimori, Masha Gitin, Recycle And Pray aka Kappo Kappini, DJ Shakey, Shio Takashio, Spazecraft One, Yuri Elik, Z Collective

Open The Doors

Meli Sanfiorenzo, Sandra Passirani and more, Live-In-Creative Art/Transitional/BirdsNest/Oops Space

ITs A neW SeASon ALL tHe TiMe iNsiDe oF uS . We SPrOuT neW FeeLinGs aNd leT bAD FeElinGs FaLL. WE GroW AnD LEaRn fRom Each OtHer, We GroW t


Oliver Jones

Featuring a newly complete installation, "The Cistercian Wilderness" and works from the recent photographic series, "The Imperial Kingdom

Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH

Nifty Fine Chill Fun Rendezvous

Locals wake you up, nerves & heart | 1pm exhibition & interactive painting | 4pm literary, humour noir | 6pm music for sundown


False Gallery

Jorden Haley, David Bray, Lena Marquise

False Gallery // OPEN STUDIO // David Bray :: Jorden Haley :: Lena Marquise


BOS Film Festival

A free two-day film festival curated by Microscope Gallery

Revised film festival

Maanik Singh Chauhan

Amazing paintings derived through relationships between but not limited to color, material, surface, and the photographic image.


Alan Lugo

Plastic Photography, The Other Half Of Civilization

An amazing three days of art music and fashion. The Loom is a MUST see in the Bushwick Art Walk.

Vic The Welder1 By Alan Lugo

Curbs and Stoops Active Space

Ashley Zelinskie, Jeffrey Pena, Jonathan Chapline, Sebastian Vallejo, Brian Maller, Robin Grearson, Quel Beast, Bushwick Daily, Kataryna Hybenova

Curbs and Stoops Active Space's first Bushwick Open Studio! We will be sharing our studio residents, installations, and performance art.


Community Event #1019

Jellocheo, Gellochio, Tchellokhalilo, Gealokillowe

Come visit the Gelokilo workshop. Where the industrial landscape of Bushwick collides with the imagined world of Jealocheeo.

lab record3

Genetica: The New Noah's Ark

John Kazar, Boutique Studios

Genetica " The New Noah's Ark " is an art project by John Kazar to save the Earth's genetic code in 100,000 year time capsules.

Camel Art Space

Camel Art Space : Exhibitions and Open Studios.

Camel Art Space logo

King Farish

Large scale paintings on paper and canvas


Erin Haldrup, Joseph Ryan, Ilana Savdie, Maggie Carson Romano

Four artists working, as mediums, in their chosen mediums! LARGE scale Color bombs, Reflections of the Retina and Videos for the Voracious!


Brian Marilla - Hectah - House Party League - HPL

House Party League presents art. Yup.


Rahul Alexander

Recent paintings, lithographs, & sculptures. As a member of BroLab I'll be here to answer questions & provide documentation video + photo


Wonderpuss Octopus

In the Aquarium

Opening Reception: June 4, 6 -10pm 'IN THE AQUARIUM' new works include 12 x 40 ft painting, fuzzy hard drives, and 'edible' cameras.


Sean O'Connor + Backspace Performance Ensemble

Sean O'Connor-Mix of vivid watercolors and sculptures made from broken skateboard decks! bacKspace-Colorful theatrical dance extravaganzas!


Eric Diehl, Jackson Hunt

Eric's studio with artist Aaron Maurer and Jackson Hunt. gearing up for our cross-country painting trip:


Eileen Weitzman and Sascha Asher

Vibrant, luxuriant, colorful abstract figurative sculptures made from fabric, paint , photos etc and drawings to match.


Kristen Sciele, Tatiana Berg, Christina Kee

Three artists working in a shared studio in painting, scenic installations, collage, and constructed painting-sculptures!

Daniel Rodriguez


Visual Designer


David Howe

Large scale photographs from an exhibition in progress called "Scratching the Surface" will be on view.


