A Chance to be Seen: Blick in Bushwick


by Etty Yaniv; all photos by Etty Yaniv Opening at ArtHelix When Aaron Morrill, chairman of the board of Blick Art Materials, approached ArtHelix, a dynamic art gallery in Bushwick, he intended to use the space for a holiday party. Instead, after discussing the idea further they decided that there is no better way to … Continued

Joy and Humor Pierce a Vague Dystopia at Exchange Rates


by Catherine Kirkpatrick Beards (Judy) by Sadie Hennessy; all photos by Catherine Kirkpatrick As part of Exchange Rates, Bushwick’s Fuchs Projects partnered with the Queens Park Railway Club of Glasgow, UK. Run by artists Patrick Jameson and Ellis Luxemburg, the gallery is located on the platform of an active train station. With an outreach to … Continued

Marquetry and Moving Images: Julien Gardair


by Stephanie Chan; all photos by Julien Gardair unless otherwise indicated Cutout from the See Through series (2014) From expansive site-specific installations to coffee table collages, multimedia artist Julien Gardair seems to do it all. His extensive portfolio includes video sculptures, outsize cutouts of free-form felt and asphalt, and innumerable glossy magazines, excavated for color, … Continued

Curation Transformation: Challenging Art-World Hierarchies


by Willow Goldstein Cura (Tangled Hierarchy) accompanying essay by Stephan Faught The artist-curator has become a more present staple in the contemporary art landscape, yet the categorical divide remains. It is this divide that Cura (Tangled Hierarchy) seeks to address. Over tea, artist and curator Sessa Englund explained the premise of this new endeavor. The … Continued

Many Roads to Here: The Art of Kyle Mumford

©Kyle Mumford

by Catherine Kirkpatrick Self-portrait, ©Kyle Mumford In every artist there is place, a county of the soul, where memory and imagination meet, ideas gather force, and work begins to form. It can be an almost physical place, with a detailed topography and culture that often reflects where the artist has settled or spent their early … Continued

In Celebration of the Pumpkin: ¡Calabazafest!


by Willow Goldstein EcoStation:NY’s Food Justice Team Returning for it’s 5th year, the annual ¡Calabazafest! brought music, dance, food, art, and more to Maria Hernadez Park on Sunday, October 28. The event is a gift to the community from EcoStation:NY’s Bushwick Farmers’ Market, offering a chance for the diverse neighborhood to gather and share their … Continued

A Genuine Urge to Behold: ‘Meltdown’ by Kurt Steger

By Etty Yaniv Opening night at ArtHelix, with partial view of Meltdown by Kurt Steger; photo courtesy of Vincent Romaniello Suspended murky waterdrops on the verge of dripping from an icicle onto a sheet of paper prove to be almost hypnotic in Kurt Steger’s interactive project at ArtHelix. Utilizing elegant wooden contraptions made of a … Continued