Curators Seeking Artists

Registration for BETA Spaces is now closed, but some curators are still looking to add artists to their shows. If you see a show in the list below for which you think your work would be appropriate, please email the curator directly.


Exhibition Title

Exhibition Description


Mark Weathers
Boxed In and Out Small artwork framed by the context of a small black box: 4″x3″x1″ Calling all artists! I need either 2D or 3D work to be displayed inside of a 4″x3″x1″ matte black box that opens into two fitting parts. Each interested artist will be given one box until supplies last. There is no theme for this show other than the small boxes’ size limitation and frame of reference, though I’m asking artists to keep the outside unaltered for the duration of the show, limiting the workable area to just the insides. To be displayed on a wall or pedestal, pieces may be drawn, painted, printed, glued, kissed into the box or simply resting inside. Finished works are needed back anytime before the day of the show, the earlier the better! Contact
me if you’ve any questions!
Ray Cross
The First Annual Bushwick Print Lab ‘Art of the T’ Exhibition. A group show of printmaking work on textiles. We are seeking excellent and challenging art/fashion submissions from artists, non-local and local. The art/fashion should be a textile, wearable and involve printmaking, but does not have to be printed on a t-shirt, although we expect many t-shirts. The call is open to all. No submission will be considered part of the exhibition until it has been approved. Artists are encouraged to bring multiples and sell them during the opening event.. Artist keep all sales, but do the selling themselves. A reduced version of the show will remain up until Dec 6th.
…..If you are interested in submitting, please send the following to
Subject Line:T Shirt Show
Body: Your Name, A Link to Your Website (if you have one) Title, Art/Garment Media, Thumbnail JPGs (to get an concept of the piece but under 800K), Likely Pricing, Do Multiples Exist?
Stevie Mykietyn
Art Fix-up Shop “Fix my broken art” workshop, a small team of inspectors, car mechanic types, doctors, therapists and trades persons, dressed in some sort of overalls, jumpsuits or work attire will inspect and repair/change/fix people’s broken art. A few test subjects, “artists” will bring a piece of art that is broken or not working to get it repaired or fixed. Call to artists: Please come to Jefferson Orgy Body / 237 Jefferson St 1B, on Sunday, November 14th with an open spirit, broken art and maybe a beer. This will not be a critique session of your work, it will be an active insightful journey using specialized repair technology and possible self-help.