AMO studios

AMO studios is a collective of young artists seeking to create a space open for exploration and collaboration across mediums.


Studio Swede

Martin Adolfsson, Patrik Andersson

Contemporary photography and video from two fashion/video and portraiture artists.


Cathy Choi

At the core of "sticky" stands "The Vespas," a series of sticker and label collages I found myself making after breaking my right hand..

Shanna Maurizi

New work from the project "Unidentified".


The Make Room

Jose, Johanna Cederstam

406 Studios

David Crespo , Felix Ceballos, Jackie Rodriguez

Photography of the different activities presented by during the year. Pictures of "Body Collider Dance Group" performance.

fav the push

Kaz Ooka

Figure nude challenging the past


J.F. Lynch

Drawings and paintings that externalize and reconcile the internal conflict between language and experience.


Megan Jolly Studio

gilf! is an up and coming street artist working and living in Brooklyn. She focuses on social, environmental, and political issues.

ferminkolor, hitomix

Brush Tour

paintings and drawings from Argentina and Japan. techniques are oil, acrylic, ink, on canvas, papers. and some crafts, objects.

tierra 016

The Trinity Project

Lotte Allen, Thomas Bell, Bob Bellerue, Melinda Beretta, Marla Bumble, Grayson Cox, Kerry Cox, Mary DeStefano, Charlotte Ghiorse, Eric Ramos Guerrero, Don Leistman, Ray Oglesby, Janice Purvis, Brian Rattiner, Tara Romeo, Jessica Segall, Lior

The Trinity Project presents: Art! Community! 2 Floors of Studios, 20 Artists, 1 Student Gallery, 250 Kids!


Hannah Herr, Arielle Falk, Peter Calvin

Photography, installation and sculpture


James Reeder

open studio, showing work in progress: photography, installation, sculpture


Jani Benjamins

My work involves play, while generally dealing with systems of displacement. I use a variety of media.


Julia Colavita, Francesca Neiman

Julia and Francesca's work compliment each other through their realms of the surreal, fantastical environments, and biomorphic.


Susan Begy

Before It Was, After It Became, Now That It Is

scene & as yet unseen sculpture and drawings not on paper. on paper too.


Daniel Derwelis, Ryan Pressman, Talon Gustafson, Ra'mon-Lawrence Coleman

Open studios of four artists working in a range of media and a group show of other NY artists called "Put your back into it".


Christopher Stout

Linear Anagram

Showing NEW large works from my upcoming LES solo. Works are built with cement and shredded corporate documents. Artist talk Sat &Sun 2pm.


Catalin Moldoveanu

ART FOR HUMANS is pleased to announce a rare OPEN HOUSE for AFH STUDIO BROOKLYN at our Morgan Studios space on Grand Street in Williamsburg.


Jun Shoji

Castle Braid, Castle Braid Group Show

Showing a drawing at the castle braid. There will be BBQ and a roof top party on June 4th 12pm- 12am.

Charles Laib Bitton

Recognition and memory are stripped of physical content as pattern provokes paralysis.


René Smith

This series of large scale oil paintings of male nudes and related collages is about men’s bodies seen through a woman’s eyes.


Outpost Artists Resources

Jesse Reding Fleming, The View From Out There: Southern California Video Art

A night of video art curated by artist Jesse Reding Fleming. Fleming will present a selection of video art from LA-based video artists.

Bethany Bandera, Maeve Sheridan, David Siegel, Melissa Capasso, Gretchen Vitamvas, Rebekah Potter

Bethany's Infrastructural landscape photographs. 2-D works by Maeve. Table-top items w locally reclaimed lumber by David.


Gallery 1R

Sean Carroll, Ian Delaune, Cameron Johnson, Salma Khalil, Danielle Linzer, Squid Quinn, Joshua Sandler, Zachary Sandler, Jake Selvidio, Dan Slabonik, Joy Whalen

Exhibition of recent works in photography, video and computer illustration.


