About BETA Spaces

BETA Spaces (Bushwick Exhibition Triangle of Alternative Spaces) is a free one-day festival conceptualized and thematic group exhibitions on Sunday November 14th, from 12-7pm. The festival focuses on curatorial experimentation and collaboration. There will be over 50 shows, including the work of over 400 individual artists, in spaces ranging from galleries to studios to apartments to mobile trucks to Smartphone apps!

Preview the exhibitions in our online directory, including images, curatorial statements and lists of participating artists.

Festival programs featuring a map and listings of the exhibitions are available in many local coffee shops and stores. You can also download a PDF of the program..

BETA Spaces 2010

Looking for a way to participate in the festival yourself?

Make sure to visit COME IN FOR A FREE ESTIMATE TODAY! at Jefferson Orgy Body (#28 on the map). At this exhibition, a handpicked team of inspectors, doctors and laymen, dressed in overalls, jumpsuits or work attire will examine and repair your broken art.

Please come to 237 Jefferson St. #1B, on Sunday, November 14th with an open spirit, broken art and maybe a beer. This will not be a critique session of your work, it will be an active insightful journey using specialized repair technology and possible self-help.

Also Happening in Bushwick on November 14:

MOVIEHOUSE: The Social Theater
3rd Ward
195 Morgan Ave.

ANDREW HURST: new work in collage and assemblage.
16 Wilson Ave.

BETA Spaces Exhibitions Opening on Saturday, November 13:

Grace Exhibition Space / 840 Broadway, 2nd Fl.

49 Bogart St #27

Leinad Services Inc. After School Center for Children / 1031 Flushing Ave.

Help Keep BETA Spaces Free

If you're an artist that has participated in one of our festivals over the last 4 years, or if you've attended one of our festivals and you like the work that Arts in Bushwick is doing, consider making a contribution through our IndieGoGo campaign, so that we can keep BETA Spaces completely free (to register and attend). You can donate as little as $1... every little bit helps! Donations are tax-deductible through our fiscal sponsor Fractured Atlas, and help fund the festival's printing and administrative costs. And, if you donate $25 or more you can get some sweet AIB merch! Check it out, and spread the word!

Many thanks to: Leslie Rosa, Lynne Aschman, Amy Rose Marsh, Claudia Eve L Beauchesne, Jesse Green, Ross Ryman, Jill Sigman, Mark Weathers, Daryl-Ann Saunders and Steven Merahn, as well as all our awesome business sponsors listed on the right.