Amanda Hunt, Erika Zelis, Sara Pessa

The Curious People, Carnival

Carnival is a glimpse into an alternative mode of living: be prepared to experience the art of grotesque living through performance.

Chunghee Han


Yawyou is a room near our heart where we sit with a quiet spirit that allows us to appreciate the little things that surround us.


BOS Music Festival

A free two-day music festival featuring 18 of Brooklyn's finest bands


Silvina Arismendi, Zeljka Blaksic, Juan Fontanive, Tom Kotik, Kristyna and Marek Milde, Allison Schlegel

Come join us to see the newest work by 7 Brooklyn Artists. Opening Party with Live Music and Outdoor Screening in the Garden.

Zeljka Balksic, Seaside, 2010, still from the video 2

Wait Wait Don't Hit Me

Vladimir Nogartse, Sam Ozzop, DiGo

4PM ACTION-EVENT. Get in a tight group on traffic island at Thames and Varick. Face East. Bring a stick! Wait for the action to begin!!!

DiGo image

Jim Stanis

Enigmatic, surrealist paintings, drawings and animations by Jim Stanis will be on display in his home/studio


Brooklyn Cooperative Federal Credit Union

Brooklyn Cooperative is helping to revitalize Bushwick and Bedford-Stuyvesant, two of the most under-banked neighborhoods in New York City.


Andrew Cornell Robinson

Arts + Crafts Research Studio

The atelier of Andrew Cornell Robinson. An art and design studio with a focus on ceramics and mixed media.


Fedele Spadafora, Aida Ben Hamouda, Standa Merhout

New works of painting and photography by artists Fedele Spadafora, Adia Ben Hamouda, and Standa Merhout.


Why Don't You Come and Get Your Healing Here Right Here Right Now!

Nicole Teeny, Emma Jane Gonzalez

A divine interactive performance piece in which visitors will be healed, reborn, fed, and (if they want) married.


Hannah Rawe

NeW woRkS on pAPeR in a WOodEn woRk. Have your portrait done in the garden.


Projective City

Installation of work by Louise Jorsg Berg


little skips

Billy Hahn, Frank Rathbone, James Marshall, Lisa Bauer, Katar?na Hybenov?, Ray Henders, Rebecca Betts, Richard Haines, T & LO, Tyrome Tripoli, V Smith, Showcasing The Regulars

Come check out exceptional work from talented local artists, many of whom are regulars at the cafe and available for coffee interviews.


Rafael Fuchs

Bushwick - The First Chapter

This is a salon style exhibition at the back of the cafe that includes about 30 photographic prints of the neighborhood and its people.


Place Painting

John H Murray

A bathroom, closet and fireplace float in space. Abstract portraits of glass and plastic: dead shapes cast from living drama.


John Robert Martino

Selected works on display and for sale, including digital collage, photography, and the artist's original self-published book 'volume One

Stickup At Florent MASTER.jpgforBOS2011

Maro Hagopian Photography Studio

Photographers, Maro Hagopian, Joelle Sedlmeyer & Olivia Barr. Selected Works. Photo guestbook. DJ. Food and Drink.


Cut A Hit Record With PassKontrol


Want to be a famous star? Want to have a certified top gold hit on the charts? NOW YOU CAN!!! Come to Cut A Hit Record With PassKontrol!!!

cut a hit record with pass kontrol 2011 flier 2

David McBride

Paintings and collage.

Onderdonk Sculpture Garden

Stroll the 1.5 acres of beautiful gardens around a 17th Century Dutch farm. See outdoor sculptures, and on Sunday, enjoy live music and bbq

Linda Kamille Schmidt

Paintings & drawings. Circles and lines playfully interact and are used to understand, explore, invent or entertain.

2005 - Aeration - oil on panel - 24 x 22 in

Bobby Sharon Enterprise

Emily Burke, Peter Clough, Elizabeth Ferry, Jennifer Gustavson, Maxine Keyes, Ji Yoon Koo, Jeremy Olson,Max Razdow, Audrey Tran, Nickolaus Typaldos, Adam Tyson

The doodles, footnotes, sawdust, sketchbooks, post-its, and finished works of 10 artists stationed in 10 rooms.


Will Pappenheimer

mixed media and augmented reality

BOS Closing Party

The BOS after party with dj's, dancing and drink specials.

White Flag

A modest, studio convert into a exhibition space.

211155_200677746638454_3978879_n (1)

Senza di voi, questa stanza ? sempre pi? freddo

William Kirwan

Installation featuring painting, sculpture and time

Storms Comin Annie - Acrylic on Paper - 2010

Bushwick State of Art

Kike Seba, Valeria de la Pava, Lala Lala Montoya, Julian Zee, Dario Pantosin,Nicolas Cifuentes, Diana B, Bushwick State of Art

Art Collective, lot of fun


Eric Lindveit

Parade Shields

This is an exhibition of dimensional paintings/drawings titled "Parade Shields" that are a quest to create a believable sylvan epidermis.


Ron Richter

Over 100 paintings by Ron Richter will be on display at his studio. The work is influenced by Surrealism, Pop Art and the Chicago Imagists.


Sam Simon, William Tedford III

Visit Sam Simon Studios home of cute n chic. See a new set in the TWINS series: paintings encrusted with rhinestones & glitter.

Allan Bailey, Erin Henry

Sculptures by Erin Henry and video work by Allan Bailey and Paul Carney. Serving Sangria all Saturday!


Liz Medina

I am Eternally Yours

I have written and drawn you a love letter. Come see me so I can give it to you. Please come, I miss you.



Francesco Longenecker, Cynthia Hartling, Layton Hower, MaryKate Maher, Landscapes Metamorphic, Topologies Chromatoplastic

Lands discernible among scapes abstracted. [...] Elsewhere'd terrains in fecund chromatics.


Kyu Seok Oh

Sculptures made from hand-made paper. Come see new works in progress and the Counting Sheep that survived a week installed in Times Square.


Lawrence Mesich, Yarn/Wire

Yarn/Wire and Lawrence Mesich open their shared studio to the public. Videos, installations and new music performances will be on view.


Cibele Vieira

I spray-paint religious objects black and photograph them against a black background. My intention is to open a dialogue about the place of icons as mythological referents in art and life.

Elizabeth Winton

Rip, reel, hinge and its morphology. Mixed media paintings, collograph, collage and works on paper.


New work from the series "Street-Masks"

Nate Anspaugh

Displaying recent series of mixed media collage & poster-sculpture "masks," made from ad posters excavated from the streets of NY


Fine-Ass Art

Quel Beast, QRST, El Sol 25, Gilf, Rimx, Alden, Alicia Papanek, and more, Throw Away Art

Bushwick locals and Kings County regulars exceed all expectation in this clusterfukk of creative expression.


Bushwick Augmented Reality Intervention 2010

Mark Skwarek + TBA

The BUSHWICK AUGMENTED REALITY INTERVENTION is an augmented reality take over of Bushwick, Brooklyn NY.


Delphine Diallo and Hugo McCloud



Damon Sfetsios

the leadership we have. the revolution we need.


The Teaching Studios of Art-Brooklyn

Rob Zeller, Bennett Vadnais, Chris Pugliese, Cesar Santos, Kristin Künc, Patricia Watwood, Adam Miller, Faculty Exhibition, Portrait Demonstration, Book-Signing Party

The Teaching Studios of Art -Brooklyn • Faculty exhibit all weekend • Book signing party on Friday • Portrait demonstration on Saturd


John O'Reilly, Peter Mühlhäußer, Stephen Shaheen

The BluBox

The BluBox is an Atelier of 3 individual artists studios and 1 projects pace. It is run by three professional New York City sculptors/ MFAs.